Volume 11, Issue 6, page 14

and the killer -- be he gangster
or corporation -- almost always
wins -- if he's big enough...

Charlie Simpson of Auckland, New Zealand, with whom
we attended Scientology classes in Phoenix when each of us
had confidence we were doing
something worthwhile, writes
that he has retired from business, bought a house on the
waterfront, and with a 27-foot
launch anchored on his beach,
has gone into the sport of
fishing in a big way (if one
considers catching a 420-pound d E a
swordfish "big " -- and we do.)
Charlie says he's going to try
an electronic gadget to detect E d i T i
the presence of fish -- you let
this hydrophone down into the
water, turn up the volume, and "'W ISH I could get some of
any "school" or fishes' aid these "Holy men" to read
meetings will be picked up on ABERREE. They all seem to be
the earphones he'll be wearing, afraid of it. Might puncture
Sounds like a lot of fun -- and some of their bubbles of ego."
if he can catch 420 -pound -- Mary 0. Stephens, Scottsmonsters without the aid of dale, Ariz.
gadgets, we suppose the Simp- (ED. NOTE -- The fact they
son escutcheon soon will in- fear The ABERREE may give you
elude a mounted whale, or at a clue as to why they're NOT
least, a whale of a big sword- "wholly men% )
fish -- at least bigger than the o 0 0
420-pound "midget" which only " SURE APPRECIATE sending The
whetted his piscatory appetite ABERREE; was already waitfor something bigger.... ing for me in Buchs. My wife
One of the great discov- and I have a good time. Things
eries of the New Age -- equal in sure picked up in the last four
magnitude if not in importance years. They really begin to
to the alleged discovery of live. The only trouble is the
America by Christopher Vespuc- $$ does not go so far nowdays,
ius (or was it Americus Colum- but that is the way it should
bus?) -- was the discovery re- be anyhow." -- John Schoop,
cently that a loyal Scientol- Buchs, Switzerland.
ogist can laugh at Scientology o 0 0
-- at least covertly, altho at "IF YOU will bear with me, I
this writing he hasn't been shall try to explain why
able to do his laughing openly. all those delightful little
It refers to an auditing cartoons of fish getting away,
session (auditing, for those etc., received no answer from
who don't know, is the art of me. When my subscription exanalyzing how much the patient pired I wrote a check and as -- pre-clear -- can afford with- sumed that it was mailed the
out squawking). We doubt if next day with the other corthe session was recorded, but respondence. I felt that you
to quote from memory: would find it mislaid at your
Auditor to preclear -- "Take end, and as I had gone to work,
money from your pocket and put my husband had suffered a heart
it in my pocket... Good... Did attack and was hospitalized,
you do that? ... Thank you.... and I was running from the
We'll continue the process un- Courthouse to home to hospital
til there is no change... Do for months, I never had time
you have any change?... You to read, and I thought sooner
have? Good! We'll go on with or later you would find the
the process until flat (Aside: check and I would get the back
flat broke, that is.) ... I'll copies. But a month or so ago,
repeat the command...Take mon- movers were moving General 's
ey from your pocket and put it office into the residence, and
in my pocket...Fine!..." Pre- I found the check I had writclear, with sudden cognition: ten to you. I am so sorry.
"My pocketbook just ruptured!" "Then that afternoon I was
Reminds u s of a remark by in a car crash, and this is the
the observant Arthur Burks re- first Jette r I have written
cently: "You can always tell a
Scientologist the moment they any different, smell any difopen their mouths." Which ferent, or act any different.
means, we suppose, that they're but man! do they sound differlike Texans -- they may not look ent. Anyhow, they sound...
since. I am ashamed to write
this, but the truth is I am
getting well a little faster
than I should like,