Volume 5, Issue 7, page 7

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Is Earth a Detention Camp, Set Up by Satan When Part of the Universe Was
Destroyed to Keep "The Game" Functioning in a Positive Phase?
EFORE the physical universe existed
there were Thetans. Before there
were matter, energy, space, time,
and life, there were games. In many
of these games, however, the players retained more control over the course of
the game, and of the outcome, than they
found satisfying. The game presented an
insufficient challenge to maintain the
interest of a large group of players.
Games to that point were of such a nature
that a dissatisfied player could unmock
the game merely as a whim.

A group of players decided to establish a game which was less subject to the
whims of the players than the ones mentioned above. They pooled their creative
abilities in a joint, automatic, master
agreement -- a vast theta. machine, which
was assigned full responsibility for and
full control over the creation of the
game. The game then became senior to. and
by agreement unaffected by, the mockups
of any individual, except as he communicated these ideas to others. As the number of individuals increased who were
aware of these ideas, they became more
and more a part of the rules of the game
and more and more binding on all of the
players. Example: Witchcraft. As the
church was able, in the middle ages, to
overcome belief in the omnipotence of the
witch, and the forces of evil, the prevalence and sway of that set of beliefs
lost effectiveness.

This theta agreement is in full control of the game in the physical universe.
This is a machine universe and the universe is owned by that machine. Many
groups have that machine confused with
the concept of God. This is not so. God
is a such higher and more noble concept
than a mere machine bolding a complicated
and rather extensive game together; God
is senior to thetans and thetans are the
creators of this universe.

Now, back to the game. The game is indeed a complicated one, with many games
within games going on in it. It has two
phases, a positive one (from this viewpoint), and a negative one. These correspond roughly with the East Indian concept
of The Day of Brehm and The Night of
Brats. In the Day of Brahm occurs expansion and growth and increasing motion and
activity, until a point is reached at
which the machine agreements cause a flipover onto the negative side, when a new
agreement takes over and the second phase
of the game begins. Certain of the reliNOVEMBER, 1958
EDITOR'S NOTE -- Since the author of this
article has signed his lumber in the Infinites as a nos de plume, some readers say
suspect that this theory of a universe of
gases is part and parcel of the Infinites'
creed. But such is not so. the ideas given
herein are the author's -- and as far as we
know, they are his alone. Ve neither indorse
nor dispute. Inasmuch as he is one of the
better-known Seientologists, we asked his
if these ideas could be called Scientological -- but this he denies. This is data
fro' the Ninth Dynamic, he says, *hich is
one Dynamic further than Papa Eubbard has
dared to carry his foliouaers. Most of the
inforsation, he adds, was obtained during
processing, in ui-ich the pre-clear (sosetines himself) was carried into his sesory
bank such, such farther than one or sore
past lifetises.
gious groups have this period identified
as Armageddon.

This is a point at which a particular
physical part of t h i s universe is unmocked and the playhrs in that area are
either released from the gane or resettled
in another portion of the game, another
area of the physical universe.

The existence of Earth as a densely
populated planet occurred as the result
of certain activities by occupants of two
galaxies to delay the onset of the change
to the negative phase where redistribution of MEST (Matter, Energy, Space, Time)
takes place. Their awareness has risen to
the point where they realised that a
change was coming and they acted to avoid
it, without an awareness of the part this
occurrence played lathe physical universe
game. The Matter, Ebert', Space. and Time
entering the negative phase is there redistributed and again delivered to the
positive side to permit the creation of
new playing fields for resettled individuals.

In order to keep the game functioning
in some reasonable sort of order, a police
action was engaged by representatives of
the governing council, led by a chap known
locally as Satan, or Lord Shaitan, or
something like that. These operations
were conducted from a rather impressive
police vehicle which was one of the original artifacts mocked up when the game
was created, and which has been the source
of a number of interesting legends and
ideas ever since. It was a space ship,
among other things, of roughly spherical
shape, of about 4,000 miles in diameter,
of extremely durable construction (walls
several hundred miles thick, of solid