Volume 11, Issue 6, page 5

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Man's "Rescue" Is Up to Man
WHERE are we going? is a question society. Hypocrisy abounds. Selfish leaders
that perplexes the minds of many beguile and bewitch the gullible. We must bear
thinking people today. But, if in mind, however, that Infinite Intelligence
you have a background in the eso- can and does work thru all kinds of people.
teric studies, you know where we Also, with our advanced knowledge in the field
are going. Not to the dogs but to un- of communications, people with good intentions
dreamed of glory. However, the trip is can gain a larger audience and people with
not the easiest in the world because it negative motives can influence greater numbers.
of us our shoddy habit It is not so much that the bad are becoming
patterns worse, but the power to magnify intentions is
and comfortable mental attitudes, which greater now than it has been in the past.
may not be in harmony with the pattern Mere resistance to new ideas is not suffiwhich is shaping up for the future. cient; the need is for true workers to open
The whole world is today being impressed themselves to be clear instruments thru which
with the need to adjust to new and far-reach- the greater good can manifest. Too many people
ing concepts. We cannot live in the present as know what they are against but have very little
we have in the past.., for present-time prob- idea of what they are for, or why.
lems can be met only by being confronted in All obvious New Age move in the field of rethe now and by being solved by imaginative and ligion and philosophy is the emergence of the
often daring solutions. The beautiful thing metaphysical movements from relative obscurity
about this is, man is always equal to the oc- to, in some areas at least, obvious prominence.
casion -- he can always survive. He always has. Even businessmen and progressive religious
The meeting and solving of problems is what leaders admit to a study of the mental laws
forces man to extend himself, and in the long and their relationship to a better, happier
run, he emerges the better for it. I am not life in this world. The more adaptable metasuggesting that man must suffer to grow, but physical groups, such as Science of Mind and
he must be challenged. Whether he suffers or Unity, have been successful in reaching the
rises victorious is solely a matter of his millions thru their books, lectures, and radio
mental attitude. The strong, the certain, the and T-V shows. This is good, but more must be
confident will always do the right thing. done.

We are not challenged by outside forces I believe we will see modern methods used
nearly as much as we are by internal ones. to reach great masses of people, not only in
Man, however, unaccustomed to facing the prob- this country, but in every part of the world.
lem within, often looks for the problem with- The metaphysical movement is not organized.
out, just as he is prone to look for all of his It is composed for the most part of people who
solutions in the world outside himself. It is think they have cornered a bit of truth and
w a common suggestion today that we do nothing they want to hand it out in their own way.
except pray to a distant and in most in- They often suffer under the delusion that peo. stances, unknown, God, in a desperate effort ple aren't ready for it.î The fact is, I bec, to hasten His intervention in the affairs of lieve, we haven't learned yet to package or
m mankind, present our material; we haven't learned how
Recently, in Washington, D.C., Billy Graham to communicate it to the many thousands of
∞ talked before a Sunday morning audience. He people who are willing to accept it and have
said to his listeners that he did not believe their lives changed.
that man had it in his power to help himself. We tend to spend too much time on little
He said that man's only hope was that in the things, without ever going into the deep waters
of life. Too much time is spent teaching peover down uta offthersky. es This islanrindication lof ple how to "demonstrate" instead of showing
how some persons face up to modern-day prob- them how to BE the person they ought to be,
W lems -- they claim that the only solution lies which would automatically bring the outpicturW outside. This is a fundamental concept that ing of fulfilled desire, or the automatic meetQ4 has helped many people -- people who are spirit- ing of every need, without thought or effort.
p4 ually unaware -- to maintain some semblance bf There is much stress on psychic performing,
W balance while they struggled thru their awak- such as giving readings that seldom help anyCQ enings. It is not the solution in fact. We may one in a practical sense or in the ministry of
look for, and behold now, the coming to the healing which seldom changes the consciousness
CC fore of the Infinite Intelligence in the minds of the individual. Observe, please, I have
of men, but we cannot expect ever to actually nothing at all against clairvoyant work or
receive an all-out invasion of a celestial healing work, when the motivation on both sides
.4 army, is right. I am referring to the time-wasting
E.., practices that obscure the real meaning for
I can, at times, understand how some people human life. In short, there is too much "markare driven to the point where they can see no ;ng time " while the world goes by. If we have
hope for the future. Especially when they be- something to say, we ought to say it; if we
come increasingly aware of dishonesty and cor- have something to do, we ought to do it.
5 ruption which prevails on every level of our We must learn to live in the moment, while