Volume 10, Issue 5, page 10

know the future or not, and determine what his concrete whole. These are the points at which
intentions are, what he plans to do in the you can alter your future drastically by
future if anything, who or what he is the effect changing the intentions that hold it in place.
of, and what he is trying to cause. It is even You must learn to make sure, when you plan
easier to determine his future simply by ask- something, when you set up the desire, that
ing him to imagine a number of things and not- you examine the full meaning of that desire.
ing his reactions to them. The ones he imagines If you set up, for example, a desire for a
the easiest are in most cases the ones he supply of walnuts, you must be willing to plant
would like to see happen. the tree, to take care of that tree and prune
To control your future, you learn to con- it and water it properly, and so on. If you set
trol your intentions about it. Once the inten- up the desire to have children, you must be
tions are set, the future is established. In- fully willing to care for those children, to
tention and desire in this case are practically feed them and send them to school and wash
the same thing. A real strong desire for some- their dirty faces and clean the mud off their
thing is in effect, as far as God is concerned, feet and all the rest of the complications
a prayer, and is communicated to the group that go with raising children.
mind, the race mind, God, or whatever action This is where most people get off the track
it is that is in charge of answering prayer, in controlling the future. It is not how they
and will be recorded and acted upon. The uni- ask nor the fact they set up the desire; it is
verse is so set up that you must get exactly usually in their failing to calculate the full
what you want; the factor which is not deter- effect of what they are asking for.
mined is when you will get it, how long you While you have been able to get by with
will have to wait, because time is the arbi- this kind of vague irresponsibility to some
trary, the element which changes. With this extent before you had training, you will find
one variable, your future will be based exact- that, now you are trained, you cannot make a
ly and entirely on your desires and your in- casual, half-hearted prayer. Anything you do
tentions at some time or other -- past, present, in a half-baked way will give you an absolutely
or future. half-baked result. The untrained individual
If you have agreed that someone else is may be able to pray for rain without considercause for you -- for instance that some woman ing all the aspects of it, and have a nice
controls you completely, or you must keep your gentle shower for a result; but this will not
mother happy -- then your future will be deter- work for you. You might end up with a tornado
mined by their intentions and desires. and a flood.

But most of you, by the time you have come You can control anything over which you are
this far, should be determining your own fu- willing to take authority. If someone comes to
ture by your own intentions and you should by You for help, you say to yourself, " I take
now have some inkling as to~how you set it up. authority over this person," and you say it to
You should be able to catch yourself thinking, God, or the telepathic levels, or whatever you
"It would be real nice if this would happen," want to call them. But once you have claimed
and afterward see how such things happen as the authority, you cannot blame the results on
desired. The remainder of the job of learning. somebody else. You must be willing to accept
to control the future is learning to set up whatever happens.
these little desires properly. suchand-such meo a a comes got otgether ads prthat ayed and
One reason for the yogis' strong emphasis on

absolute neutrality of thought, absolute bal- prevented a war, he is talking thru his hat --
once, being able to sit completely still, is unless that group was equally willing to cause
that in this way the individual can shut down a war at some time or other. The same is true
his " desirer ", that part of him which causes of deaths or accidents. Every use of force
and controls his future. Having shut it down, applied in the universe must balance. God likes
he is then in a position as he sets it back up nice neat, balanced equations in the psychic
again to examine the future he is causing for realm as well as anywhere else.
himself, to see what his intentions and de- There is only one force which can be applied
sires are. in large quantities without causing an equally
In each of us there are certain cycles al- large imbalance which must somehow be compenready in motion, as we have previously dis- sated; and that is the force of love. But love
cussed. Now you are the effect of past desires, does not control the future. Love permits it,
and some of them are still in motion, and some love admires it, love lets it happen. The minof them will be unchangeable. Some of them are ute you try to cause or alter some particular
in motion and unchangeable because you are a event, you are no longer using in its fullest
human being born into a human society; some, that force which is called love, because love
because you are a man or a woman and have sex; is a force that does not bend or alter events,
some, because you are a growing, evolving in- but brings them to flower in their own natural
dividual with a certain relationship to an al- way. If a person would naturally be willing to
ready established environment. But these are do this or that, when love is applied it will
essentially minor, and only a few of the de- become possible for him to achieve with the
tails of your future. Most of your future in stimulus of love, even tho he might have thought
great detail can be altered radically from it beyond him without this help. But if what
this moment forth, if you are so minded. Prac- the individual would naturally do is to slug
tically everything but your sex and your age his brother, upon application of the force of
can be pulled up, taken apart, and set down love he is quite likely to go ahead and slug
again in a new spot, if you want. his brother anyway.

There are certain times when your future is Ordinarily it is not good to control your
easier to affect than at others. There are future. If you try to maintain complete conchange points, at which the future fans out trol over it, you will have almost no percepfrom a particular decision or set of decisions, tion on it except for those things which you
each one of which has its own complete, de- are trying to cause to happen; and if you have
tailed, total future wrapped up with it so an emotional block, you will get thoroly surthat when you come to this point you can see prised sooner or later.
the future as a more or less integrated or (Continued in the next issue)
10 The A B E R R E E SEPTEMBER, 1963