Plowing Up the Field

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¶ Sometimes we get more who neglected
than a bit annoyed at what is their share
left of our once-efficient i Another`~mim
postal system. For example, in cation to giv
the last month: Volney Math- is SATELLITE,
ison , for whom we did the com- published only
position and layouts on his Richard Hall,
latest opus, frantically sent Hair, min ash
us an inquiry in regard to the of the projec
missing final page of his book , fl ying sauc
We hadn't seen it. Then, two dss-vs ouble-talk a
days later, by airmail and
special delivery, the package facts. Easier
containing the page was shoved you want to th
under our door. Inside, Volney as the sky fil
angrily complained that the satellites be
package had been held by the suits at Amer
postoffice for four days, and who've always
then returned to him for in- man-made moons
sufficient postage, instead of cers are scie
sending it on and letting us of our own(or
make up the deficit at this SATELLITE goes
end. This followed by only two basket...
weeks a protest from Ralph K. ¶ Just so
Swanson, of Orlando, Fla., to the idea this
the effect he'd received none only demises,
of his ABERREEs since renewing amazement to
his subscription last May. We copy of "Waschecked, found that the maga- sued by the
zine sent to the address he and Discussion
still uses had been returned ark, Del. T
to us , marked "refused", and which started
extra postage collected. But news-letter, 1
the latest effort to pay off in its new fo
the postal deficit by levying which are only
mailing fees two or more times er than pages
on one piece of mail came when Type, too, is
Tony Benson's ABERREE, which ABERREE uses -
has been going to his Cleve- out to those
land, Ohio, address for eight The ABERREE
months or so, came back marked magnifying gl
'unknown". Getting "unknown" subscription.
within one month is a darned is/will be put
good trick -- if you can do it -- every 2 months
but before you try and contact supported by
Tony for a way to disappear Nickerson is
from taxes, obstreperous mates, has quite a
and bill collectors, you'd ants and advi
better find out if it's a mir- -- which Ye Er
acle or postal blooper. And if envy just a 11
you don't get your ABERREE got a couple
some month, you might check day -- practic
your mail carrier to see if mailed from
you have "refused" it, or if so we guess
you are "unknown" . It's won- ery pictured
derful what you can find under be near there
interested of!, l an r t I ' c d s ; d t o
ancelled stamps, the cards (to Ye Ed) said:
"Just spent some days with
on (Iyax Free- Phil the Pill (_ 0 ) who makes
4 issues of his nothing out of everything:'
arch Associates) It was signed by Arthur Burks.
abandoning the The second card, addressed to
o unstable, when Ye Pub, was from Phil Friedends on volun- man, and said, "Just spent my
ions from those M with Burks of Paradise,
who profess in- who makes something from nothd, Max says in ing." These notations of what
ber, in the fu- our two ABERREE authors "spent"
uce his infer- may be highly significant and
small booklets, deep -- but maybe they were only
directly on pa- trying to tell us who paid the
/ offset print- dinner check, or who bought
ng these only to the two 2-cent stamps used to
to pay their own send the cards...
h a long period, ¶ If you'll read the Lende HRA Bulletin ing Library "ad" on the back
tted , and proba- page , you'll notice that our
more than those book list is really growing.
to contribute For this we have the following
of the cost... donors to thank: Helen Shaffer
eographed publi- of Yonkers , N N. Y., Lee Loci
e up the ghost" hart of Grants, N.Mex., and
which has been AT red Dean Burck, Hollywood.
a few months by In addition, the former Agnes
of New Orleans. Johnson retrieved some books
ort note telling she'd stored in her niece's
ted death of his garret -- if and when. And this
er publication, being "when'', the Library gets
seem to prefer them... ¶ And the Librarian,
d nonsense to who is also the Donor, Pub.,
to conclude what WFE .. SEC . , ETC., ha s found
at way." And so , herself so bogged down in
is with foreign bookwork (that's a pun with a
ep- beeping in- double meaning) that she's
ical "experts" having to revise what started
contended that out as a very simple ledger
and flying sau- system. If this doesn't work
nce fiction, one out, she threatens to drop
, rather, Dick's) some of her titles—such as
into the waste- "Hkpr." "Wfe." , or even, maybe, the "ETC!' In which event ,
eaders won't get. Ye Ed, in self-defense, might
column reports find it necessary to scout for
we point with a non-profit librarian -- if
he first printed there is any such animal ...
S-Will Be", is- ¶ Beginning next year, probBrookside Study ably with the January-February
Group, of New- issue, "The Radiant One" , whom
his publication, Jacob Ansel describes as an
out as a mimeoed "important heavenly character";
ooks very good will start making quarterly
mat of 20 pages, forecasts for ABERREE readers.
slightly small- We were sent one for the last
of The ABERREE . three months of 1957 -- too late
smaller than The for timely publication, of
- we might point course—but if the "Radiant
ritics who think One's" foresight is as good as
should furnish a his hindsight, the feature
ass with each ought to prove popular. As the
"Was-IS-Will Be" voice of the Infinites, why
lished " at least shouldn't we attract writers
" , and is/wil l be from another vibratory realm ,
onations. George as well as those with physical
editor -- and he fingers punching the physical
taff of assist- keys of a physical typewriter?
ors -- 14 of them ¶ Last month, we claimed
and Pub (two) the distinction of being half
ttle bit.4. ¶ We the four who had not been in
cards the other contact with a certain "clearilly identical - - ing house" regarding their inParadise, Penn., valid-now-valid certificates,
he roadside eat- and we now wish to retract
n the front must half that statement, One of us
. Anyway, one of has, during the last few weeks,