Volume 8, Issue 9, page 12

Two to four cups of tea per day provide the tannic acid. which
helps the blood to handle fallout. But if it has
entered the blood streams, it has passed thru the field of the
body, and we can also stop it to some extent there.
How? By prayer-by refusing to submit to the "other-determined
death", by knowing that the future plans for this
planet call for people, and for a goal of this kind, you must set
up this goal for yourself. Prayer can help , and this
is the only thing that really can.

We are in a new age. This is the year 1 of the Aquarian Age, and
it will be reported and recorded as such in the
future when the seers or scientists are aware of it. The New Age
began on Dec. 26, 1960, and will continue in the
patterns of evolution until one complete cycle around our sun has
been completed, which will be on Dec. 31, 1961.
1 rare not what scientists say about all of this, at this time,
for they do not yet know. When they do discover this,
they will make it known.

Science has just discovered one other moon. and we at Marcap
Council have known of it for over five years. We
know that it is composed of negative energies, and therefore is
not seen so easily. Only a faint outline has been seen
crossing the sun from time to time, and has even been
photographed, but this moon is a counterbalance to the moon
we DO see, and it has always been there. This of course will do
much to upset the "stable datum" of gravity and
other laws which are all based on the fact that we have only one

A newly-discovered "trans -P I uto" planet within our solar
system is just now being announced around the
world, tho I have not personally seen anything about it in our
press releases. I subscribe to a British newspaper, and
have seen three references to it there . There is still
another,planet that has not yet been discovered by scientists, and
will not be for quite awhile yet.

However, these two planets, the newly-discovered and the
undiscovered, are two witnesses within our system
also, and will participate in the planetary conjunction of
February 4-5.

The writings and information that I have seen released by others
state that we are to have a five-planet
conjunction in February, and I have seen many ideas offered by
writers, astrologers, seers, and even some scientists.
Nowhere have I seen the story as I see it.

There are to be eight planets in conjunction! And our moons and
sun also.

The conjunction is a physical one, in that there will be a beam
between each of the bodies (planets, moons, and
sun), and in this fashion a connectedness. The beam can be
measured, therefore it is physical. It works much the
same as a radio beam, for it is that, in a sense. Anything
attuned to the wavelength and frequency will be pulled into
the main path of the beam and guided along its path to the center
of our system, which is the sun.

Our sun is an outflowing body, within our system, and only during
times of a conjunction of bodies does the
sun receive anything from the system. It is the time of the
nourishment, then, and that which is pulled into the sun
is once more cleaned and converted into cosmic energies, which
are once more emitted, and the byproduct which
remains accumulates until the time comes for the sun to "belch
forth" another planet.

So, now, get the idea, if you will-the planetary conjunction will
result in non-compatible energies and elements
being pulled in


I wish to point outthat"the inevitable", when .met with an
attitude of "nothing we can -do about it". becomes
apathy. It is not likely that " 1111 never know what hit me" is
any consolation, either, unless one happens to be
within four or five miles of "ground zero", which is the target
of a nuclear bomb. Outside of that zone, there is
torment and pain to be experienced - a slow, lingering, painful,
diminishing life - with no relief except to take one's
own life, which is not man's right.

All of these logics are being discussed widely, but very few say
anything about spiritual preparation. It is all:
"Buy supplies, dig holes. run to safer ground, keep gas in your
cars so you can get out", or other idiotic solutions,
all of physical levels. It's not the physical body that needs
protection. It is the mental. Why?

Radiation is accumulative. A being exposed to excess radiation
records this mentally for future protection. and
the body dies, but the memory does not die. It is manifested
as"instinct" from then on.

The accumulative ability of radiation is so great that we
buildplanets and other celestial bodies of these
accumulated materials. And any accumulated material, anywhere,
can be stimulated into action with the right

So it is with the mind of man. Radioactive materials stimulate
into action all of the accumulated materials. and
with too much of this material in motion. insanity or death
result. Not because of here-now exposure, but because
of putting into restimulation the accumulated materials which one
carries in memory. These particles are
measurable. This is provable-not a theory, but a scientific fact.

What happens? The electrical field of the body, which is the
storehouse of memory, begins to collapse in on the
physical human form. and this is fatal. it is just as much of an
impact as being electrocuted, and works almost the
same way. or, in lighter dosages. similar to electric shock
treatment, which is also fatal to the spirit, in that he can
no longer ponitor his own form.

. What can one do? Well, he can take protective measures. instead
of hoping for corrective ones-which will never
come into being, in this time, at least. Somewhere in time. a
biochemist will come up with a real anti-radiation
tablet, but that is not for now. An anti-radiation tablet would
have to provide calcium. protein, vitamins of all
known varieties, minerals, trace minerals, tannic acid, nicotinic
acid, and Theta Rays (now in the hands only of the
Council of Elders), would have to be used in the process. There
are.also gases and fluids which would have to be
incorporated into the hypothetical tablet, and that. too , is
impossible at this time.

So, we can use only what we have and do know about. In areas
where the water sources are contaminated, draw
water 24 hours ahead of time, two gallons at a time, and soak a
wellscrubbed raw potato in the water for 24 hours,
then throw the potato away. Do not eat the potato, and make sure
you do not handle it. Burn it, if possible. The
water will be free of fissionable materials.

This has to do with fallout, but does not handle the exposure to
rays. To keep the body out of the direct contact
with outside air is the only solution to this problem. For now.
So ' shelter of some kind is needed. It need not be in
the ground. unless you think so. But, dispersal from large
centers is indeed recommendable.

12 The R