Volume 10, Issue 7, page 10

become intensely aware of it, and hold him its fur itches. Crowd him into a thing, into
there for five, 10, even 15 minutes, if he experiencing it as himself, into being it, and
will stay there. Ordinarily at this point the ask him for as many details and as much realsubject will drop out the bottom and bring up ity as you can get,
something earlier. Don't get too eager. Your job is to be
You want your subject to feel the emotional matter-of-fact, calm, easy, so that you don't
curve of whatever entity he has gone back into, pull the individual's attention away from himand to go back and forth on that curve. If he self and what he is doing. If you start getgoes back farther still into the genetic mem- ting excited about it, he may start putting on
ories, the past lives of this life form, fol. a show for you, and this is not what you want
low the same procedure: What was the thing either. You want his attention concentrated
doing? What was the incident involved? Run the entirely on what he is doing and experiencing
emotional curve of it and see if you can find internally, not on the effect he is creating
any earlier ones, on you. You may run into trouble with showYou should drive each path as far back as offs anyway. You will get people who like to
it will go in time; the farther you go, the create a real effect on their environment.
better. When it seems to have gone as far as That's all right. There is no harm it. *at you
it will go, work it back again towards present are trying But don't this technique i u seto you
time and see if anything new can be picked up, are tryiex to do with fct which is to get
anything different. When your subject gets the them to examine the effect which they are king
ating within themselves, so keep them looking
whole sequence worked out, which may take two inside: "How did this failure affect your
or three hours if it is done right, and when stomach? When you fail, when you agree that
he gets back to present time, work him on the
first emotional curve again n the same way, this is a failure, how do you agree? What do
Pick up anything you can get, anything you can you do? Do you just fold up within yourself? How work thru. Put him thru the emotional curve of What
nsi happens
of your to your eel then? shoulders? Where you
it rather rapidly, inside of yhead feel tWhere do you
When the individual is back rather solidly feel your failure -- in your legs, in your butt,
in present time and well aware of his sur- in your stomachin your lungs ? Does your
roundings, then go back and inquire about the pulse slow down." basic purposes of these various forms which he Keep the individual s attention on himself
was, or his purpose at the time he was in the and what he is doing and what h e is being ns
incident. If he didn't get out of present life, ception, goes back. Is attention being a sperm conincident.
him what he was trying to do hardest at ikeep his ettention on how you wiggles.
the time he failed. In either case, follow up instead him, ad Are there any more of you aroundwith asking him if that effort would be appro- of, "Are Amp there any more sperm around?"
priate in present time. In my own case, away And don't imply that he has to be g ning
back down some place, I was being a clam and thru any certain pattern of experience, that
anything in particular has to happen, simply
trying to stay put, to take root in the sea because you know the normal biological sebottom . Would that intention to take root, as
a major effort, be valid today? quince of events, this either. It may not have hapa thruout that what you want is not if it t pened that way this time. Don't se surprised
what is going on outside the subject in these might didn't. rn p In a case like this a subject
incidents, except a little identification, or seventh which wass successful. (There abe a
what effect he is expressing upon his environ- rumor was ere has been
went, but what is happening and what he is do- themlo among subject: that this is how one u
eng inside himself. them lost his subject: The subject turned up
If you want to do this technique in real with just such a series of incidents, and f idetail, you also want to bring out how the maley he ran a successful abortion and evaposubject himself causes these various internal ratd,)
changes. If you run a person a long time on nyth , it to the end of hese lessons.
the emotional curve, you should actually throw your Actually, etog, by should not be the end should
his attention down on the switches, the little belearning by any means; rather y you hthings he does within his mind and within his be only a good beggiveng, I and de yu have a
body to cause these various sensations to ap- taken what has been hSuch here nbuilt with
pear, so that he becomes aware of the mechan- it and grown by it. Such building and growth,
ics of the changing and can see how he makes once started, will continue. W
them within himself as he moves along the (The end) W
curve, and how they happen. This is the sort
You should always be emphasizing: "Who is The idea that death somehow transforms an
doing this to you? Are you doing this to your- extremely limited, even sinful, mortal into a
self? Do you yourself feel this way right now? perfected being of knowledge and power is an
Would you be feeling this way if you hadn't absurdity inherited by many Spiritualists from
just now caused yourself to do so?" orthodox Christianity, altho their own Bible W
Also emphasize: "What good is this emotion? distinctly tells them: "Know this: that beyond g.4
For what was it used. What is the basic pur- the grave thou shalt learn nothing." Yet even 04
pose involved in it?" If it is a past life this half truth, for such it is, has to be
organism, ask what this organism is trying to correctly understood. If during earth life the 04
do, what it is trying to prove at the time the spirit was moribund, it is likely to remain in Pa
subject is being it. a comatose condition after the death of its al
Note that you don't say, "Are you being physical vehicle, until it enters upon another cc
it?" if your subject is feeling he is a fish or incarnation, no lens volens, for undeveloped
something. Assume he is the fish. Ask him, spirits shrink from sacrifice. Those who in e
"What are you trying to do?" and if he says, earth life manifested selflessness, service,,
"Well, I'm trying to swim this way," don't and striving quickly consume the coarser ensay, "You mean the fish is." Say, -Ail right, velopes and continue their progress on inner E.
and are there any other fish around?" Treat planes. It is rare, however, that they return
him as if he is the life form he is trying to to say "Hello!" to, or exchange pleasantries
be. If he says, "I am a bear and I have fur," with, Spiritualistic seances.
ask him if his fur itches. Don't ask him if -- Bernard Lentz, in PSYCHIC OBSERVER 10