Volume 5, Issue 7, page 14

the letters -- these people have
an awful time cracking a joke!
Ah, weary life!
"Yes many people think we
are either SPAN or SPAIN -- but
if they have any wits at all,
they recover from it. I firmly
rely on things which 'grow
naturally', rather than being
forced, appliqued, arranged,
etc. -- so such quibbles don't
bother. We are not setting out
to be an immortal banner across
the heavens -- and are not afraid
of dealing with some perishable commodities.
" Rbjoyed Purcell's letter --
but it's a wonder he didn't
kill himself jumping into it
so suddenly. Looking up a few
books on the subject of fasting, etc., would have saved
him from any digestive troubles. Is became vegetarians 34
years ago with no fees at all.

Ise and woh.felt no bother and
are healthier. No tbeoreither...
t of activity going on,
idhtuh aakes an hopeful despite
the outer appearance of this
Batty world. m -- jemmy Bagby,
sdttor 3P/1, lew York, X.1`.
"You ask what is Theosophy.
Read your editorials. You
preach it. Good luck. that
about keeping tpa The Great Intiom?' -- Trb Brow, GoodY7 00,. lssex,'"Eton .
"Beni (Stone)_had a very bad
accident at ihm June 10
when he was -cs+iMFk en . bia
movimR. mmohfine ah ch weight! 5
tons-Ladd the- back wall_ lot: the
%W and span around- once.
in a apace which measures sir
inches across. Since his hips
measure considerably more than
that, every bone should have
been splintered. The ^.chine
went on and left him; be fell ,
thinking he was dead naturally. He was alone there, five
miles from Bishop, and sometimes no one visits the quarry
for three or four days st a
time. So be knew that if he
continued there be would be
dead, somehow dragged himself
out of the pit into his car,
and drove to the hospital. BY
the time he arrived there all
he ognld do was lean on the
horn, so he did until they
came out and took him in on a
stretcher. Emergency X-rays
showed no bones broken; he was
three days under heavy sedation, penicillin, etc., to
counteract the effect of the
crushed nerves and muscles and
dead tissues, etc. Whenever he
was conscious he 'ran' the
pain, shock, etc.; at the end
of 3 days he was released to
friends in Bishop, and one
week after the accident, he
drove down here clone a distance of about 300 miles.
"The Tuesday this all occurred I began to feel bruised
all over, very de '. ndent, and
(I as ashamed to ave been so
unknowing about this!)to think
that I was dying. For two days
I did only what I had to, and
spent the rest of the time lying around thinking that this
was the end. Friday morning I
suddenly 'cognited', to use a
word I utterly dislike, and at
once phoned a friend in Bishop
to go to the quarry and find
out what was wrong with Remi.
"(After he came home) whenever he had time and I did. I
ran him on Scientology techniques and Dianetic techniques
and all of it seemed to hel
I got Ray Kinney over the night
Rani came home and Ray ran his
about three hours, using also
a technique he has learned of
applying energy directly into
the affected areas, using his
pendulum to discover the exact
-- should one perhaps say epicenter? -- of the disturbance. I
hope Ray won't nind mymentioning this, I asked him to do
this because of the truly miraculous results he produced on
me when I severely sprained a
wrist last December...
"The next day we went to an
osteopath in Pasadena for infra-red treatments, and they
helped; about a week later we
added a chiropractor I know in
Alhambra who has theta perceptics -- 'a light shows her
where the trouble is' -- and of
coarse we continued processing, with gay and with Betty
Bullock {who bas theta perceptics). le were able to tell
the chiropractor what other
treatments we were using as
she is an open-minded person;
she applauded all of it; but
the osteopath, who dismissed
the idea of Dianetics with a
shrug and a sneer could not be
enlightened, which made it
very hard on him: he would
stand and stare at Remi and
shake his head, unable to understand why he was healing so
very fast. He had predicted
six months of disablement. (He
himself had his pelvis crushed
in an auto accident, and still
is badly crippled.) in three
weeks Remi went back to wtr k ,
using s cane, but otherwise in
pretty good shape. The poor
osteo. was almost angry at him
because he didn't understand
at all what was going on. I
should probably add about our
chiropractor that she has s
marvelous understanding of
body control centers, nerves,
"While the rapid and nearly
complete recovery should be
attributed to Dianetic and
Scientological techniques,
plus infra - red, ultra-sound,
direct energy, and nerve relaxations and coccyx adjustments, the miracle I think is
perhaps the greatest part of
this story, and for the miracle credit should be given, in
ay opinion, to Huns.. I have
been intending for some time
to write something about Huns
for the ABM= I have found
that it correlates very well
with D dt S. ai tho the chief
promulgator of thane would reject the idea violently. Anyway, prayer when done according to Huna method seems to be
always answered. And yet for
about five years, nY group and
I have been doing Huns prayers
for the success of the quarry,
without getting it into production (our definition of
success). Semi feels it has
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