Volume 5, Issue 7, page 11

The Swindle
of ~ :yt,holicism
HE BIBLE well says: "We look not at the
things which are seen (as being eternal)
but at the things which are not seen;
for the things seen are temporal, but the
1 things not seen are eternal. "(2 Cor. 4:181.
However, things seen are just as eternal as
things not seen, It is only the form that
changes and disappears by disintegration into
its original invisible gases and returning to
the aeriferous substance surrounding the earth,
which contains the virility of all Life.

Prof. Hilton Hotema, in "The Flue Divine",
shows that recent discoveries in the atomic
realm not only reveal creative processes, but
show that man is created by 4 strange process
not previously suspected.

Man is not a helpless particle tossed about
by the whims of capricious tyrants, but an
Eternal Cosmic Entity that comes into being
under a fixed law which remains always in
force, and which provides for his return to
the unseen world as definitely as it provides
for his coming into the world of things which
are seen.

Elements and Entities are eternalities.
Nothing begins, for that which began would
have to spring from nothing -- a stable fact
that eliminates beginnings and endings. Elemeats and Entities move in cycles, from the
seen to the unseen, and vice versa.

The cycle of human life is as regular and
certain as the cycle of vapor, and water, and
ice. The process is transformation -- vapor to
water, to ice, and back 'again. The same cosmic
law rules mao. His life cycle may be synbolized
as red and green lights. As the cycle slowly
turns, the colors alternate, the red representing terrestrial wl, the green representing

celestial man.

Invisible, celestial man becomes visible,
terrestrial man as the Ego (Celestial Man,
builds a body of invisible rays by condensation, and in that body dwells on the terrestrial plane. When the Sternal Ego sheds the
body in the cosmic process called death, the
terrestrial body dissolves and returns to the
invisible elements of the universe, of which
the terrestrial body was constituted.

Here is the big point: That is a CHANGE OF
STATE, not the ANNIHILATION OF BEING. A mystery not understood, and called a mystery in
the Bible (1 Cor. 15:51).

Paul tried to explain the processes called
birth and death. He stressed the dual Qualities of man (terrestrial and celestial) and
declared that death is nothing myre than a
separation of the two, with the terrestrial not
sharing the same degree of glory as the celestial. He said: "The glory of the celestial is
one (thing), and the glory of the terrestrial
is another As is the earthy (terrestrial).
such are they (the body) that are earthy, and
as the heavenly (celestial), such are they
(the Ego) that are heavenly " (1 Cor.15:40, 48).

This phraseology is a trifle ambiguous for
those not properly taught the vast difference
between terrestrial and celestial bodies, so
clearly defined by.Hotesa, who describes the
Celestial Body as the Flame Divine, the Ego,
the Celestial Man who builds his own terrestrial body, composed of astral radiation, by a
process of condensation.

When the Flame Divine called Celestial
Body in the Bible, leaves the terrestrial body
in the regular cosmic process called death,
the terrestrial body simply disintegrates into
the aeriferous substance of which it was constituted. The Flame Divine, originating in the
aeriferous substance which surrounds the earth,
descends to earth in the Silver Cord (Encl.
12:61, and enters the body thru the "door
opened in heaven* (Rev. 4: 11. filling the body
with all the mysterious qualities called Life.
(Continued in the December issue)
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