Volume 10, Issue 7, page 12

the first Saturday of each
month, a "psychic experience
exchange" group will meet on
second Saturdays, those belonging to Dan Fry' s Understanding Unit No. 44 will meet
on the third Saturdays, and
hypnosis sessions (discussions
and practice) are to be held
on the fourth Saturday of each
month . The building will be
teleported to Enid on the first
sixth Saturday of the month
for a surprise session of all
Infinites... 1 Col. Burks, originally scheduled to spend
only eight days in Oklahoma
City before going to New York
and Chicago for other lectures,
cancelled his New York date
and stayed an extra couple
days for lectures and some excriments in combination with
mn Gentry, of Oklahoma
City, self a metaphysical
healer as well as practicing
chiropractor. It is understood
Col. Burks intends to write up
the results of these experiments -- and we'll be looking
forward to his story. (You did
have The ABERREE in mind,.didn't you Colonel?)...

We suggest that one of
the surest ways to get rid of
smog in California -- especially
Southern California -- would be
for someone to discover they
get a "kick" out of it, rathgz
than sore lungs and painful
eyes. This observation comet
from the report that Angeles
officials are really having a
hard time, following the publication in a national magazine ("'Psychedelic Review") of
a report that one can get the
same effect from morning glory
seeds as one gets from the
prohibited peyote plants. It
seems that frustrated Californians are rushing to their seed
houses in such numbers that
retail outlets have been notified to curtail sales, especially of the two guilty types:
Heavenly Blue and Pearly Gates
-- both of which are said to
contain minute amounts of lysergic acid. Instructions say
to wash the seeds (if you can
get 'em), and put 150 of them
in a blender with about onefourth cup of cold water, and
"blend much". This acrid concoction can be made somewhat
palatable by adding to some
soporific drink, such as orange
juice or one of the cola poisons...