Volume 10, Issue 7, page 5

HE WORD Essene is found in meaning
in all languages, even among certain
groups of people scattered around
the earth and on other levels where
a written language has not developed. Essenes are men and women
(boys and girls, too, because the
calendar age on this earth is not
the measure of one's actual age)
who have acquired thru effort the
basic, fundamental essences of eternal,
universal existence and are primarily
concerned with the laws of individualized
life. This is not an individual philosophy
of life, but rather the philosophy of individualized l i f e . The word "essence"
thoroly describes in English what Essene
study represents.

Essenes understand that they are not their
physical bodies, now or ever. That the vehicle
or body, at any stage of evolution or progress ,
is that thru which the entity manifests.
Therefore, they realize that one of the basic
jobs is to control, direct, and constructively
command the vehicle thru which they express.

Who are the Essenes? They are those who
strive to know the basic essences called cosmic laws and the principles derived therefrom
and to constructively utilize them. They have
developed a value system by which to weigh the
conduct of themselves and others as well as
situation and things, not weighed in t he
physical, materialism of today, but as things
could be weighed with a universal set of values.

There are four distinct phases or steps of
the Essenes. This does not mean that there is
a definite demarcation line, for there is a
blending from one to the other.

The first would be known as the outer group.

W In this group can be found some who lecture or
W teach, but not many. Those in this phase are
>' generally content to continue their searching
and evolving while at the same time delivering
some service to the civilization or society in
which they are living.

They would be doing some service in t he
arts, the professions, or other avenues where
service is involved. They may be waiters, waitGz7 resses, personal maids, secretaries. You see ,
w to the Essenes, having a value system that is
04 universal, it isn 't the social status that is
important, but only the striving to "live-thelife" " that is important. Any honest, moral
service is equal to any other honest, moral
cCI service.
a Next, there is the second or "mid-gxvup".
In this group will be found those who are often
a~ referred to as "way-showers". These must be
,.g way-showers by example, not just words as
E, would be found in the outer or first plane.
However, only a few in the mid-group partake
of this activity to any outstanding degree.

The third group or phase are often called
the "inner group ", and composed of those who
5 are adept at making the physical vehicle their
slave at all times. Hence, they would be classified in metaphysical nomenclature as Adepts.
They consciously control and operate their
vehicle whether awake or asleep.

The fourth or last group is known as the
advanced circle. These are relatively few in
number and are adepts plus. On this physical
earth, with a few exceptions, these are often
called Masters, but none of them has called
themselves masters! This title or term is used
loosely in religious studies and metaphysical
work today and has lost its true significance.

Altho known as the "Brotherhood of the
Essenes", it must be explained that there is
no formal organization or even an informal organization with tabulated rules, regulations,
dues, membership lists, and the like. Membership is maintained by a harmonic that is understood and recognized by those who have a
like interest, desire, and evolution! No identifying cards, handshakes, and passwords are
needed. They are bound together by a unity of
like, a unity of harmonic, vibratory relationship.

Certainly there are groups of them. In the
inner circle and third group, gatherings do
come about. They are called by mental radio as
the attunement is close enough within these
groups to carry the call, and those who are
interested at that time will respond, having
earned the level of intuitive knowingness and
mental radio use.

Mere are the Essenes? They are literally
everywhere. Percentagewise among the earth's
population they are relatively few. In the
erudite countries and societies there are more
than in Gina, Africa, and other underdeveloped
areas. They are not only on this planet earth ,
but elsewhere as well and constitute the evergrowing an d evolving group that become the
wise ones of that period.

There is a responsibility that goes along
with. the Essenes. That responsibility is that
they are personally responsible for where they
are and what they are doing and every circumstance that comes into their field of environment and -acknowledgment. Never could an Essene
blame another person, or place, or thing, or
group of circumstances for that which befalls
him whether it be constructive or destructive.
The Essene knows that all is the result of
one 's ()an mental and physical doingness in the
preceding time-space sequence. No effect is
without a cause.

Many characteristics identify an Essene.
Fbr instance, in the mid-group and the phases
beyond that point, one would find that the
Essene has health, happiness, and is a joyous
individual. If in conversation with an Essene,
you would certainly notice that he or she has
a definite picture of life as an eternal, everexpanding, ever-enlarging experience, symbolized by a road to the left that goes clear to
the horizon -- a beautiful paved highway that
loses itself in the far vistas of the past. To
the right the same road extends off into the
infinite distance, again disappearing into the