Volume 11, Issue 6, page 9


AS OCTOBER comes to the fore, election news
probably will hold the interest of most
persons to the near exclusion of all else,
and yet a few other things will be happening which also will be of interest.

Since Jupiter ruling the 1st house of the
people (New Moon chart for October) is placed
in the domestic 6th house and adversely aspected by Mars from the 8th, it appears that
heavy spending by the government, lavish pay
increases and new taxes, together with an unfavorable unemployment picture, is going to
arouse the ire of the public in general.

Saturn, ruling the nation's wealth, afflicted
in the 3rd house by Venus from the 9th, seems
to point to a demand for curtailment of funds
being sent abroad -- also, a great deal of discontent among the working people, transportation strikes, and foreign travel restricted,
all of which works against the nation's economy.

Uranus, ruling the 3rd house, which contains "intercepted" Pisces, points to further
violence on the part of the black people. Neptune, adverse to Mars and aspecting Uranus
from the 11th house, indicates more agitation,
riots, plots, fires, and underhanded acts relating to the integration problem. The lunation
in the 10th house indicates governmental action
taken against these activities.

Mars in the 8th house is in an unfortunate
place, indicating, as it does, an increase in
deaths, fires, accidents, and crime in general.
A notable in government circles will pass on.
Pluto and Uranus, both malefic, and Venus adversely aspected in the fatal "29th degree" in
the house of foreign shipping and travel, are
not helpful for these things. Troubles will
conjunction in the nation's money house.

Jupiter, afflicted in the 10th house of the
government, points to monetary troubles; also
the death of notable people. Mars, afflicted by
this 10th house Jupiter, indicates great discontent and dissatisfaction among the people,
concerning certain governmental actions which
they feel may damage our foreign relations.

Jupiter is co-ruler of Pisces, representative of the Negro, as is the 12th house which
Pisces rules. This house also represents crime
and imprisonment and is called the "house of
self-undoing". In mid-October, the Sun (representing the ruling force of the government)
opposes Jupiter and therefore it would seem,
despite the coming election, some strong governmental action is likely to be taken to curb
rioting and violence in general, as mentioned

That the government is in for some headaches of a different sort is indicated by a
transiting solar opposition to Mercury in the
11th, which augurs much opposition to governmental policies by many of the States, and
turmoil seems possible in Congress.

Schools, amusement places, or places of
public gatherings, colleges, stock exchange,
etc., seem in for something entirely unexpected -- and of a favorable nature, for a change,
as the Sun transits to a favorable aspect of
the triple conjunction in the 5th house (ingress chart) late in the month.

The equinox chart with Uranus in the 4th
house shows an entirely unexpected happening
affecting the political party not in power and
now is the time of culmination. Since an explosive Uranus and a weak Venus are involved,
it would seem to be a more or less violent
clearing away of some person or thing hitherto
thought beneficial to the party.

And speaking of elections, I am much intrigued by the very unfortunate placement in
the 12th house of the malefic planet Mars, in
Barry Goldwater's chart. This is a most unfortunate placement denoting scandal, trouble
thru impulse, rashness, loss of reputation,
lack of frankness or candor, sorrow and selfundoing, fall from high position, etc. This
all seems rather dire, but the Sun rising in
his 1st house and in favorable aspect does much
to mitigate the severity of the placement.
However, it does not seem as tho he could escape it all, since the Moon in a fixed sign is
unfavorable from the 5th or diplomatic house
and also represents the masses or common people. On a basis of planetary return, Saturn
comes in conjunct his mid-heaven at about this
time (supposing the birth time given to be accurate). Possibly Sol's position, together
with his natal Grand Trine, may be enough to
offset other indications; we shall see.

of the four occupational fields listed
here would be best
for me? I an interested in all of them,
but feel I should
concentrate on one. --
J.M., Salt Lake City,

DEAR J.M. -- of the
four listed vocations,
the significators of
three of them are in
some way afflicted or debilitated, suggesting
that you never could reap their full benefits.
The 4th occupation you mention, insurance, has
as its significator, a well-aspected Pluto.
Pluto is actually your best planet, and being
flare up all over the States and the courts
0 themselves are quite likely to come under are.
m With Uranus and Mars both in aspect to Neptune