News from Phonyx

Our "Desert Reporter" deserted his post this month, and instead of sending in his quota of news, took time off to: Get married, move into a new duplex while his home is being readied, and attend the June Congress. So, while he takes things easy for a month or so, the editor reveals:

Pearl Parker, formerly Mrs. Herbert Strafello of San Diego, and Carroll Hennick have, in the last month, divorced their respective spouses and taken unto themselves each other. The ceremony was performed in Nevada.

Another wedding of interest in Phoenix was that of the former Mrs. Hazel Ruffstickler and John Robinson, who went to Mexico for the ceremony. The Robinsons have moved to Colorado, where John and Hazel are hoping to start a colony where members can do what they feel they're most capable of doing.

Errata -- Both engagements announced in the PHONYX column last month have been called off publicly. Also, Judge Lorna Lockwood failed to discuss "Juvenile Delinquency" before the Phoenix Auditor's Guild.

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sociation of Dianetic Auditors) has elected a new slate of officers: Julia Lewis, president, replacing Dick Steves who still is operating the "Bargain Basement" Course for the HASI in Phoenix; Jessie Hampton, vice-president, replacing Chester Maydole; Betty Arneson, secretary, replacing Dr. J. Burton Farber. Joe Norton is treasurer and Frank Bannister is editor of the CADA BULLETIN. A move is under way to change the name of the organization, using the word "Scientology" instead of "Dianetics", but no positive action was taken at either of the last two meetings ... Charles Berner recently opened processing offices in Riverside, Calif., and announced that group sessions are on the agenda for the near future.

Making the Able More Able Is Much More Important Than HUNTING Ducks at Midnight!

in 1952, L. Ron Hubbard said of the Electropsychometer:

"... An auditor auditing without a machine reminds one of a hunter hunting ducks at pitch black midnight, firing his gun in all directions."

Since, the techniques have been improved, to the point where it is more important than ever that the auditor know at all times what his preclear is doing. Keeping pace with techniques is the E-Meter, which now has greater selectivity and dependability than ever before.

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