Volume 10, Issue 7, page 19

'reported they died -- one for
fear of Commies, the other
from abuse in a Commie concentration camp. So this month I
wrote to CSR and an unimpeachable source replied both are
healthy, hale, and hearty. The
alleged KZ-Lager stiff has been
happily married for the past
11 years. The other guy, an
Episcopal Notary, sent me a
written message to remember
his Popish admonition delivered to me while I was a kid.
I am sure the letter from
Prague, CSR, was not written
by a ghost. However, the note
says that my atheist ex-teacher
died of a stroke while listening to a concert. You might
say material beings exploded
spiritual t ales of Commie
atrocities. Sometimes a lie
can be told with such refinement and supernatural trappings, that the mark (that's
me) has no choice but believe.
Mediums thru their ESP gift
often are able to concoct a
flabbergasting message. This
enoish Notary is still enjoying his benefice in Prague. Yet
6 years ago, he 'talked' to me
thru a medium, saying he was
dead, and correctly told me I
was mad at him (for stuffing my
brain with Popery , while a
young acolyte). Then he begged
me not to be angry at him anymore.
"A good number of years ago
they made me quit my girl,
saying she would develop cancer of the throat, which would
be a great hardship for me. A
lady friend of mine, who was
told by 'spirit' not to have
her tumor removed, now is rotting in the cemetery. Thus I
can only voice disappointment
when I see how many peoole try
a to make their living off misguiding men and abusing their
emotional needs. The harm done
z in money values is not comparable to the emotional suffering
when the mark wakes up." -- Geo.
W. Lagus, 111 West Myrtle, San
Antoni, Texas.
(ED. NOTE -- These are examples of the "reward" one may
expect for being a believer.

Believing is in itself a form
of fraud -- or, at least, an accessory before the fact, as
the law-boys would word it.

Without the believer, most of
f]t. the religious fakers would be
p4 forced to look twice at themg.4 selves, and then turn their
talents to something legitiCC)
0 0 0
"The cover in only black
u ink looks very good.
,4 "The idea about life after
death is no more than wishful
thinking. Rosalind John is
right about t he body being
still alive after what is
called death because of the
19 microscopic life forms that
inhabit the body, but the personality is dead. There is no
such thing as a spirit form
outside a material body. Spirit manifestations are phenomena associated with material
bodies. A dead body still contains an abundance of bound-up
energy , but the 'being' that
occupied that body has ceased
to function. That 'being' was
nothing more than electrical
energy manifesting thru the
nervous system of the material
body. The electrical energy
that maintains life in the
body is generated by the union
of oxygen and hydrogen. When
the supply of one or the other
fails, the body quickly dies
because the body cannot produce the necessary life force
to maintain life. The body can
convert flesh into hydrogen,
but oxygen is obtained by the
body by inhalation from without. A spirit cannot manifest
without consuming energy, and
that is why spirit needs a material body to manifest. When
a body dies, the spirit energy
that occupied that body ceases
to exist. Our life in the past
existed only in the life of
our ancestors, and the only
future life is in the bodies
of offspring. We have but one
life to live.
"That idea will not be popular. The masses prefer to believe that life exists eternally. The only eternal life is
life force itself and that is
only the motion of an invisible
substance that creates material forms out of void. In other words, the invisible self
is the real substance that
created the visible material
body, which is mostly void,
but in the form of the Self.
The SELF is GOD -- Light -- energy. The biblical GOD is within
and only within, and that is
why the entire kingdom of God
is within. The one and only
God is within. God is life.
Without life there is no God.
That is why the Bible says God
is only a God of the living
and not a God of the dead. It
is wiser to love God than to
love money. Life and health are
mankind's most precious possessions.
"A copy of my current ad
(advertising spiritual healing
for asthmatics) is enclosed. No
response so far. Only had
three asthma cases in the past
11 years and all three are
cured." -- Morris Xatzen, Cooks
Falls, N.P.
(ED. NOTE -- If this doesn't
draw criticsim, it's because
it's too confusing for rational consideration. A "spiritual
healer" denying there is any
life after death ... We agree
on one point -- "that idea will
not be popular". We don't like
it ourselves.)
"I am sending you a copy of
"Body, Mind, and Sugar" for
your free library with my
blessings...You may think this
does not belong in The ABERREE
but if you note in ABERREE it
is about alcoholism, you will
then hear from readers.
"The interesting thing about
recovered alcoholics, who before they do get well t r y
everything under the sun -- religion, medicine, and everything fails, even assorted
marriages they all try.
"Many recoveries have a
'spiritual awakening'. These
are the most durable, and seldom relapse. Then alcoholics
get interested in psychic phenomena. Bill W., co-founder
of A. A., is an ardent student
of Spiritualism and Psychic
phenomena. This came about
thru the great medium, Arthur
Ford, who is also a recovered
alcoholic 14 years, and started A.A. groups called The 13th
Step...It seems when we achieve
sobriety, we are very keen intuitively. You have no idea
how useful this is during your
'wet daze' when you are tearing around looking for that
drink you must have or die --
tra la. On recovery it is
twice as keen...
"I've been dry so long mentally, physically, and spiritually, and believe me unless
recovery is this way, you are
just a 'reformed' or dry drunk
and Pppppuuuu to that -- my sobriety is very happy and comfortable,"- Mrs.Phillip Evans,
Box 2145, Aollyuood, Fla.
"Much appreciated October
auditorial. Apiece of sanity".
-- Lohren Applegate, Scottsdale, Ariz.

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