Volume 4, Issue 8, page 6

like repeating storms. (The god the Mongols worshipped was a storm god in anger.)
When people settled and made home life
communal with little spreading, then religion flourished. They looked and identified and produced gods.

Religion started out by men knowing
themselves entirely responsible according
to what their bodies could do. They had
little awareness of bodies at a distance.
Then, as his vision began to encompass
animals, mountain ranges, lakes, etc., he
clothed these parts of his expanding environment with equally expanding attributes of godhood. Man's vision increases
as his immediate needs are taken care of.
Eventually, he even looks beyond the seeable to a nothingness, and thus he creates a "hereafter". He gives living attributes to all these things as he makes
each into a god or gods, one after the
other as his awareness extends. He gives
to his animal gods, man gods, etc., solid
forms, changing them into man-type concepts with solid forms, and then he finds
he can have gods related to his concepts
with no form. Thus he gets a God in the
sky to represent everything, a nothingness with a human mouthpiece to tell
about this God's attributes (which usually
are close in description to man's own
habits and nature.)
People built up lore, religion evolved
from one thing to another; circumstances
were becoming compatible for a different
mental-type being to come in and take over
bodies. This only happened when conditions
were physically and environmentally possible. The framework was not always alike
but had some similarities.

Intensified thought, cultures, religious concepts change with the flow of experience. When our culture is such, then
a new higher type will come in by way of
mind and take over the available bodies.
The other higher-type minds never enter
at a wrong time.

The Egyptian civilization came from
Atlantis, to some extent. Up to historic
times, when Egypt was a garden-like place,
they had wonderful minds. The brain
structure was excellent, the reactive
mind could receive with not so many barriers in itself. There was a tremendous
influx of high type minds, coming into
bodies at birth. Some of the Egyptians
got out of their bodies, came here, and
took over Indian bodies, at the appropriate time. Some Egyptians came here in
bodies to colonize, but usually they came
by way of birth.

Many of the Indians that Spiritualists
claim as guides are low, in many ways.
They have degenerated, and are trying to
cling to physical l i f e . The trend of
evolution is to grow, expand, express
quality, and refine. This refinement hasn't occurred evenly. Refining produced
better brain structures and made a better
place for a higher-type mind. The typical
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