Volume 10, Issue 7, page 6

horizon. Also that the little space on that
road now being occupied called "this life" is
where the Essene considers that he or she is
now functioning.

There are a few other characteristics that
you will find among those of the outer group
who are teaching or addressing people in an
effort to stir up an interest and a desire to
know more about the "continuity of individual
life". These lecture the public in an effort to
fill the intellectual void that is prevalent
among the thoughtful for something more than
the emotional religion that is so unsatisfactory today.

These speakers are talking about the manifest-patterns of the Essene. Sociologically
there are two patterns, the "manifest" or
outward cloak, and the "latent" or the way it
actually works. (An example would be the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United
States that says all men and women are free
and equal. The impression is given very plainly
that all citizens have an equal right in all
things. But in the United States today, that is
only a manifest-pattern. That is the " outercloak'. The latent pattern is actually something else.)
Teachers and speakers from the Essene outer
group talk of and about the manifest-pattern.
They correct many of the impressions that are
found in the manifest-pattern describing the
Essenes in encyclopedias of metaphysics and
othersource material. It is the duty of this
type of speaker to clarify and explain away
much of the dogma and cloak of celibacy, to
mention a few points, that has been wrapped
around the Essenes.

It is important to remember that what was
written about the Essenes of ancient times was
that which the Essenes themselves wrote so as
to "keep from the profane the laws of cosmos".
Why? Because a law can be used constructively
or destructively. Choice of use depends upon
the individual. Law has no moral consciousness, no moral accountability. The law just
is! Knowledge breeds responsibility. To impart
knowledge to those who are "not worthy and
well qualified, duly and truly prepared", is a
liability and responsibility that no Essene
will knowingly take.

Those of the outer group who are public
speakers may collect a lecturer's fee, but when
you come to the "way-shower " or mid-group, the
talks become actual courses of instruction to
help you learn the constructive use of all
natural laws. Thus a "way - shower" in the Essenes cannot charge for teaching and assisting
a neophyte.

These are some of the hallmarks you may use
to identify those of the Great Universal
Brotherhood of the Essenes, Ancient and Modern.
reborn on this earth. The icy pond filled with
frozen babies are innocents who died thru cru-"
elty, such as the murdered babies you read
about in the news. Sometdwre one of these news
items wrung your heart with so such love and
compassion for the baby and pity for the one
who did it that your love and pity combined
released that little soul from its bondage of
death. This is represented by the fact that
your foot went thru the ice. The dark man represents the "Eighth Angel" of death that
watches over these souls. The snow and sleet
in this dream represent the bondage. That it
felt friendly means these little ones are not
"lost" souls. The soul you released can now eo
into the children's room for rebirth. The music
By LOWANA JULAINE represents the life force of the etheric. The
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