Volume 4, Issue 8, page 15

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By ART COULTER scintillating
COLUMBUS , Ohio , Nov. 1 -- The bath towel wr
Synergetic community, electri- head, Volney
fied by the emergence of "true the latest
clears" , is eagerly looking electropsycho
forward to the Oak Ridge Syn- tions; just tu
ergetic workshop, to be held or T-V, or pic in Oak Ridge , Tenn ., Nov. 28 magazine , or
thru Dec. 1. This will be a `Practical Se
tygical Synergetic workshop, You've had it,
featuring teamwork and group had it. To
tracking, emphasizing Syner- Hypnotism,
getics but using all available after 17 pag
tools. (It is being organized cally prepare
by Paul and Mary Cox, 103 Gor- acceptance of
gas Lane, Oak Ridge, so please "comprises t
address any inquiries to them,) suggestions
A number of persons have
asked how "Operation Stable" wants to be DI
got its nickname of "Hercules". I don't mind
I wasn't in on the christening , In a n y
but as I understand it, Paul Stable is we]
Cox was reminded by the term tho it is sti
'stable" of one of the fabul- to report on
ous feats of Hercules -- clean- enthusiasm is
ing up the Augean stables. Not among those w
being too familiar with the tively isolat
fabulous feats of "Old Herky" , have money to
I'm not sure whether the asso- tracted by th(
ciation is 100 percent compli- ture. (There
mentary, but if the old boY the do-it-your
for a buck al
received four communications are well with:
from this let's-keep-it-anony- most persons,
mous organization, and altho readers have
three of these letters were about "Herky
direct invitations to take one are intereste
of the latest courses, we feel 297 Canyon Dr:
that this is one of the health- The news t
Test steps taken by this group are now heir
in the last two years, or so. numbers must
Being advocates of the power the realizatio
of mind, we can see where the of work must
antagonizing of any number of they are prepersons by excommunication numbers(it wi
would bring upon such an or- before there
ganization a deluge of negative exert any mee
thoughts. In view of this, it on human abet.]
may well be that the creative we still ear
powers of well-wishing follow- body. In pail
ers may give potency to an or- sane, whether
ganization that otherwise has side of mental
little to recommend it . Which sent serious
might explain the ebb and flow yet know how
of this"ism" and that "ology" this area , "
thruout the ages,..¶"Bad luck” well be ahead
in the form of fire has hit Operation Stab
,I a Zubris, of Dorchester, our answer to
Mass., twice in recent weeks. ficulty. To t
First, he suffered heavy loss working on on
to his home, little of which "project Bow
will be recovered thru insur- is to develo
ante. The second fire was in chanical mach
the business block in which he an " artifici
has his electrical repair bus- thru which
iness, but Joe says the damage with the insa
was inconsequential . fished.

SELth ~ s a turbaned eo m1so
e w h1 h p t oh n
highly sensitized by emotion,
or in a state of reduced conscions awareness ,wherein the
inductee (the author's special
term for pre-clear, patient,
F-HYPNOSIS, By subject, whoosh, etc.) coni son, 120 pp, $3, sents to and does duel icatively
Angeles, Calif. create mental images or pient to be hypno- tures, and proceeds to act
n't need to face them out on the physical level
ntleman with a to some degree, or so far as
jewel in the he is able to do so , in accorapped around his dance with the oral instrucMathison says in tions of the hypnotizing operf his string of ator."
etric publica- If you're one who fears
rn on your radio hypnosis, and sits in smug
up a paper, or complacency nursing a postulate
book -- such as that "No one's going to hypnof-Hypnosis" -- and tize me", you, especially ,
brother; you've should read this Mathison exme degree. pose'. You'll find that you can
Mathison defines be in the toils of hypnosis,
s that hypnoti- tho seemingly wide awake and
the reader for alert. In fact, Mathison says,
the definition, the unconscious hypnotee (an
he accepting of ABERREE-coined words is about
hile the mind is as rare as a doctor who knows
what he's doing (an ABERREEcoined simile).
r "patron saint", There are a lot of hypnotists -- such as the preacher
event, Operation who depicts a fiery hell for
1 under way, al- those untithing sinners; and,
ll far too early we might add, the billboards
its progress. But that picture the horrors of a
high -- especially dead child you're not supposed
ohave been rela- to hit, but will, if you pay
ed , or who don't more attention to these hypnoburn and are at- tizing billboards than you do
non-profit fea- to your driving; and the array
are small costs -- of imposing certificates on a
self kits sell doctor's or auditor's office
iece -- but these wall that hypnotize you into
n the reach of believing the possessor thereSeveral ABERREE of can miracle you into health
written inquiring even when he knows darned good
", and if others and well that if he was so
d, my address is smart, he'd do something about
ve, Columbus, O. that ulcer, and bad heart, and
at "true clears" so forth which eventually will
g developed in send him to the same undertaker
be tempered by he's expecting to have you
n that(a) a lot visit next if your faith in
be done before him doesn't cause you to cure
rent in effective yourself. Not to mention (and
11 be three years we're still talking about hypare enough to, notistsl, the parents, teachsurable influence ers, cops, military, neighbors,
ations, and (b) storekeepers -- you name it, and
't clear every- you've got it, somewhere, some
itular, the in- time.
inside or out- Of course, one of the main
hospitals , pre- purposes of Mathison's book is
roblems we don't to convince you of the value
o surmount. (In of tapes you play just before
ther fields" may you go to sleep, and which are
of Synergetics.) supposed to relieve you of
leis, of course, anything you may have -- from a
this first dif- bad habit of smoking to painte second, we are ing your front teeth with the
e. It is called point of a pencil during persy " , and its aim iods of nervousness. And they
p an electrome- may do it, too. But if you've
Ene for producing been avoiding hypnosis because
al environment" you're afraid of it, you can
effective contact toss that fear out the window
e can be estab- right now. You're already hypnotized! To some degree.