Volume 5, Issue 7, page 10

RED HAND'S letter in the September issue
J points out a couple significant bits of
information and data. The remark about
"clearing" persons who have no ability
to use the "clear " status is pretty much
to the point.

From the beginning of Dianetics thru.Scientolo0 it hss been quite a rat-race of techniques to clear out aberrations, turn on perceptics, mdse the able more able -- to do what?
Just what is the goal? If everyone were clear
and applied it to NWT (Natter, Energy. Space,
Time, MIS? would be ummocked; no world, no
game . net nothing. to beginning
start building NESTalall theover . and
The point of direction to clearing should
be one of preparation, directed towards prepariag an individual for intensive training
and development of abilities for building the
better mousetrap of MIST reality.

If clearing reached all of its promised potentials, some or all of the following might
Care all illness and eliminate doctors
ww wall ~ h~ hhy+g~isis. Bhat need oi
such hen Teach all to control energy efficiently and
eliminate the need for autos, planes, legs for
walking. Jut teleport.

Teach all telepathy; no need for radio,
television, telephones, newspapers.

Learn to create mass at will, and there'd
be no need for houses, food supplies, clothing.
Just mock up as needed.

With everyone "clear", with full abilities,
what need for each other? Nock up bodies to
talk to or play with.

Following along these lines, it is obvious
that static theta supremacy is not necessarily
desirable. It means end of all.

The world we'live in is the result of conflict between mock-up and unmock; hence to
have direction to the various efforts of various groups and individuals, it would seem that
to mock up idealistic future conditions should
be the prime goal of all techniques of all
groups. To create groups of clears to create
other groups of clears, etc., is merely blind.
short-sightednesa that could lead to a world
full of clears indulging in all kinds of tactics merely to create sensation. It could
eventually degenerate to the point of the most
violent and hideous crimes being accented as
normal because NEST can be mocked and unmocked
and. therefore, even murder and cannibalism
would mean no more than sensation sources.

However, if individuals, groups, and other
classifications of theta advancement are directed toward bringing about a mock-up of MEST
wherein all can live happy, industrious, constructive lives, working for the pleasure of
work, creating for the pleasure of creating,
and loafing for the pleasure of loafing, etc.,
then all these efforts of clearing will be

To say society today is aberrated is superfluous. We all know it is. Hence the goal of
clears and would-be clears should be directed
towards unmocking hot and cold wars, corruption in politics at home and abroad, superstition and fears of disease, crime and propaganda serpents who try to poison the mental
atmospheres of man in his Garden of Eden, NEST.

Intelligent self-control in matters of
propagation of the species would cut down many
tensions and intellectual sexual knowledge
would reduce family problems and emotional
tensions arising therefrom.

Intelligent planning of industrial production and supply and demand would smooth out
shortages and surpluses of goods that create
desires that lead to crime or ambitions to
out-do the Jonson.

It would seem to me that the need is not
for more clears; they will come along on the
momentum of present drives. That is needed are
positions for clears wherein they can use
these released minds to tackle major problems
on a theta level.

The big joker in Scientology or any other
System is the making of an abler person and
turning them loose without inculcating a sense
of responsibility for mankind as a whole.

A person gets