Volume 2, Issue 9, page 6


you have made yourself master or mistress of time and space, you
will move along the
Esplanade to Mass. You do not stop to ask yourself why you, a
Protestant, or Moslem, or
Buddhist I assist at Catholic Mass. Your journey here has made
you a guest of "the Church",
and you take everything that is coming to you, with
gratitude--for at Lourdes there is no
"segregation" of any kind whatsoever. Your desire to be there
places you in the shelter of
The Wings, equal but not superior to other sons and daughters of
The Father. Perhaps you are
a stretcher case, borne along by the volunteer brancardiers.
Maybe you travel in one of the
"tragic little carriages". Maybe you are numbered. for yet, a
little while, among the "grands
malades", the sick-unto-death. No matter, you are one in the
great mass outpouring of right
desire expressing itself before the Father's High Altar. In your
heart, your spirit, your
mortal mind even, you are uplifted, and carried.

Absorb to the fullest of which your imagination is capable, the
atmosphere of Lourdes.
Sing within you, or sing with your ailing brothers and sisters,
"The Song of Bernadette": Ave
Maria. It is a thrilling, exalting experience. You return from
Mass, whatever your belief,
with deep conviction in your being, perhaps to the effect that
there are many highways to The
Father, every one of which, after all, may take the sojourner
right to HIM.

It is time togo to the

Grotto. It is time to go to the
bath. It is not an ordeal. It is
something exquisitely beautiful
that you face with complete as-
surance. You, with the other pa-
tients, are bathed, one by one.
If you are too ill to be plunged
into the spring which Bernadette
opened, the nurses will bathe
you completely, missing none of
you wherein imbalance may abide,
removing all your braces and
bandages, perhaps never again to
don them. It has so happened,
but Karma must not be forgotten,
nor this one glorious thing
about Karma: if it is not your
Karma to be healed at once, your
continued effort and right de-
sire become weights upon the balance in your favor so that in
the end hall surely experience the miracle in your own

While you are being bathed all Lourdes prays.

The bolls ring at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, signaling the start
of the Procession of
the Blessed Sacrament. You will take part in spirit if you like,
or you will observe, not
just with your eyes but with your thankful. appreciative heart.
The Procession forms at the
Grotto and makes its long and impressive way along the Esplanade.
You join with all your
heart and healing will in the hymn.

Actually, or in imagination,
you will, at 8 o'clock at night,
carry a a candle to the Grotto.
You one, in body, heart, and
spirit, with the torchlight pro-


cession, awaiting your turn but striving in no way to get ahead
of any other; knowing In your
heart that The Great Healer has your case in His capable Hands,
that as He marks the fall of a
sparrow, He does not fail to see the fall of a hopeful tear.

What is it like when a miracle occurs at Lourdes? Can't you put
yourself in the place of
the patient who has just been miraculously healed? Of course you
can. All you need is the
faith, courage, and certainty to take yourself to Lourdes, to
even desire to go to Lourdes.

The miracle of healing is all the patient asks at Lourdes. Will
your request go unheeded
simply because you can't take your body with you to the Great

We have it on the Best of Authority that the Powers of The Great
Healer extend without
limit, beyond even Lourdes. Let us go there when we will, then,
and ask for the miracle
reserved especially for each of us. Let us serve then as our
body's Messenger from The
Healer, bringing our own miracle back in our spirit hands to
enliven the hands and bodies we
have not been able to take with us on our perfectly logical and
practical journey to the
shrine of our choosing.



By Dean Callman



Zero is the vomb.

Zero is the


The Space beyond

the Tomb.

Zero is the Limitless

Suggested by a line

Zero is the Allness

Beyond the thought

of Time.