Volume 8, Issue 7, page 15

great, thru all history, that we are now at the lowest point of
history --spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and Pbysically
(all of these qualities within the true scone of medicine). And
here is the laugh, if it were not so tragic --the great medical
'authorities' and their patients, rich or Door, die every day
from diseases which need never hanDen

which are easily preventable: and most of which are curable, but
not their way.

"Why this failure in all departments of our social order to the
Point that fear and indecision, hysteria, anger, crime,
delinquency, and disease are now almost the sole topics of our
society. Look at the front page of any newsPaper, hear the
hymn of hate of the politicians and therefore of the multitudes,
who onlv Parrot what the v hear. There is very little exceDt
negative t a I k and DroDosed negative action. In spite of the
good advice (positive things to do) given to humanity from
time to time by geniuses, prophets, great spiritual leaders --
call them what you will--mankind has consistently refused to
obey laws; he is not even taught the necessity of considering
most of the great cosmic laws. Man has become a victim of
the negative thinking of his self-appointed leaders. He has been
taught to ignore causes, then when disaster overtakes him,
to try to patch up, to treat symptoms . He has been making the
same mistakes thru all recorded history. He is making now

Jinal mistake of contemnlating the destruction of everything and
everybody, and, knowing that war would bring about just
that, is still stuDid enough to stand still while his 'leaders'
tell him there is no other way. Those who Propose the only
possible way, honest, intelligent, Positive action, which of
course would first call for removal of the mistaken actions of
those who made them, become thus a threat to the status quo. They
will be the Martyrs of Inhumanity , of whom you have
mentioned a few.

Medical martyrs have been at least as numerous as those in other
fields, the reason being the same,as that given above.

-M e d ical 'authorities' self-constituted, teach first that
disease IS. They have never Postulated tbat complete health is
possible, and certainly have never been able to produce complete
health, or to see it, exceDt by accident.

NOVEMBER, 1961 T h e A B E R R E E

Ed i T

(ED. NOTE --Ordi nari ly, The ABERREE will not use letters this
long in the "Dear Editor" section, but we are making an
exception because of the interest the writer's remarks probably
will evoke. other letters necessarilyleft out this month will
be printed in the next issue, if still timely.)

"There is always food for thought and enlightenment in at I east
some of your art icl es ; which puts the publication in a
class with very few books , magazines, brochures, or other
outlets. My observation is that Probably 99% of the material
which comes to us, by ALL media of communication, is designed,
and not accidentally, to mislead by false advertising, to
confuse, by expressing the conflicting opinions of 'exDerts' and
'authorities' ; and by emotionalism without any
foundation in reason or fact. All of these efforts accomplish the
purpose of lulling the recioient into a false sense of
security, or one of helplessness, either of which is disastrous.

"The ignorance and stupidity of the purveyors of this mass of
misinformation is such that they also are caught in their
own trap. They, as well as the suckers, have to use their own
shoddy products. They have Prevented better and smarter men
from making better products. In many cases, better products have
been made, but have been SUDoressed or put out of

"In no department does this stupid, 'dog in manger' attitude show
up more than in allopatbic medicine--the A.M.A.and
its counterparts in various countries. Their resistance to new
ideas, their refusal even to investigate a new idea unless it
comes from a 'recognized' source, has been so

They cannot make it possible consistently, u n d e r Proper
conditions, yet there are those of us who can. Health is
mentioned very little or not at all in the medical curriculum,
except indefinitely, relatively, or vaguely, as 'public health',
and we all know how vague is the health of the public and of
those who administer 'public health'. T h e whole attention of
'allopathic medicine' is and alwaysbas been directed to. the
negative aspect of the problem (disease), consequently it is
entirely normal that they have no knowledge of the positive
aspect, health. Contrary to what the Public is encouraged to
suDpose, the two asnects are entirely different and onposite
studies. The negative aspect (as
would be the case with all negative aspects, such as war, crime,
poverty, etc.) could never
appear unless the positive aspect, our Divine heritage of matter,
energy, and the inspiration
and intelligence to use and arrange these , had been ignored or
misused, as it has.

"For instance: Prof. Hotema has the intelligence in his article
in your September issue to
exDress some truths about human nutrition, and to refer to others
who also exnressed truths.
The 'medical authorities' do not have this intelligence. They are
so wraDned up in the
considerations of disease that they even refuse to bear about any
truths from the opposite
side of the Picture. How like our 'Political authorities'. Their
eyes are so glued to the
microscope that they have forgotten there is a telescone. ,
Nothing that one could see under
a microscope could CAUSE anything. Man has within him the only
cause. He can be stuDid enough
to allow some microscoDic thing to affect him adversely, or to
kill him; or be can be
intelligent enough to be above all this.

"The reason for our society's preoccupation with negative aspects
is very simple. Problems
are expensive and the negative approach; never yet solved anv

"Those of us~ who practice Naturopathic or Physiological medicine
use the positive
approach. We know that the normal physiology is to be without
disease or slightest symPtom,
and we know this to be possible. Therefore our aim is to
discover, not what 'enemy' is
lurking to destroy him, but what habits and/or environment of his
needs to be altered

Any treatments or medicatio~ we may give is always regarded