Volume 11, Issue 6, page 8

often have an immediate advantage. This disappears rapidly as the encounter continues and
if you persist long enough you will find out
that negative power is an illusion and that
YOU supply the power that defeats you. A n d
this because you accept sham for truth.

You accept a jolly good time today and become obligated to repay your host in the future -- and the price is many times more expensive
than the original party. You have been bought.

It is like the sweetheart who says she loves
you and spends a weekend. with another man.
Maybe you find out and maybe you don't. No matter, the damage is done. The love is betrayed
and the words become hollow. She has sold her
integrity for a few hours of emotional pleasure. She has shared the most personal possession she could offer, herself (or himself, as
the case may be), with another party than the
avowed loved one.

From world disaster to lovers' relationship, the power of negative thinking lies in
the belief that you can do contrary things and
benefit therefrom.

While it is not possible to obey all laws,
whether of man or nature, you do have the
power of choice and evaluation.

Cheating invites cheating. Infidelity sponsors more infidelity. Disloyalty to wife, boss,
family, and children likewise incites the desire to be repeated.

That which is best for your friends and
neighbors as a whole is best for you too. If
you do good for your neighbors and they appreciate it and return good with good, keep it up
-- you are conquering the negative.

If you do good for your friend or neighbor
and it displeases them, stop. You are wrong. If
you do good and the neighbor praises you but
reciprocates in ways that are not helpful to
you, let them go. Find friends more responsive.
You are wasting on those less desirable and
eventually you will be short yourself. Let the
long run aspect be the judge -- not the short run
The negative person gives and takes with
apparent equality, but in the long run you
lose out if you continue. This is the key. In
the long run, your good neighbor finds many
ways to reciprocate -- a tip on a better job, a
helping hand in labor or money, a real concern
for you and your property -- and it is the uncalled for voluntary benefits that only the
good friend can supply.

The negative puts on a price tag, and volunteers only so that they retain a right to
make demands in the future. The negative pushes
you for agreement against your views and opinions then holds you to it as a lawyer. The
positive tries to win agreement, change your
mind, but will give you the right to decide in
your own time and will release the agreement
even if it means loss to self. This is a
friend. Hang on, for such is priceless. This
is give-and-take; not an eye for an eye. It's
a you-do-it-your-way-I'll-do-it-mine, and let
us see which is best.

It's all in your mind. There are millions of
thoughts but only a handful of emotions. To
see with your mind is much clearer than seeing
with emotions. The mind will enable you to
pick the better direction and tell you how to
change if you are wrong.

Remember, only you can give a negative force
power to succeed.

British Writer Tries
To Refute Postulated
Theory of Evolution
only blank generations removed from the jungle. constitutes the jungle in which evolutionists
The book begins with Stanzas of Dzyan, re- get lost. They misread the record of creation.
puted to be the oldest occult scriptures a x- Plants and animals have simply specialized.
taut, and described as "... an archaic manu- elaborated, and extended in such ways as to
script -- a collection of palm leaves made im- serve their purpose, the parts of their humanoid to water, fire, and air by an unknown oid inheritance. And the evolutionist discovers
process",r very wisely and logically reverses and exhibits these facts to support his claim W
the postulate of evolution. He presents evi- that man is just an improved ape. He has the
dance to show that man is the cosmic pattern order of creation reversed. The ape is a deca- 04
of creation. He's the most perfect and complete dent man. C4
organization known, and represents the grand The Creator is not an improved man. Man is 04
a decadent god. pq
archetype from which derive all created objects.

He shows the order of evolution is still A CC
presented in physical generation, and will AROUND THE EARTH IN A FLASH
continue forever. The human embryo passes thru a man thinks, so he can do; what seems
the whole series that has been traced by man impossible today is possible tomorrow. Man
since he appeared on earth millions of years will be able to go around the earth in the -'
ago. Ages of recapitulation have insured ex- flash of a moment! He will be able to go from H
here to any of the planets, to use forces which I
quisite skill and an amazing expedition. In the human mind hasn't the least conception as
only nine months of embryonic growth, the cosmic ego goes thru all the preceding stages of yet. Selected from "Life Is as You Give It"
organic development, from a "structureless by Louis Conde-Lahissa 8
L. Gardner of London shows that science invented a clever schematization to put over
its postulate of evolution -- a fallacious
hypothesis taught in schools and colleges, and
even the medics believe man is an improved ape
N HIS book, " Web of the Universe" (19361, E. the Substance is One, the Power is One, and
from the Universal One there proceeds variety,
moneron" to the marvelous formation of a human

In these nine months, the stages passed
thru by the human embryo corresponds to plant,
fish, reptile, and early mammal, indicative of
the ancient days when man, functioning in each
of these forms in a suitable environment, left
them behind to be donned by the Life Stream
following him.

Science gets lost by separating animals into definite categories, each isolated from the
rest, with little relationship existing among
them. This arbitrary arrangement ignores the
fact that the Law is One, the Source is One, m.
each a kingdom, but each the product
of One Creative Force.

Its a fact now readily accepted
that no c
plant or animal has in its anatomy
anything t
other than that which man possesses.
And that o