Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued)

month we have an 'open house' dedicated to people who want to know what changed their friends so much. At this open house we serve refreshments and I talk or someone tells very simply of what we are doing and what it can do for them. As a group the people are high toned and fine and we do not push around terminology at any time, but we make a special deal out of this once-a-month meeting. This is where they can exhibit such hobbies as making movies, etc. This Saturday night, a chiropractor is going to talk on 'Handwriting Analysis'. He and his wife took a course in it just for fun." -- Audrey M. Robbins, HCA, Tacoma, Wash. (Ed. Note -- We need more letters like this one on how people and groups are using and studying Scientology. Thank you, Mrs. Robbins.)

"Certainly do enjoy a magazine with all the latest scuttlebut." -- Al Kozak and Clint Macauley, Camden, N.J.

"I hear a good laugh is healthy, so I feel much better after reading The ABERREE. We miss you, often speak of you, and we say nice things." -- Mary Bickle, Phoenix, Ariz.

"Keep on riding those Step 1's. In fact, just why should a thetan spend all its time trying to entertain the GE of a body with built-in television sets, etc. Any thetan that has any sense will know that a body is a tool for him to use in conquering the MEST universe and any effort that he wastes in entertaining that tool is so much wasted energy on his part. In the group with which I am associated with, those who have the best perceptics also are blessed with the hottest circuits.

"I believe it is about time somebody sets Scientology straight on just what is an operating thetan. Many of us are living under the false illusion that a thetan is going to be audited and then will start playing three-dimensional chess when everybody else is playing ticktacktoo or something equally simple. What they are forgetting is that This Game is set up for ticktacktoo and not three-dimensional chess and until the general agreement is to play this chess game and not the other, we will all play ticktacktoo. So, why are we being sold the chess game without the knowledge that we can't use it till the proper time arrives? You answer that one as I haven't had the MEST yet to be associated with the Clinical Course.

"Let's be proud of being a Black 5. They are the thetans that have enough knowingness to recognize that visio, etc., are signs of being effect and not cause, hence they have no need for this waste of energy...Maybe the attitude is a body circuit that is saying sour grapes because it cannot have the amusement that it thinks it should be getting." -- Clarence V. Matthews, Hampton., Va.

"I'm not expecting to learn too much from your sheet, but your June issue (the part that I received) gave me several hearty laughs, and I believe that's better medicine than all the aspirin my doctor prescribed." -- Maurice J. Holscher, Las Vegas, N.M.

"Enclosed two cheques for 'The Aberree' and 'Notes on the Doctorate Course'. I want that badly. I can't sit on two mountain tops here and play 'Knowing Nothing New' for much longer." -- Alix Stansfield, Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

"...May I say that you have done an excellent job on the Doctorate Notes?... Mark Gallert has also given us the book we have long needed -- Desperately, something we can hand out to beginners that isn't too deep or involved (for them) to handle...I've been here working more or less quietly for years. Of course I've done a lot of promoting for dianetics, but nothing for scientology. But I have come to see that Hubbard has at last given us the missing link in the thing we have all been searching for, a method