Volume 10, Issue 7, page 16

psychic relationship to this'
given idea. This can be done
with any number of ideas, and
the result is supposed to give
the personality a new understanding of itself, and by inference, of human cognition
per se. Also, it allows th e
individual to realize the relationship between events,
persons, places, etc., that
actually exist, but which he
did not perceive previously.
"I am editing this, and it
is a tough job to get it unravelled." -- Jack Felts, box
158, Tahlequah, Okla.
"I notice there is still a
lot of ado over the pros and
cons of spiritual life. I s
there or is there not a God?
If so, then who and what is He?
It seems to me that the Pantheists were pretty close to the
right idea. The ALL is the-universe because that's all there
is. Where would you go outside
the universe? Thus, if there
is a living force permeating
the universe, then that force
would be God. This could be
likened to the human body with
the atoms representing planets.
The personality of the body
comes from the mind of the
person and his spirit permeates this body. In this particular sense, then, each person is a miniature universe and
his mind is the God of this particular universe. So you could
not say the person did not have
a mind just because you could
not see it, could you?
"Of course, it is not as
simple as this sounds. For the
God of the universe is GOOD,
while human beings are sometimes good but often not so
good. Thus, complications set
in as to the complete answer.
Nonetheless, man now knows he
has two minds -- the conscious
and the subconscious. He also
has found that these minds often oppose one another. This
should show him, by deduction,
that obviously the body is inhabited by two forces -- one
good and one not so good. And
since people consider themselves as quite proper and
good according to their analyzer, then the evil (error)
which lies within them dwells
in their subconscious mind.
"Some say there is no God
at all. Others say a good God
exists but no bad one. The latter opinion would be correct
if it concerned the universe
only. However, here_ on earth
we have evil (and .all other
forms of negativeness) a n d
very little good. The good
part, when it does manifest itself, shows up at moments which
are non-important to materialistic life in general. Whenever important events are concerned the negative takes

charge according to its own
dictates. Thus, it could be
said that the negative god was
the ruler of the earthly world
(the evidence can be clearly
seen by examining conditions
on earth at the present date.
This has been a mystery merely
because the negative operates
by means of the human subconscious mind, t h e mind which
can be manipulated in hypnotic
fashion. Think how easy it
would be to run the world if
you had access to the subconscious mind of all human beings
and could dictate to this mind
as you pleased, and have all of
your commands obeyed? How easy
to make one man rich and another poor, one respected and
another despised, one a winner
and another a loser. And while
all this was going on, you
could tell the people that everything was fine and the best
man was merely winning.
"However, even the negative
god has his problems. First,
there is more than one negative god. And these gods oppose one another (one big-shot
runs against another). Second,
the god of earth is actually
trying to prove that negativeness is the positive, that the
wrong cause is better than the
right. He is trying to prove
that he.is the rightful and
proper boss (notice how many
want to be the head of a nation and after they get there,
they have no idea at all how
to run that nation in a proper
fashion). So, while being in
charge of things, negativeness
is actually suffering the pangs
of frustration and proving how
ignorant it actually is, while
destroying the very thing it
is trying to accomplish. (Freedom in America is being destroyed by mentally retarded
leaders who are constantly
shouting about the free world,
"A human being is born into
his subconscious mind. He must
be born again into his analyzer. He is then 'saved' from
the error which operates by
means of his own subconscious
mind. The 'good' within him
they becomes the ruler of his
own personal universe rather
than the error. When this has
occurred, the person is ready
and qualified to return to the
universe from whence he came."
-- Ludwig G. Rosecrans, Rt. 2,
Apache Junction, Ariz.
the next issue of The ABERREEI
to tell us how this ex-slave
reached this 120 mark? (This
is the only way I can reach the
attention of Prof. Hilton Hotema.)" -- Anthony Chirieleison,
RD 2, Box 184, Homer City, Pa.
"Your article (in the September issue) on the many faces
of hypochondriasis about the
body getting praise and blame,
etc., by "spiritual " people is,
according to me, overdue. It
should do good. I only want to
contest one item. From the vantage point of Frederic N. Hand,
persons who think they are a
body or think they are some
polynymous entity are bo th
wrong. This adult male human
thinks he is both a living organism and a Doppelganger, such
that the organism is a mutated
ape and the Doppelganger is an
apparently humanoid life-form
of undetermined origin and obscure structure. And he further
accepts that these two lifeforms form a symbiotic pair
which, together, is a human being. Further that, because of
continuous association for two
generations and shared experiences and common interests, the
two parts of the symbiosis habitually think of the human being as 'I' or 'me', seldom if
ever as 'we' or 'it'. There's
nothing metaphysical about this
that I can see. Don't people in
autos say 'My front tire is
soft' or 'Your left blinker is
out' without anybody seriously
thinking a driver is an automobile?
"Here, I think too, lies the
basis of the grand and fundamental swindle of all religions
and most idealistic metaphysical systems. Such systems purport to work to free the 'soul'
from the 'body', a process which
automatically takes place in
less than 100 years. I'm reminded of a recent insight (a
rather small one) that nobody
can actually threaten you with
death. They can only threaten
to hasten it. All humans die
sooner or later....
"WORLD'S RUIN -- The news that
the Society of Jesus is administering most of the planet I
find reassuring. If I had to
pick a pressure group to run
the world I doubt I could think
of a better one. Jesuits are
intelligent, experienced, ingenious, well-educated, and responsible. They're even adaptable. Even Mr. Anderson seems to
think it's for the best. (ED.
"In reading the letter of NOTE -- That ain't the way we
Prof. Hilton Hotema in the read it.)
September issue of The ABER- "DIAGNOSIS AND HEALING -- This
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