Volume 11, Issue 6, page 15

that the old priests could do avoidances, and what could be
so well with obsidian. In fact, " A BOUT two weeks ago, I called uncompleted and ambivI tried to. use an obsidian got together with a alent Magical operations. With
knife on a piece of roast beef friend, John Adams of Delta, respect to these last, one
down there recently, and had a Utah, and we figured out the could only advise anyone,
heck of a time getting any- enclosed so-called Confes- either do it or else don't.
thing accomplished. About half sinn of Faith. In hopes that These tentative pokings at
of what passes from generation you might consider it good causality merely produce the
to generation as 'history' enough for publication, I chaotic messes and psychosothru textbooks am submitting it to you for matic illnesses the people comcould ve enand theschools The ABERREE." -- James D.War- plain of. What causes the
facie e
ceroved on prima die, Salt Lake City, Utah. trouble as I see it, is two
"A walthye, "A wealthy Spanish merchant A NEW PROFESSION OF FAITH failures of responsibility;
l Unequivocal responsibility
has a monster type ranch north We believe the Gospel so (i for one's own actions, and
of Mexico City, which encom- far as it is mixed up by their consequences. (s, and
passes what seemed to me to be Professionals and straight- equivocal responsibility (2 for
Una whole mountain range and half ened out by Anateurs. -- J.A. one's own experiences and their
the country. We spent a few We believe in being sub- consequences -- these consea with him recently. He has ject to Kings, Rulers, Maga landing strip and flies back tstrates, and Governments -- quences, of course, being (11.
and forth to Mexico City, from with the understanding that I've just finished Alexandra
where he takes a jet to Madrid the Law of the Kingdom of David-Neel's `Mystery and Magic
every month or so, attending Heaven is supreme except in Tibet', recommended by Alan
to business. His home is dug when vetoed by civil auth- W. Watts as being of the same
into a mountain on one of the ority. -- J.D.W. order of authenticity, in re
high plateaus there, with a We believe all that God Tibetan Lamaism, as the works
climate to rival the Riviera has revealed, does now re- of Evans Wentz. I find I'm much
and scenery like a Hollywood veal, and that He will re- taken with the Tantric theory
set. He has what appears to be veal!!! But, if it cometh that the gods, demons, Dakini,
a small army employed on his not thru our prophet when and other supernormal beings
holdings, including a herd of it is revealed, we will re- are co-functions of their exZombies, which are mixtures of ject it and fight against perients a n d devotees. This
Indians and Negroes. They are it, and go on looking anx- seems also what the late C.G.
weird in appearance, and so iously waiting for it and Jung was saying in a much more
ferocious that the Mexicans go to Hell before we will intricate manner for the last
want no part of them at all. accept it. -- J.A. 40 years. This does not mean
They are ill-tempered and be- - the gods, etc., are psychologcome riotous very easily. He ical artifacts but that they
them to clear land, since they have. There is a growing do not exist extensionally uncome they have some technique at nationalist sentiment, and the less somebody experiences them.
this that is said to be almost people are beginning to look (The psychological artifacts
good as a bulldozer. Mexico with some pride on their Indi- are the thought-forms, the Tulas is not very `integrated', and an ancestry, rather than the kas and Tulpas, the former bethin pride they formerly took ing Archetypal incarnations
the Negroes in Mexico, who are in being `Spanish'. They may like the Haitian Lois, and the
descendants of the slaves very well be proud of their latter synthetic spooks like
brought in to augment Indian native architecture, which Doppelgaenger or Glamours. )
labor centuries ago, live in make contemporary U.S. archi- Mme. David-Neel also describes
their own towns and cities. tects look absolutely sick, the Rolang and Chid rituals
This Spanish merchant uses their cuisine, and their man- which are pretty wild. If you
South American pygmies for his ners. The new government medi- haven't read it, I recommend
house servants, and they are cal centers, sprouting up over it with enthusiasm,
evil -appearing and vicious Mexico, are of native Aztec
creatures when they don't get architecture with virtually no "The Felts article on Faith
-' their way. I don't know why he European influence, and make Healing is interesting and
prefers them, but he says they Frank Lloyd Wright look like a quite amusing in spots. A good
., can sleep five to one bed and rookie. If one of these `mod- hard try. His assumption of
o three of them eat no more than ernist' American architects signals between isolated egos
'- one ordinary sized Mexican. who design the off-center, in discrete bodies necessio "The Merchant raises, in limping, high-behind modern tates all that elaborate seaddition to other stuff, prize churches would turn a spade of mantic machinery, where a simbulls for the Plaza del Torro. dirt in Mexico they would prop- ple psychological Unified Field
He can talk five hours without ably hang him for treason. One Theory of the Existentialist
interruption on bullfighting, 'corruption' has occurred or Zen tyf.i would obviate all
giving facts and figures not , however, that I steenthe confrsion. He nowhere menonly about the bullfighters, ther uousley tions the defect of Faith Healbut about the bulls, their object to, that being
the habit they have developed ing of the sort described, that
W lineage, their personal his- ofserving instant coffee in it's not stable and permanent.
04 tory, etc., etc. the cafes, instead of the gen- Psychokinetic healing is an d
t:14 "There is some truth to the nine old-style Mex coffee that is independent of the beliefs
W statement that 'everything in I used to go for in a big way, of the subject (victim, papq Mexico is half the price that