Volume 11, Issue 6, page 11

LOWAN A J U LAI N E (CONTINUED seemed rooted to the spot. At the last moment,
FROM PAGE 10) I was saved by waking up -- somewhat tense and
in a pile, and something was rattling them. A damp. -- A.M. L., California.
very large and wild animal started climbing INTERPRETATION -- A tiger is trouble. In this
the tree. Altho I couldn't see the animal, Z case you challenged him. This indicates that
could hear its claws dig in as it climbed high- You will, or are, challenge something that is
er and higher. I backed up to the safety of our being shown you. It also indicates gossip, and
back door. I wasn't afraid as I seemed to sense in this case the gossip is of a spiritual nathe animal wouldn't hurt me unless I gave it ture. It is quite possible that you are chalcause. I awoke under much apprehension -- C., lenging those groups you will soon drop. Some
Tampa, Fla. of them will try to devour (keep) you. The
INTERPRETATION -- Leaves are letters.(news). trailer -house door indicates safety if you
If they lay quietly then the news will be will go into your silent closet for edifiesquiet. To rattle portrays disturbing news, The tion. This dream is something to be concerned
unseen wild animal, climbing higher and higher, about.