Volume 4, Issue 8, page 10

them or a tangible thing such as a building being there for them to live in. That
which you cannot create with your imagination during a session of processing is a
clear indication of your inability to
handle these objects in space. Therefore,
they are going to affect you. The sooner
we learn how to create, to use our imagination, the sooner we will function as
Totality. It's just as simple as that.

Spinoza said about immediate reaction
to our imaginative state, "It could not
BE immediate". Well, we say it can be immediate to the extent that we are functioning as Totality. If each and every
one of us could postulate as Totality,
"It is so !", it would come from that
state into solid form right now, to the
degree that we are certain it occurs. To
that degree only it does occur. To the
degree that we aren't, what occurs is a
time lag. What occurs is the inability to
dissolve the barriers, the veils of unawareness, to that immediate action. You
ARE able to postulate into immediate action fran the imaginative state, which is
the real state, actually; because what is
in the imaginative state is real; what is
in the solid state is a gross duplicate
of it.

Spinoza knew this. He said, "The great
obstacle to intelligent behavior is the
superior vividness of present sensation
as compared with those projected memories
which we call imagination."
Our senses on the earth plane, in this
earth body, are quite vivid to us. The
imaginative state is less tangible, less
vivid, and so we think it is not real,
but as Totality (that which creates all
things), when we dissolve those barriers,
that imaginative state will be as real if
not more so than our senses can perceive
at this time. There will be a reality
that I cannot put into words, only something you can experience. And you will
find, too, that you won't be able to put
it into words, it will be that exquisite.
This is not a distant thing; this is not
to happen to you when you die and leave
the body. It happens now, to the extent
that you can accept it.

He continues'on, in relation to imagination: "By imagination and organized
thought (he calls it reason, but it is a
Latin interpretation), we turn experience
(by imagination) into foresight." We can
foretell our future with our imagination!
How can this be? Because we're creating
it. We become the creators of our future
and cease to be the slaves of our past;
and so we achieve (he says) the only
freedom possible.

Those are pretty profound statements.
He understood about the subconscious mind
when he said, "We become the creators of
our future and cease to be the slaves of
our past when we use our imagination and
organized thought." We cease to function
as an automatic robot, based on those
electronic subconscious pictures that are
in and around the body and the spirit and
the I Am, when we use our imagination to
create a future.

This was a number of years ago, 16321677, and we've lost sight of so much of
this wisdom today. Here was a man who
understood that in order for man to be
really free, he must needs take the eternal concept, the total concept, because
you cannot look at things outward here
and accept them as your reality; you
don't have to. You can create it in your
imagination and it will then solidify into a recreated state to match your imagination. This is how all things are done.

I was reading in a magazine about
Darryl Zanuck, the producer, and it said,
"He is admired above all for his integrity, his vision, and most, for his keen
imagination." Any of us, who do not daily
create and imagine a state to live in for
the day, a state of perfection, a state
that we know we can be happy in; each day
create it, put it out there, look at it,
see it, hear it, smell it, feel it, taste
it, and do this as Totality, with expanded awareness -- unless a person can do this,
he is defeating himself, he is defeating
his abilities.

Is anything stopping anyone from doing
this? It takes one minute, two minutes,
to create it, visualize it, give it the
works -- see it, hear it, smell it, feel
it, taste it -- then take it as Totality,
move it into the body and give that blueprint TO this body, and you've got it.
Then walk around in that consciousness.
to not accept anything that anyone else
tells you. "You're small", "You're ugly",
"You're not this", "You're not that" -- you
don't buy any of it. You KNOW.

Here's where we take off from what
8inoza says. He says, "By imagination
and organized thought (or reason), we
turn experience into foresight." We say,
"With imagination and KNOWINGNESS". Get
that difference, between reason and knowingness. He knew that, because he said,
"We are free only where we know". Knowing
is not a physical thing. It is a function
as Totality. When we realize this, our
whole perspective changes. Our whole
attitude toward life changes. Until you
know that as Totality these bodies and
all of these things are merely activities
within you, we're not using this greatest
of power.

A man who had been in Dianetics with
us, down at the Foundation, called up two
days ago and said, "lois exteriorization
stuff you're talking about -- this expanded
awareness -- you got a tape on it?" We've
got many tapes on it, instead of just
one. He said, "I'd like to listen to it.
I want to find out about it, too. I think
you're all wet. It isn't possible, this
expanded awareness, this exteriorized
awareness." His words gave me an insight
EMBER. 1957