Volume 4, Issue 8, page 3

ED. NOTE—Jacob Apsel's charge
and Paul O'Neill are not being pri
controversy. Frankly, we've never
had our typewriting fingers manipu
World" -- so we don't know what the
types of "ghosts", if any. We hope
vergent views as we do, that "Ever
his own and only authority." As s'
'Cheap Imitator, 'Still Aro
Now Under Ban,' Still Rh
Yaw, aacc A.p.iee

Today, "The Dynamo" was The first
brought in by the one who Mr.Apsel in w
posed as Dynamo. This imi- four charges
tator is a London actor, Dynamo has b
Paul Perrin, who watched But, if memo
sessions at the O'Neills' rectly, they
and unknown to both "The lows :
Dynamo" and Clara, spoke to 1. The Dyn
her. Clara did not discover us a name oth
the deception. The "ham mo" -- a"Chri
actor" had no difficulty ily name".
fooling her, since she is Answer --
not the "high f i d e l i ty" 2. Some of
receiver Paul claims she is attributed t
(See Fage 8, ABERREE, March were not by h
1957, Chapter II of Paul's Answer --
article.) 3. That we
The integrity of "Dyna- terested in "
mo" is not greater than his we had not f
cheap imitator, since he receipt of ce
was afraid to come forward thru Mr. Aps
when he was paged. We had to our deceas
to drag the heavens and Answer --
earth's atmosphere for him. not follow u
Also, he did not remember "messages" co
his NAME nor the location ternal eviden
on earth where he function- ness. The
ed about 200 years ago. the old home
This latter is all he re- as evidence
members. erroneous.

Altho he called himself I hold no
"The Omniscient Asp", he communication
did not know the definition But the medi
of "omniscient" and com- appears to
pletely ignorant of what the hypnotic
"Om" represented. He ad- of the med
mitted that he did not al- liquid pool
T 1 n T T T, T. T T
s n c l ,a r F Fo F d b sw
~d auI?
and the replies from George Bent
ted with the intent of arousing any
onsciously contacted a "spirit" nor
ated by entities from the "Other
difference may oe oetween these two
ABERREE readers consider these diy man has the inherent right to be
cch, we offer you three authorities.

und and To Each His Own
yming,' Truth,
to a'neie€ 5.eauj,e n..ent
letter from We have read the material
hich he levels presented by the O'Neills
at us and the and altho we considered it
een misplaced. somewhat abstract, it was
y serves cor- of a constructive nature
were as fol- and therefore valid and acceptable to us. (We feel
amo had given bad about the banishment of
er than "Dyna- the Dynamo for a period of
stian and fam- 20 years. Something should
be done about it. )
alse. Mr. Apsel claims to be
the quotes we an advanced Spiritualist.
o the Dynamo We do not claim to be omim. niscient or anything else,
alse. including very good H. D. A. s .
were not in- It is the tendency of those
truth" because who have developed p ercepllowed up the tic awareness to where they
rtain messages can contact higher planes
el attributed to become very important in
ed relatives. their own awareness, to set
alse. We did themselves above the averp because the age individual. However, we
ntained no in- believe everyone has the
ce of genuine- potential ability to make
escription of contact, but due to aberraplace sent us tion an d mis-education,
was also quite mostly religious ( after
all, who wants to be thrown
brief against to the lions or burned at
with the dead. the stake?), most individumistic trance uals do not realize their
e similar to potential.
tate. The mind The book ( "The Rise and
ium becomes a Fall of the Atlantean Civhich takes the ilization") is not intended