Volume 2, Issue 6, page 6

6 The ABERREE, October, 1955 .- - You Create Thetans,

Bodies, Viewpoints
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Point. This is due to the impacts, emotional and physical, he has encountered during mew eyries of existence both in and cut of bodies. These impacts he I!SIDes to experience in order, basically, to NOS/ and
to enjoy the entire emotional tone scale. Bwever. he
has had so many impacts he bas.ided-that area after
area of the universes are unsafe. He has withdrawn his
Thetans to such an extent that most individuals are a
BEING who is operating only one '6oy ,and one Thetan on
this planet at this tin.
is state can well be considered the fall of ann
as expressed in the holy books on this planet. AMC.
ING who was once capable of creating universes at will
descends to the level of operating one small Thetan
who operates a Mind and Body. How remote control. or
how far "south" can you get? Not much further. This
has been brilliantly written ._step Up. byL~
you Parrett of Landon in the . le.b.
in an article, The Descent of ".

So. when the pre-clear is first approachailkr an
auditor he will be found to have his Orientation Taint
surrounded by layers and layers of unconsciousness.
which has been termed in Scientology the common demeoinator of OINOWI> SS.

The Theten also will be surrounded with similar
layers which are corresponding facsimiles of the barriers around the Orientation Point. The Body machinery will also contain copies of these facsimiles.
There also exist ridges, as thought-fora patterns.
connected to all these units as facsimiles, scattered
around the universes in Space where the impacts actually occurred. These various groups of manifestations
are all connected by communication lines invariant;
stages of aliveness. Most of them are dead and unactivated until approached in processing. If approached
improperly they can all become activated. and fall in
on the pre-clear's body, to a very disturbing extent.

There will be found to exist communication lines
from the Thetan-Pody combination which you are addressing to the Orientation Point. These lines go
through all the barriers and it will be found that the
pre-e ear has been operating fran there all then time
and pretending he is not. All apart of the game of

There also exist around in Space hundreds or perhaps thousands of facsimiles of old Thetans or Viewpoints which have been abandoned by the P-C. Thus the
Orientation Point and the Thetan and the Body are fully rigged with a staggering number of cxomwnnication
lines. Roe can we hope to free anyone from this intricate maze? What is the actual goal of processing?
Ina recent publication in Scientology Alias restated
that the NEIl has two basic rights: The right to his
own sanity, and the right to withdrew fran the game.
We would like to add to the latter as the result of
our experience as follows: The MING shall have the
right to reach into and withdraw from the game at

At present we find most individuals unable to becane aware that they can move away fran the intricate
communications network known as Body. With processing.
one me}y become aware that this can be done and by so
doing, learn to control this network at a distance
such easier than when involved directly inside its
energy mass.

But this is not enough. We must learn further
than just being a Theten. We exist team that a Thetsn
is merely a movable point from which to be swage. We
must uncover our main Orientation Point, our true center of awareness of awareness. We must remove the
ridges from around the Orientation Point. the Thetan.
and the Body. We must learn to operate from the Orientation Point level with full conscious awareness.
. When you reach this stage you will suddenly discover
that you have never dome anything but operate from
that level. It has been carefully hidden for maTy
reasons. The reasons are infinite and will eventually
become not too important. The important thing is to
be more of the existence of the structure of the game
and know that we =whom methods in Scientology for
aappppro ching its solving on a gradient scale at each
P-C's present operational level. After t$is step of
dissolving a farr of the ridges is achieved. you will
discover the three basic peculiarities of a BEIM
These have bees motioned in Scientolo several
times: A SIM'. con S . and ffi IMEMWMEZ, and
can ASSUME A ti>IiMOi>Q. if he chooses.
!honest stop is =neat all the old Viewpoints (GITA. in 6ratisbs). loyal do this, you will
discover that you can begin to tolerate other Thetans
or Spirits. Taar camwmniemtion will pick up along
these levels of awareness.

The next is to ran cat your main Orientation
Point. This ives running out the Motionlessness.
Timelemess. awl Yorevenress, and the Aloneness.labstness. and Silence. lesion ay P-C will tell you is impossible. llat.there are technigmes for doing it. And
man ariitor yea maths wry persistent and thorough
and not lamive your P-C in the middle of it. Therefore,
it is amis for the wail-tminsd auditors and P-Cs who
Imo resoled a edin ape atimal level with a sincere desire to go further. To =ramming it out" is
nat entirely correct. "aeadilmg" base areas with year
awareness until you change year comsiiexatians abort
thea is more moot. After this has been accomplished.
the Moan just BE where ewer he chooses. He will
eventually reach a point where he will not even need a
Viewpoint; he will be able to just $ mase and Mil.

The entire basic problem is expressed in the recent writings in Scientology related to Oaeerahip,
Responsibility. and Control. This must be applied
the Body and its many circuits and network of control
lines which extend outward from it into mam~y l niversea. These lines must be severed and the ~G must
be processed to the point where he can control and defend against incoming MST Universe energies the intricate and interesting electronic device known as a
BoBoddyyDefend in terms of "resist" is not correct. The
NNSIN& must learn to convert all incoming particles of
energy into usable forms of energy. or nothing. This
is the key to maintaining a stable operating state of
EMISGSS8 with a body.

An advanced individual who is interested in
"clearing" himself and others must be aware of one
thing. The only thing the BEING has to do is e
his mind or state of MIS. %s auditor assists
to where he can change his mind by releasing old energy patterns.