Volume 5, Issue 9, page 16

erations held in solid shape
by one 's emotions, with time
out, like in music, for readjustment of one 's totality, is
a CAN BE healthy experience,
tho painful in the doing. How
painful to loose the consideration that one 's dog was the
ally of commensurable magnitude to the whole universe before one was in touch with the
universe even before him. You
did a good job on the review --
a fair one I felt from your
outside point of view. Matching mine, of course, from the
same outside. ,
"Re Fred Hand: I do consider that there is another spark
or flame, individualized, in
communication with me when I
audit -- the law of this universe, anyway, 'where two of
you are gathered together'.
"Friedman is very close to
my understanding. There is
that sense of play underneath,
and above all, the play on
world, or word, the world man
created on earth by whirling
his words.
"Did you see where a parachute was being released at
Cape Canaveral by a woman at
Newport News having the same
electronic sound in her voice?
Imagine what all of us are
letting loose by our sounds.
The pitch of her voice released
the parachute on one of the
outer-space jets, without her
knowing it, of course. Were we
able to trace all sounds we
would probably be surprised at
what is being set off by our
own pitch." -- Alberta Elliott,
Greenville, S. Car.

"I was much pleased with
the reappearance of 'Infinite
20' in the last issue. Some of
h is data on space and its
boundaries (as established by
the individual) in his earlier
articles was real fine goods.
Let us hear more from him. Also, would like to see an article rather than just letters
from Fred Hand. If publishing
this will bug him into it, go
ahead." -- Art Dempsey, Detroit,
"I'm enjoying the current
issue of The ABbR= more than
any issue yet. The 'Book Auditor's History of Dianetics' is
a real service to all who have
been confused about what happened in the past. Trust Bob
Arentz will continue thru current Scientology!
"Perhaps you can review the
'Factors of the Personality '
and the 'Composite Personality' as outlined in Concept
Therapy teaching some time in
The ABERREE. Also, the 'Feeling-Projection' work of Kramer's Synchromantics. These
would be highly informative
for your readers. Also, don't
forget Hubbard's 'Communication Formula'. -- Dr. J. Harold
fhibodeau, Myrtle Beach, S.C.
"Keep up the good work. Just
about the time I think I should
gripe about some of the stuff
you print, you up and get rid
of it and find something new
for me to finally get tired of .
"After all, we Sc ientologists (?1 are aware that it's
all a game (?) anyway, so when
we get real serious, it's just
to save face, and a red one at
"One thing only -- don't cut
down on the letters. They are
the real meat of your sheet."
-- John R. Springfield 1-85,
Canoga Park, Calif.
" ABERREE... always welcome .
Still, if nothing mentioned of
Burks, Friedman, or Nickersons,
would be less interesting. Anyone knowing them would just
love to be in Florence, Ariz.,
and if you love hard enough,
it comes true. If you hate a
place or thing, it never seems
to let you go, so reverse the
action and you are free. So I
have a job to do.
"it used to be ' The Real
Christ Teaching', by Wayne
Trubshaw, and I see now it's
'The Lost Christ Teaching' by
Rev. W. Trubshaw. Shades of
John McCalmon a n d the Berry
Farm ". -- Dr. Marcus Pite, He1logg, Idaho.
(ED. NOTE -- Sorry, we don't
know much about "shades ", but
editors usually pick titles;
new editor -- new title; it's as
simple as that.)
"We are grateful to you for
the extra bit of livingness
reading The ABERREE has added
to our lives. It is the little
magazine with the BIG message,
as within its pages one can
find paths that lead to storehouses of treasure, according
to how the reader makes use of
it." -- Marjorie Ere Leven, Heset, Calif.

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