Volume 11, Issue 6, page 2

∂ Despite a dozen or more
activities demanding more hours
than ancient planners saw fit
to put into time-periods called
days, weeks, and months, we
blinded ourselves to the rush
of an unwritten auditorial, a
16-page JOURNAL OF THE CHEROKEE STRIP on which we were
several days in arrears, some
sudden family weddings and receptions, crab grass that is
trying to prove its comeback
powers from the broken drouth
and heat, and a few other odds
and ends, and headed for Oklahoma City Aug. 29 to hear Drs.
John and Louisa Aiken talk of
psychedelic drugs and why they
aren't popular with such unimaginative control groups as
the A.M.A. and its flunkies,
the Food and Drug people. But
we got an unexpected bonus in
the form of Dr. Leon DeSeblo
and Dr. Frank Stranges, altho
we only got to meet them -- not
to hear them speak. Dr.DeSeblo
is a Nobel winner for his work
in the field of "Chlorella",
the "secret" of how science
expects to feed the peoples of
the world after the projected
population explosion, and Dr.
Stranges is on a world tour
with his documentary film of
his 16 years' research in the
field of Unidentified Flying
Objects. Dr. Stranges, in a
brief introductory talk, told
how Los Angeles county officers had seized their film afDr. John Aiken,
street to the other, but could
find no place to park, so returned to Cooks Falls." However, the fact Morris couldn't
find a parking place nearer to
the scene of his ministrations
than h i s home town several
hundred miles away didn't mean
the "dying man" was abandoned
to doctors and the undertakers. Doctors already had
given up the case -- but the
ter the first showing in Los "dying man" was able to go to
Cooks Falls, where more park
Angeles, and spoke of the " un- ing spaces were available, for
authorized editing" someone treatments. However, we have
did before returning the film yet to learn whether the forto him -- by removing some of maldehyde-smelling "buzzards"
the "sightings"... ∂ Dr. Aiken, have yet swooped in for their
in his discussion, said that victim -- but for latest reports
psychedelics -- LSD-25, peyote, on the parking/healing situaetc. -- were safer and more use- tion in New York, keep tuned
ful than aspirin or penicillin, to this station. Like the rawhich is a statement Dr. J. dio stations, we'll try to slip
Cadillac M. D., president of in a bit of information between
the County Medical Association the commercials... (LATEST REand cuspidor for a share of PORT: Morris writes that a
the various fund drives, whose blood test a h o w s a rise in
monuments to his practice dot hemoglobin from 4.6 to 6 grams
the various community ceme- since treatment. And that, in
teries, might not agree with. plain, untechnical terms, is
He added that use of psyche- supposed to be an improvement.)
delics had a monumental task

in achieving understanding, 1 Bugs and wormy fruit are
altho psychedelics were not an driving Johnny Lovewisdom from
essential crutch if the seeker his second "Paradise" in Eccould attain his goal other- uador! Not too many moons ago,
wise. Incidentally, Mrs. Aiken he gave up his protected garwas not present, having been den and fruit-bearing trees in
called back to Socorro, N. M., Otavalo to move to Vilcabamba,
by her daughter, who needed in Loja, Ecuador, and now he
both a doctor and a mother, feels that what he needs is a
This was the second night for (PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 13)
Dr. Aiken, who spoke previously on "The Mystical Experience -- Is This the True Goal
of All Religions ?" .. i With
the coming of autumn and the
end of vacations, Charles and
Velva Rhoades report an increasing schedule in speakers
for the months ahead at the
New Age Center, at 145 N.E.
14th Street...

It was sad news to hear
of the passing on 8 August of
Mrs. John R. (Dorothy) SAringield o Canoga Park, Calif. ,
of a long chain of medical
errors -- which had their genesis in an operation 40 years
or so ago. Many readers will
remember Dorothy as a sensitive and teacher always able
and willing to share her abilities and knowledge with those
in need...

Most of you remember the
story of the battle that was
lost for want of a horseshoe
nail -- and at first reading, we
got the idea Morris Katzen was

telling us a parallel tale, tHis is NOT a III regalia,
which sounded a bit more grue- but a picture of The ABERREE
some. Morris wrote: "Thursday editor discussing the seriousnight I got an emergency tel- ness of the high cost of setahstcs call to try to help a S h (-1
dying man. I went to New York eminar intL tse i sdom Poo l
, Ga. T h e
city that same night and stayed Picture was one of more than
left, and with the man till I had to move 125 taken by ORION photograDr. Frank Stranges. my car from one side of the hers during the Seminar. 2