Volume 4, Issue 8, page 13

people can be : Workers, then refined
types to do certain things, chiefs, medicine men, seers, and in some cases, extreme types of refinement. This is the
type that has the wisdom of the tribe,
the mouths of babes and sucklings cometh
wisdom? True, and those who thus provide
the answers may have no knowledge whatever of what they speak. Say to any man
encountered, be he beggar, thief, statesman', liar, murderer, rapist, dictator,
idiot, imbecile, moron, teacher, pupil,
baby, child, adolescent: "I wonder what
would happen if... " and pose your question. If the one addressed stands mute,
that may be the answer. Or he may offer
what he believes to be an "opinion",
which may well be your answer, for man so
often speaks with his God thru other men,
even thru "babes and sucklings". But test
the answers always, as you were bidden
long ago to "test all spirits, asking
whether they be of God". You know, of
course, that they are of God, else they
would n o t be, so testing them merely
means to make sure in your own mind that
they are of God now, that in this moment,
rather than in some far-off distant moment when they have redeemed themselves,
they are "working at" the business of
being of God. They are of God if they
exist. Many times men, thus seeking, wondering, puzzled, possible in despair,
find their answers in some "chance remark", overheard in the most unlikely
places. Man should keep ears open for
these answers, for every man, every other
man also, is a channel. Man receives letters, postal cards, telegrams, cablegrams
from other men, and often in them he
finds his needed answers. He may or may
not recognize them, but he should watch
for his answers everywhere, because in
every possible way of reaching them, God
seeks contact with His children; rather,
He seeks contact for them with Himself.
Oddly enough, if you listen to human
voices, thru which "the voices" may speak
at any moment, especially in moments of
stress, of emergency, no neighbors can
say: "He's a queer one, a religious fanatic; he listens to voices, and believes
what he thinks they tell him:'But remember always to make the "tests" by which
you prove "voices", "slates", "blackboards", your own receptiveness ; a s k
yourself, "How does this strike me?", and
if the answer to that "tastes" good, then
the chances are excellent that you are
making closer and closer your eternal
contact with the Father. Keep the record,
however, to check your own accuracy. It
is best, perhaps, to share it with none
others, for people who do not do, believe, feel are prone to destroy, and if
you allow them they can easily destroy
your record and all for which it stands.
(To be concluded in Jan.-Feb. Issue)
comparable to the white man's so-called
"Initiate". These people are receiving
information for the benefit of the tribe.
This higher type is something special.
It's a refining of body so that the mind
can use it readily. This type person gets
his knowledge while in a body, or goes
out of his body to get much of it.

These people, when out of the body,
will impress people who can lead a large
group. They will show themselves as Indians, if necessary. These people out of
bodies never take a person over, they
merely impress. The guide of the Spiritualist will take over mind and body and
relive his life, but the really big people
of the tribe don't do this. These people
don't even bother to identify themselves,
they are so impersonal. As an example,
consider the making of the Constitution
of the United States. Here, a large group
of persons of increasing numbers a n d
scope were to be affected. The immediate
workers for the Constitution were not too
important; it was the group that was to
be considered. In a case like this, minds
outside with the ability to see would impress the actual arrangers, disregarding
the personal . They give their information
and drop contact with the minds in bodies, but when they see needs. they are
able and ready to serve.

The Indian in after-life finds people
with his own type thought, according to
his emotion -- as one in anger goes where
everyone is angry (war in heaven?).

Ordinary citizens have emotional tone,
so they locate a compatible emotional
tone. After awhile, emotions change to
attitudes; then he takes on thinking and
goes to a similar attitude group. (I am
referring to those who do not take on
bodies soon after death.) If these people
and he develop a certain line, he hopes
to stimulate the people in bodies who are
also working along this line.

We think of barriers. People graduate
thru barriers, and people will work
closely with those in bodies, not as
guides. Our ability of contact is wide;
contact in sleep is complete much of the
time. When we awaken, we don't usually
remember, but we act on the things we
worked with while asleep. You merely go
on with similar things, asleep or awake.

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