Volume 10, Issue 7, page 15


(ED.NOTE -- The ABERREE disclaims any responsibility for
either the views expressed or the
SPELLING indulged in by this column. Albert Roy Davis, billing
himself as "the Corny Psychic',
says he wants to answer questions
for pay. "Any 2 questions for $1,
as up here in these hills things
don't cost so much," he says.
Davis's address is 23 West Walnut St., Green Cove Springs, Fla.)
0 would help ifen these quakes
Howdy Folks:
That trip we took to Hendersonville, N. C., was a dilley, it rained, poured, flooded and sprinkled. Got to see
um a picking cotton and tebaccy, it was purely wonderfull ,
the folks up there prices on
living needs is a might high so
we'uns decided not to move up
thataway. So we'uns are staying put.

Got a letter from a lady
feller in California, wants me
to writ her back and tell her
when California is agoing to
fall into the Ocean. Well I
predick this: California is
about to have an all-fired
bunch of bad quakes, that's a
fact, but it wont do no jumping
into the Pacific ocean. True
enough there'll be some Real
Estate lost, but on the Whole,
the "hole will be a big tin': I
reccoment that folks on low
land could move into the firmer
lands east of Los Angeles this

get worst and I sure nuf feel
they will.

Another letter from a Scientific Feller wants to know
when the earths agoing to turn
on its axel. Well in about
2000,000 years, should be
close. Corse ifen you don't
want to stay to see it, you
dont actually have to. When
Kennedy gets through burning
about the terrible Race rioting
they called a peach march in
Wasington, the ice caps on
the north poles will have melted down some and that is what
is goint to put off the old
worlds axel changing.

A Lady writes me another
good one. She asked me, whats
the weather going to be like
in the North and South. As I
see it, and I am a prediction
this: The North is a goin to
have the worst winter in all
history of weather reporting
this year, the South will be
as cold as a pigs nose on a
frosty morning and storms will
break out in the north and
east and west and south. Floods
and windstorms. This is on account of them there fellers
sending up all that atomic
mess of busted loos atoms in
the upper atmosphere. The Old
Lady, mother nature, done got
all fussed up and is dropping
her skirts a few feet every

Lots of folks want to know
ifen we are going to have a war
with Russia. Well the answer
to that is No. Mr. K is sweet
talking the free world and
some Commie countrys into the
facts of life. These here been
that China will start World
War 3. Red China has the A
bomb and has tested itin there
underground labs without the
rest of the people knowing
nothing about it, and still
dont. That's a fact. So watch,
Red China will take over all
Communism, very soon.

When Red China starts testing in the atmosphere, it will
be done in such a manner as to
cause Russian people to die in
great numbers. This and similar testing by Russia against
China's threat to there very
existance will act to force
Red China into a world bargining power.

Got some questions:
MRS. F'. R. -- Wil t Castro always keep Cuba for the Russians? -- When Castro fails to
hold the Communist doctrine in
Cuba, the Russians will replace
him with a new Cuban hero. The
Russian hold on Cuba is now so
compleat that only the people
themselves could ever liberate
there own country. They will
try again soon.

MRS. X.M. -- What foreign nation has people teaching a new
fors of psychic beliefs in
California? -- A new form of
psychic art is now been uncovered and taught in California
under the noses of the psychics
there, by certain groups from
Japan. Check near Huntington
Park, Calif. They are known as
"S.K.'s". there secret words
used to act to take you over
is M.H.R.G.K.

DR. B.M. -- Is there any positive herbes that can aid a
person go on an astral journey. Or is there any herbes
that can wake you psychic? --
Yes, there are herbes that
deaden the mind and allow you
to project yourself into a
state of trance. No, there is
no drug that can make you a
psychic. Don't let anyone tell
you different.
d E a

"That young gold bricking,
free loader mentioned in your
Auditorial on good old Page 3
in this October issue, starts
a fire in my speech department (oil field-type words),
'cause I know the type. Supervised men for 40 years, with
any number from 6 to 300 at a
time; he's the kind who were
the first joiners of the labor
unions and had rules or laws
passed making it nearly impossible for an employer to discharge the lazy and inefficient -- - (?). Save room in the
front row for me again.
"Found more stars. --
Earl Dowse, 619 E. Chestnut,
Ponca City, Okla.

O O o
"The Reincarnation auditorial makes sense, and I agree
with your idea that this is a
waste of time. What is needed
is a method of harnessing these
energies that are beyond our
concept of existing physical
"A recent experiment has
come in here, from a couple of
English members (of the Individualist Society). They are
working on a technique of mnemonic intelligence, the basis
of which is similar to the way
meteorologists use 'isotherms'
and 'isobars'. These are lines
drawn on a weather map that
strike locations that have
identical thermometer and barometer readings. Thus they
are able to chart 'fronts'.
"Now this intelligence experiment does this with the
memory. It puts the subject in
a state of trance, or hypnotism. Then he is taught how to
summon up all of his memories
of a single idea simultaneously. In other words, he brings
to a focus all of his past as
it relates to a specified idea
(may be person, place, thing,
event, related events, etc. ).
The use of this is manifold.
He is able to perceive and understand his subconscious and