Volume 10, Issue 7, page 11

Departed Psychic
Guards Secret Box
XACTLY one year after his departure
from this earth plane, Dr. B. E.
Roessling, former secretary of the
Florida Society for Psychical Research, came back -- to tell me of his
work on the "other side".
* * * * *
It was early one morning -- by
"early'', I mean about 5 A.M. - - that
Dr. Roessling called me and I went
directly to his home and office here in
Green Cove Springs, Fla.
"I am about to die," he announced in a
somber voice. Then, in a quite businesslike manner, he showed me his files and
started giving me instruction on how he
wished the letters, papers, and reports
to be destroyed in part and others sent
to H. M. Wagner at Niceville, Fla. Wagner
was president of the Society.

He pointed to a bookcase. "There is a
steel box in the back of that bookcase,"
and he pointed to some books that covered
the front of the hidden box. "When I
leave, be sure that box and its records
are destroyed -- as they contain letters
that might hurt some very fine people.
The letters are reports that I have acted
to prevent being made public, but must
have them to protect others in the event
some publisher attempts at some future
time to discredit some of the psychics
a who are honest and dedicated to the arts.
It's too soon for me to publish their
research findings, as the world is not
yet ready for what the box contains."
I promised -- and we then started earlymorning meetings, each day for two weeks.

The start of the third week, I was notified that Dr. Roessling had been rushed
to the hospital in Tallahassee, because a
cancer in advanced stages had been detected over his right lung, and it seemed
w that the end was close.
w He never returned from the hospital.
04 Dr. Bernard Roessling had gone on to
04 greater work an the spiritual planes.

I had read and studied about the many
01 who had attempted to communicate with
C those who had passed on, and in too many
cases, all these printed and published
m stories had one ending -- failure. So, I
x thought it best to wait, and see if he
F" made an effort to contact me.

Nothing happened, tho I gave it every
possible avenue to happen. A year went
by, and one day I thought I would try to
II communicate with "Bernie" by the computer, I selected a
code figure, and
slowly sent a mental picture of him as I had last seen him,
and requested my guide to assist me in
this communication.

At once his code figure appeared, and
with it the message: "I am happy. I am
sorry I had to leave my dear wife, my
family, and friends, but I am teaching
now, and this is what I always wanted to
"What are you teaching?" I asked.

The code reply was: "Activity. The
action of surroundings that each must
come to know of on arrival here. The way
of existence, duties, service one must be
taught to do here. After they have received this instruction, they are then
given a supporting task and duties and
service they too must perform. Then they
act to guide others on arrival; and those
who had that position before the new arrival comes can go on to a greater advancement of more valued duties. This
chain of events goes on and on."
After the psychic coding stopped, I
knew that all was well. He since has sent
me messages, and has made his presence
known in the home of some of his near

The most remarkable event of all this,
however, transpired when I returned to
Dr. Roessling' s home the day following
his passing, with the intention of carrying out his instructions about his papers
and records. After this was done, I turned
my attention to obtaining the steel box
built into the bookcase, behind his old
and valued psychic books.

But it wasn't there -- and no trace of
it ever has been found. Nor is there any
evidence it ever was there.,
I tried to solve this thru questions
to Dr. Roessling himself, after we had
established communication, but his answer
was, "The box is gone forever."
I can testify to that -- but where did
it go? And how? Did Dr. Roessling take it
with him? And how did he destroy the evidence? I can only fall back on a truism
for my answer: Greater things happen in
the psychic world than man dares to think
of. While we may think we know much,
there is so much we do not know.

Bad advice is like a bad check, you're
in trouble if you use it. Roy E. Shook