Volume 11, Issue 6, page 17

lowers. He first gives them H-2-0 that runs under bridges.
wealth and high position, then The latter is sometimes used
downfall in some degree. Sat- as a chaser but may cause rust
urn, Lilith, and Lulu rule the when taken straight. Some say
earth signs (10, 6, and 2) and goldwater is all wet -- and a
the minds of earth-minded man. little brassy." -- A.B.Pierson,
These men decrease in intel- Selma, Calif.
lect with the decrease in love (ED. NOTE No. 2 -- Trying to
life, until hate becomes a operate our government on hot
driving passion. Fear of loss wind -- without water O R gold --
makes hate. Zionists of all may be 99 44/100ths of what's
churches walk blindly into wrong with it. Let's see if the
assassinations, suicides, ac- public votes for more drouth
cidents; check any of them, in November. If we didn't disthe more sensational the case, like puns, we'd repeat the one
the more sensational the pro- we heard recently to the effect
gressions in their horoscopes. that Johnson was recommending
Believing that the planets are a certain laxative for all his
Bible characters, dead and gone, Dixie politicians because he
leaving men in the power of feared he might lose all the
the priest-king, is a fatal South unless the Negroes were
belief; they serve Caesar in- kept in line with a black
stead of God. draught. However, a draught
"Zionism is the 'Old Order (draft) being both wind and
of the Ages' and opposed to potable, you can see the conthe 'New Order of the Ages', fusion that's ahead after Nowhich this country is trying vember, can't you?)
to establish. Central author- 0 0 0
ity, especially the divine "FRANKLY, I did not read Dr.
kind, to be replaced by gov- Kridler's earlier installernment of, for, and by the ments, but happened to read
people. The people to tell this last one -- and that hit
their rulers to serve, not to home. For me, it is the best
dictate ." -- Morris Swenson, explanation I have received
Camas, Wash. yet. It gives a point to all
"0 0 0 games of religion, metaphysTHERE are so many organiza- ics, occultism, politics, and
tions, cults, groups, etc., what have you. Let all the
and they are mostly out for games go on until they outgame
the same thing, the betterment themselves -- as long as I have
of man (and women). Some are just a little point to stand
similar in ideas and some are on, maybe I can go on and take
so far out that the average it (I better had since I realguy doesn't know what they are ly have no choice).
talking about. I am glad for "What I really look forward
you and The ABERREE that ev- to in the monthly ABERREE are
ery one of us can say our lit- your 'Hart to Heart' talks and
tle bit and have vast, disor- your interesting comments. The
ganized groups of people hash Auditorial on unfinished projit all out and maybe some day ects is excellent -- don't we
we might have a bigger and bet- all 'mess up our futures', -so
ter world.... much of the past hanging on
"I like...most of the things there is so often too little
you have to say, so let's hear time and energy left to build
you say it for Goldwater! " -- an intelligent new present or
George, TeiteLilian, Chicago, Ill. future.
(ED. NOTE -- Our advertising "It seems to me Franklin
i -- columns are open to both mil- Sullivan is trying to build a
lionaires -- but our reading ma- future out of the past -- or at
terial space i s reserved for least transfer the past into
more important things -- such as the present. (I know -- but if
your letter, for instance.) he succeeds -- what does he have
"0 0 0 -- what really is he trying to
HAIN' T had an ABERREE for work -- the game wasn't very sueso long I'm almost back on cessful then -- what makes him
W the beam. think it will be now?)" -- Rose
W "Does AB. have a question D. Proestos, Los Angeles, Cal.
04 column? Will someone please 0 0 0
p4 explain displacement' A sheet "REMEMBER my pamphlet 'Are We
of water will raise a battle- Writing the Truth?' and
ship. The water weighs only a how confusing all the fonetik
a1 fraction of the ship, so where speling waz? Well, I've been
does the lift come,from? Try soundly punished f o r getting
the experiment in your kitchen. that out -- a dozen spelling re(ED. NOTE -- Battleships are formers have pestered me the
built on credit; Uncle Sammy last six years or more with
floats a loan a n d the loan 9,11 t h e i r ' al fabets' a n d
floats the battleship. Isn't 'skeemz'. Latest news in this
that simple?) line is that the alphabet that
"Speaking of water: there won the Shaw contest is availare various kinds, heavy water, able in book form, Penguin
17 goldwater, and just plain old book of Shaw's play 'Androcles
and the Lion', and typewriters
and printers' type for it are
also being made. A 48-letter
alphabet with no capital letters, looking like a mixture
of Greek and hieroglyphics,
but never in my life have I
seen anything so easy to write.
(Easy to read? Well, not exactly. But for someone with
lousy handwriting to learn the
stuff in three hours is miraculous.) I keep my diary in it.
"Thanks for sending me the
illustrated copy of July-August number ABERREE... This ought
to be in the Believe-It-or-Not
Dept.: Just about when I was
celebrating my first pogonotrophic anniversary, a couple
of weeks back, someone with a
twisted sense of humor delivered a carton here, and in it
were f o u r electric razors.
Fortunately, or unfortunately,
as you care to look at it,
none of them works.
"In this area, a new magazine has just come out, called
BORDERLINE. A friend of mine
has recently interviewed me
about my essays in automatic
writing, in connection with an
article he is doing for them.
"I suppose you already have
heard the news: the Scientologists have rediscovered the
reactive mind. They offered to
'eradicate' or 'get rid of'
mine for only $15 a week -- but
were careful not to say how many
weeks! This was to be by the
co-audit route, which means
the co-auditor does the work,
while Scientology gets the
credit as well as the cash.
Since it would do no good to
quote Book One (All about Removing Reactive Minds) at them,
I contented myself with a few
witty remarks about waiting
till my next 'embodiment' --
after all, I have all the time
there is, so what's the hurry?"
-- Ivor Darreg 1-83, Los Angeles, Calif.
" C AN A message be given to
help others realize the
perfidy of the Roman Catholic
church organization since 325
A. D. , created to make money
and keep others in ignorance,
who want to be willing slaves
of pomp and all the miscellaneous skullduggery to inveigle followers, serfs, believers in ceremonies and buying your way out of purgatory?
One patient of mine in Maine
gave her last $700 to keep her
husband' s soul out of purgatory, but she did not offer one
cent towards my fees for bedside treatments done by me towards her husband...
"The enclosed clipping is
an answer to the question: 'Are
there more books in the Roman
Catholic version of the Bible
than there are in the Protestant version?'