Volume 4, Issue 8, page 7

HRU THE AGES, there have been men
J who walked with God, knowin ly.
Thru the ages, all men have waked
with God -- after their individual
fashions -- with little knowledge even that
they walked. God, to man, has always been
in man's image, rather than man in God's
image -- so far away from man that none
could hear His voice, save Moses from out
of the bush, save in dreams, save in ways
that other men could not believe, could
not accept
The Speech of the Father, like the
Father Himself, is everywhere present.
The Speech is called of some, the Music
of the Spheres, and is fran eternity. It
is The Word by which all came into existence and continues to cane into existence. It never ceases to sound. When and
if it does, everything will fall into
ruins, will wholly disintegrate and be no
more. But this cannot happen .

Every sound man hears is a segment of
the Music, even as man himself is a segment of the Father. Even discordant
sounds are distortions of the Music,
which is the Voice which spoke the Word
in the Beginning. Man once heard, and
walked surely with his God. But he turned
away and turned away until turning away
became a habit, so fixed that he did not
turn back -- he had forgotten how -- even to
this day. In time, he came to believe in
the Father only with the lips of his
mouth, not with the faith of his heart,
and so he seemed to lose The Father.

Man can regain the Father in many
ways. There are as many ways as there are
men in the Universe of Universes, the All
of manifested creation. To indicate a few
is to indicate only what a few men and
women have found for themselves. Only
that which men find for themselves is of
1,asting value to them.

Man is guided. This guidance is advis)ry only, for not even the Father interferes with that free will which He gave
man in The Beginning. There are individual , personal messengers of great tact
and understanding, sent by the Father,
assigned by the Father, to protest and
guide each segment of the Father, and the
messenger is also a segment, in the inner
world, of the Father, so that when segment co-operates with segment, Father and
Father, Father and Son, are in close contact. They are, in fact, in contact as
close as man cares to make it.

We speak of "intuition" as a method of
contact, and this is true. Intuition,
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