Volume 11, Issue 6, page 6

planning for the future. To put off our awareness of fulfillment is a sign of immaturity.

The future can be divined in relationship
to yourself if you will examine how you now
think and feel about it, for the future is extending from you and always has. Your future
is not the result of your past -- it is the result of your present. Your past experiences
may have molded your consciousness, that which
you have in the present, but we are concerned
only with the present. It is fruitless to saY,
"Why did I think the way I:did?" or "Why did I
do what I did?" The thing is to now affirm, "I
am in my right place -- the world is the shadow
of my mind -- my destiny is in accord with right
action." Do not worry when you hear of the
dire predictions of the deluded soothsayers. I
have never met, nor even heard of, a person
who could predict the future with accuracy.
This is because it is always changing because
man alters it by altering his present. There
are trends, to be sure, but they are not unavoidable.

Think about it. Here you are after being
born, growing up, and having experienced countless challenges. You have come thru You are
here with a richness of thought and an understanding of life. And, if you believe in reincarnation, or even if you don't -- even if you
believe that you have always existed in some
vague other-worldly place, you have come thru a
lot -- and here you are. It ought to give you
hope. You are indestructible,
Man will prevail. Talk of his doing away
with himself is nonsense. I have never known a
prophet who was psychologically sound. And I
have never known one who was right enough to
matter. Oh, now and then they predict a plane
crash, or the death of a celebrity -- things
that would happen anyway and aside from the
immediate moment, have no real importance in
the cosmic scheme.

Great forces are at work today to shape the
destiny of the world. A move is on to expand
people's minds so that they rise above narrow
sectarian beliefs and beyond nationalistic
boundaries. Many of these forces are meeting
with resistance simply because it is the nature of people to resist what they do not understand. I feel that it is perfectly obvious
that we are moving toward one world -- but it
must be a one -world of mutual co-operation
with free and open communication. It must not
be a world dominated by a select power group
at the expense of individual freedom.

The challenge that we face is whether we,
as individuals, can really alter our concepts.
How many people can readily grasp the idea that
"work" is a thing that belongs in the dark
ages. I mean the idea of working merely for
existence? Do you have any idea how many in
our society are working to survive and are so
far behind it is doubtful if they will ever
catch up? There is more to life than earning
food money or money for shelter. I am not advocating the idea of irresponsibility and laziness, but rather am I suggesting a creative
approach to living. We have been so conditioned over the years into believing that hard
physical labor equals the right to live reasonably well that when a person finds out how
to live well, without strain, he often feels
guilty. He feels that he is not earning his
way. Many people labor for hours every day of
their lives and never reap much -- and never
really do anything that's machine couldn't have
done better and faster. Is it right that machines replace men? Of course it is. This
frees men to turn their attention to something
that a machine cannot do -- it affords man an
opportunity to expand.

Now, it is obvious that we are not bound to
any one phase of life. We can, by experiencing
a change in awareness, change our circumstances
in life. A person who is comfortable with
physical labor, who delights in working for
others, will be satisfied until he begins to
awaken. Then he will desire a change. Theway
to change is not to force others to grant him
his rights, for man metaphysically only has a
right to that for which he can assume responsibility. The way for any man to move into a
new station in life is simply to make the move
in consciousness first, to see himself as being there, doing what he feels he will do. Then
he will find situations beginning to manifest
in this life to make it so. This is the law.

In truth, no one can deny you anything once
you make it your experience by establishing
ownership in consciousness. You move ever forward into your mental pictures.

So we take the "underprivileged" and teach
them how to help themselves. Granted, there
are some people who seem unable to help themselves -- who lack even the desire to do so. It
is the responsibility of the ruling class, then,
to see to their welfare without self-sacrifice
and without lowering their own vision so that
by contrast everyone seems equal. The worst
way to make everyone equal is to lower the
standards -- take from the rich and give to the
poor. This makes everyone equally mediocre.

So, there is a two-way responsibility -- the
have-nots should learn to handle themselves in
this world and people who already have understanding of the laws should assist the ones of
lesser vision when they show a desire to unfold. In this way, no one is involuntarily enslaved.

Another serious challenge is the religious
question. This is for the individual to deal
with. Shall we look into the future with a new
philosophy or shall we cling to the "old time
religion" that has outlived its usefulness?
The principles are good, so let us keep the
never-changing principles and drop the excess
baggage. I am convinced that one of the reasons
why so many "truth students" fail to make satisfactory progress is that they are clinging to
vague and meaningless concepts which serve to
distort their inner work. Ask yourself -- what
do you really believe. Don't rephrase the beliefs of another -- what exactly do YOU believe?
Sit quietly and go into the silence. Retire
within. Relax the muscles of the body -- release
your cares -- open yourself to Life. You are
able to be aware of wonderful things when you
become intuitive and confront the facts. Come
alive inside. Be perceptive, be aware of light
in and thru your body, in your brain, thru the
nerves of the body -- saturate yourself in this c
light -- become this light. Maintain this awareness for as long as you can -- thoughtless awareness -- superconscious or clear awareness. This
will bring to you everything you have ever
wanted because it automatically implies fulfillment. It is Life. Can you accept it?
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reactive mind certainly can do a lot of speculating, can't it? 6