Volume 11, Issue 6, page 7

I T IS surprising at times to realize
how intensely and sometimes morbid
many persons interested in the field
of psychic phenomena accept, propound,
and dwell on the negative aspects of
what they sense or are told by so-called
psychics or mediums.

The simple truth is that anything
sensed or predicted that has negative
qualities of destructive or undesirable
nature can only happen if you let it hap --
ben or make it happen.

You let it happen by accepting it as fact
and doing nothing about it. You make it happen
by dwelling upon it and how it is going to affect you. Either way you invite it, and it may
happen to you. Or it happens because you don't
look at it.

Those who predict national disasters and
calamitous events for others often end up experiencing it in their own subconscious world.
The atomic war occurs in their own mind and
they end up in sick or sad condition until
they've had their belly full of such negative
mockups (mental creations).

This is one of the dangers of psychic prophesy. However, the positive aspect of prophesy
is that by revealing what they sense and may
not know how to handle, it tips off others more
capable that negative mockups are floating
around and need to be unmocked, diverted, or
suppressed until time for unmocking.

Often, the advanced psychic, upon sensing
these mockups, will pull them into his aura
and unravel the bad aspects, very often getting sick in the process. Hence, it behooves
o those of ability to work to neutralize the
0, power of negative thinking.

How do you handle a negative thought' How
do you unmock (uncreate mentally) it or rem lease it so that it does not happen?
Sometimes handling a negative thought is
c easier said than done. However, it is done,
and most everybody alive does it, more or
less. Those who do it most maintain better
health, and those who do it less have poorer
health; those who don't handle these thoughts
end up dead -- becoming experts on life and advising the living.

W Each individual is a world unto themselves
p4 in their mind and subconscious existence. Each
individual experiences the impact of their awn
04 thoughts and beliefs and if they accept world
04 destruction concepts in their reading, associW ates, and beliefs, this takes place in their
01 world within, manifesting in the most negative
cc parts of their body. If world destruction manifests in their gall bladder, it has to come
y out; if in their liver, it too becomes disx eased. Simple karma or the nature of life.
, Things must manifest either within your own
personal world, or in the world around you.

It is difficult at times to avoid, evade,
or attempt to run away from negative influences, since we get hit by such thru friends,
7 neighbors, religions, and politicians -- and the
most important factor is not whether we accept
or reject these negative factors but what attitude we assume in regard to the negativeness.

Tolerance lets it happen, opposition makes
it happen, and in this lies the whole power of
negative forces. Negative forces do exist. You
area negative force when you destroy. However,
you can destroy intelligently. Tear down the
old dog house and build a new one. You will
then be channeling the need for destructiveness into a useful purpose that will make both
you and your dog happy.

What have you accomplished? You have dramatized world destruction in tearing down the dog
house. You have affirmed your faith in the future by building a new dog house. You have
changed negative into good.

Therapeutic? Definitely. But, you say, a
dog house is not the world, and you cannot see
the connection. Look around you. You see a
world of activity -- buildings torn down to make
way for new, old factories torn down for new
plants of greater efficiency, old jobs eliminated to make way for new jobs, and training
programs to re-educate the workers.

Do you see the construction? or do you only
see the negative aspect of life, the destruction, the misery around you that you reject.
Do you read newspapers and magazines and palm
readers and negative psychics -- and shiver at
the delicious end of all lurking in the near
To bolster economy and keep and create new
jobs, the government and private industry send
billions of dollars to reach for the stars, a
peaceful enterprise, rather than war, which is
a destructive enterprise. They throw gobs of
matter out into space rather than toss this
same stuff in the form of bombs into cities.
Which do you prefer? Blast them with an H-bomb
and Castro and Cuba are finished. But would it
end there? The emotional impact of such an
act could trigger a world war. Better to let
Castro try to grow up and learn the hard way
that to be inconsistent and aggressive will
destroy him in just a matter of time. But we
in America have a future that is reaching for
the stars.

If you pay more attention to the goals of
others -- such as Castro, or Russia, or Africa,
or Asia, you may end up forgetting your owls

This does not mean close your eyes, or ignore all these things. It does mean to be responsible for what you think about them. Keep
informed, but not at the expense of the constructive aspects of life around you. Point
out the constructive aspects of life to yourself and your negative friends, and try to get
them to see the same. If you succeed with even
one person, you have contributed to life. If
there is a problem, recognize it, analyze it,
and find some way in which it can be resolved,
even if you personally cannot do it. Even if
no one will listen; just know the constructive
answer, and sooner or later it will be picked
up, worked on, and corrected.

In a clash of will power, negative forces