Volume 10, Issue 7, page 18

relationship we would have to
appraise more than that which
meets the five senses.
"This partnership between
'The Operator' and its most
silent of silent partners,
'The Body', is admittedly the
most unequal arrangement possible from the viewpoint of
carnate people (you and D.
However, this arrangement is
not entirely hopeless for the
physical body which is seemingly unrepresented; it has a
protector, guardian, and mediator -- the MIND. The Mind, with
its head and shoulders in the
immaterial realm, the realm of
the 'Life Force', and its hands
and feet (so to speak) in material touch with the body
completing the union of creative power with its vehicle.
"We have abundant evidences
of the Mind producing extraordinary results in and with
the body -- for good and for
"It is regrettable that our
mental maturity is not reached
earlier to prevent our building sick bodies because of our
lack of knowledge. It is regrettable also that our mental
maturity is not reached earlier to enable us to create
successes we would like to enjoy. But it is never too late
to stop doing what is not good
for us! It is also never too
late to start constructive efforts!
"Let us take the evidences
of constructive results that
follow when a man gets a jolt "Yesterday, I got a religof Spirit at a religious re- ious real estate notice. A
vival, when he starts Yoga, group with a postoffice box at
Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, Twin Falls, Idaho, sends out
Christian Science, Dianetics/- printed matter advising that
Scientology, Subud, ynerget- their church intercepted a fuics, E- Therapy, and others. ture edition of the Salt Lake
"All of the above mentioned Tribune dated Feb. 4, 1965.
mental immersions bring near The headlines said: ENTIRE
also Frederic Hand, both sug- WARFARE. EARTHQUAKE CAUSES SAN
Bested 'perhaps one should ANDREAS SLIPPAGE. So this comjump from one to another for munity of New Age prophets
prolonged results'. acquired land in the Rocky
"Sad to say , a potpourri Mountains and is selling plots
blend of stimulations of lim- to the elect. Prices range from
ited values can only result in $1,000 to $15,000 per 50-sq.
a giant mixture of failures. ft. Not only will the Rockies
feel and recommend that survive the submersion of the
"We west coast, but Jesus has also

a good start would be to clean chosen the Rockies for his
out the medicine chest -- discard second come-back.

all systems presented by all
and wise "Thus, the new message of
and . Shut men of the past Jesus is: 'Those who buy a lot
put present. tt. lessons into books , will be saved... "Woe unto
wastebasket. 'Come now and let you, ye poor, for you are onus reason together.' Without able to purchase a lot at $15,much argumentation, we c an 000, your portion shall be at
agree that 1. The mind can the bottom of the Pacific,
perform extraordinary things, where there shall be a gnashand 2. Everyone has a mind, ing of teeth, etc... Woe unLet us then enter the privacy to you, ye poor, for you will
of our closet where no meta- be excluded from witnessing,my
physical kibitzer can distract second coming.'
us. Let us relax the body and I believe this religious
listen to our unlimited poten- set-up is also tax-exempt...
tiality, our Mind -- without "It might interest you tnai
tenseness be alert to promises for years a medium deluded me
of success you will hear -- we with spirit messages supposeddo!" -- Jacob and Rose Alsel, ly from men Who allegedly died
1310-A S. 37th St., Milwaukee, in Czechoslovakia. The 'spirWis. its' identified themselves and
writes. "The child and the
mother of the child will be
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