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/ " DECEMBER, 1957
Vol. IV, No. 8 Inf+n
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John -- If all the golf balls of some characta certain ex-general has hit and explodes ,
in the last six years were put that nation s
together, could they make one its great bl
sputriik? over the cap
Ike -- John, you Foster the States .
Dulles' puns , ey
RUSSIA GIVES Let us sup- warning as Russ]
U.S. BIGOTRY pose for a mo- served punish
RUDE SHAKING ment that Russia, own invasion
which has suc- rights 240,000
ceeded in putting up the first who believe t
man-made satellite into a by your heels globe-girdling orbit, should in the bottom
succeed in sending a rocket to ivory collar
the moon. The power has been Immediately,
hharnessed to get the missile er " insky " p
out of Earth's gravitational this as an act
monarchy. Orbital calculations united States
have been measured so that their jealousy
whatever is left of this gi- accomplishment
gantic hunk of mechanical underhanded w
brain won't miss its target resentment. T
and go wandering thru space army would be
until picked up eventually by ines sent do
some other planet, or even do sealed orders,
a wide loop and return to be rockets and pla burned up in the atmosphere of war-heads Imo'
its mothering sponsor. the top of the
The rocket lands -- kerplunk- armed forces,
niki Instruments in the nose themselves for
radio contact and then go dead, recognition,
wrecked by the force of col- chomping on t
lision, The Russian government drums. Too la
reports i t s success with a our cities in
see-how-much-greater-we-are ands of our tai
fanfare aimed at its neighbor- er concerned w
ing states, torn between persecution,
threats and gratuities. civilization-d
So far, there's nothing im- caust would be
possible, nor even improbable, all because of
about any of the above hypoth- to the moon.
esis. But now, let us infuse we don't
it with an aura of science fantastic -- exc
fiction -- and suppose that the on - the-moon -
moon really is inhabited; that business. With
the inhabitants may be enough and militarist
farther advanced than earth tions -- thru i
that they have learned to mind -- turning a wo
their own business, and they pie armed camps
resent this bombarding from very little
the globe around which they've present bluster
circling for lol these more deadly
many earths. And apparentl
In their resentment, they side, is there
shoot back a warning -- a missile intention to c
ecu F h to m bo, a w w i t i a g gn r t r a y
er that lands
aan! Voice of '"1heN. nation. The days of "speak
iter' fVr larch,Mars, softly and carry a big stick"
rn, Pluto, venus, and have been replaced with bullyyaokumVenuen. ing and chip
s on the shoulder.
As this is written, the
Russian satellite still is
ebruary and July- circling the earth, altho its
oma, U. S. A. beeps apparently have been
" U.S.A. stilled by a dead battery. How
le copies, 25d much longer itcan retain its
Postoffice orbit is anyone's guess. When
D. scn. , F', sai. , the satellite first appeared
in the sky, there were "ex(pr. ETC. perts" and "authorities" rushteness of Man is ing into print with forecasts
es, or "experts" that it couldn't stay up more
as from issue to than a few days, or a week or
so at the most. There even
his own and only have been stories that sputnik
was losing altitude, and soon
s; double if you would be caught in earth's dece 30 days prior stroying atmosphere. Apparently, sputnik has a will of its
own -- or maybe it just doesn't
read English.
in Russia, while Immediately, some of the
ill celebrates secrecy on our own missile deodies"s victory velopment was lifted -- to a detalistic United United Bree. With a public aroused to
the fact that our censorship
! was keeping facts from no one
is recognize the but the ones who pay the bills;
aliatory -- a de- that the supposedly "ignorant
ent for their Reds" already have as much , if
of a people's not more, know-how than our
miles away? All own scientists and military
hey would, hang geniuses, the public had to be
on the spiderweb reassured.
of your father's Most ridiculous of all was