Volume 4, Issue 8, page 11

Clarifying Synergetics -- Part I I I
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PERATION STABLE is a milestone for
man comparable to the discovery of

For the first time in human history, true "clears" are being produced --
in numbers.

A technical knowledge of Synergetics
is not necessary.

An auditor or coach is not necessary.
It can be done by the individual working

The only condition is that the individual be at least average in intelligence and self-honesty.

What is a "true clear"? What are "true
clears" like? Is this a desirable way to
By "true clear" is meant a person who
is clear in the original, Book 1 sense:
an unaberrated individual.

The discovery of this state by the originator of Dianetics was a remarkable
discovery. The fact -- now generally admitted -- that Book 1 techniques did not produce this state as claimed does not detract from the basic importance of the
discovery. Truly, it was a milestone for
man comparable to the discovery of fire.

For the important thing is that the
state is achievable. It is potential in
every human being. Many persons -- perhaps
most -- have had "clear moments" in their
lives. Making it possible for the average
man to achieve this state permanently is,
after all, only a problem of engineering.
Create the technology you need, do the
research and development required, and
sooner or later you are bound to come up
with the answer.

This Synergetics has now done. The fact
that it can now be done without a coach
or auditor is dramatic evidence of the
power of Synergetic tools. They are so
simple to use that you don't need an expert to show you how to use them, or to
use them on you. You don't even have to
spend a lot of time getting a technical
knowledge of Synergetics. You can use
them without knowing what a SET point is,
or a CEDA sequence, or the definition of
the Analytical Principle.

If you can read -- if you are willing to
be self-honest -- if you really want to
eliminate all aberrations permanently --
you can become a "true clear".

An aberration is, by definition, simply a reactive pattern which "takes hold"
of a person from time to time. Sometimes
we realize we are reacting -- either at the
time or shortly afterward. Sometimes we
don't. But the important thing here is
that every aberration starts with a stint --
14s v~ v
ulus. If you can find that stimulus, and
substitute a synergic release for the
reaction, you've got it licked.

Now, of course, this is very difficult
for the average man to do. The very fact
that he has aberrations makes it difficult. If he didn't have the aberrations,
he could do it easily. But then, he would
be a clear, by definition.

The answer to the problem is to get
rid of these aberrations, one by one, in
special work sessions, free of distractions. This we have always known. But
until recently it was necessary, or highly desirable, to have a coach or auditor.
Furthermore, the coach or auditor had to
be technically skilled. Moreover, having
an auditor cost a lot of money. And
while coaches work "for free", there
still are not very many around, and they
are very much in demand.

All this has been changed. The do-ityourself kits of Synergetics do the technical job for you. They make it virtually
impossible not to achieve benefits. And
they are cheap -- a dollar apiece. (For the
fact they are cheap, you have Don Purcell
to thank.)
What are "true clears" like?
Well, one thing is sure. they are
certainly likable people. They are warm.
friendly, natural. They are "superior" to
the average, true, but they do not flaunt
their superiority; they do not domineer.
They are, indeed, uniformly reluctant to
"broadcast" the fact that they are clear.
They prefer to say nothing about it.

You may encounter clears in the Synergetic community. But you won't find them
by asking about it. By their acts shall
you know them. Watch their behavior.
Watch how they respond, say, to a selfesteem threat. You will note that they do
not react. On rare occasions under considerable provocation, they might react,
but they quickly replace the reaction
with a synergic response. All this is
done quietly. But the overall effect is

Another characteristic is the way they
respond to the aberrations of others.
Again, you have to observe them closely
to see what they are doing. They are
quite "sensitive" -- in the sense of being
able to read others amazingly well. They
are quite aware of the aberrations of
others. But they tune them out. They
never confuse the aberration with basic
personality. They don't eliminate aberrations from others in this way -- only the
individual can remove his own aberrations