Volume 8, Issue 9, page 6

forces are balanced, ready to operate, and you may upset with
your vindictive thrust some

,thing that will crash back upon you. So, don It try to take a
whack at somebody with your new strength. You may
get hurt yourself, and badly.

Another thing I ask: If you start on this system of training, do
not at the same time use any other method of
training. You may read about it, you may write about it, but do
not actively engage in it.

Make sure you are well fed and that your diet is well balanced.
Live a sane, healthy. normal life while you're
training, and don't get all excited and wild-eyed about it when
results begin to develop. Don't neglect yourself or
your family and friends; go at this in the spirit of play

Remember you're ioing into a new world, with

a new language. The things that happen will be new things, and
they may not make sense by the old terms at first.
Don't try to make them make sense. Don't try to interpret them.
Simply observe them. Look at them and compare
notes with your associates in the game - but again, don't try to
explain or rationalize them. If something peculiar
appears-all right, it happens. If you experience it-very well,
you experience it. If no one else does. what does that
matter? It's your experience and your growth. isn't it?

Just be sure of the things you're doing to yourself.
Communication helps; if you can. compare notes with your
friends in the game and see how they're making out.

Good luckl And have a good time at it.
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414 ~, 11




ONSTANT said the universal key of magical works was that of all
ancient religious dogmas-the key of the Kaballa
and the Bible, which he called the Clavicle of Solomon, and
added: "This Clavicle, regarded as lost for centuries,
has been recovered by us, and we have been able to open the
sepulchres of antiquity, to make the dead speak I to
behold the ancient monuments in all their glory. to understand
the enigmas of the Sphinx

and to penetrate all sanctuaries."

That explains how Constant discovered the secret meaning of the
message concealed in the Four Sacred Letters J
H V H. The Jews. being forbidden to pronounce the WORD called it
the Ineffable Name. The purpose of ihis
inhibition was to hide f rom the masses the fact that the
Ineffable Name applied not to a God in the sky but to the
four creative elements symbolized by the Sphinx, full of eyes,
rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy,
Lord God Almighty, which was, and is,and is to come (Rev. 4:81.

Mystery fades when facts apoear. Then we understand the paradox
which defles the reasoning faculty, but which
is readily resolved intuitively, to the effect tbat"God" is apart
from, and independent of, the universe, and yet
permeates every atom of it.

By binding the four elements in all Dhenomena of different
categories, between which the man of darkness sees
nothing in common, the Son of Light sees the analogy between all
things, and is convinced they are constructed and
constituted according to one law and one plan.

The concept is clear: If the Ineffable Name (Four Elements, God)
is in everything, then everything is analogous
to the whole, the atom analogous to the universe, and all
analogous to the WORD MADE FLESH On. 1: 14). This
expl ains the hidden meaning of the statement that man is made in
the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:26, 27).

And here we discover the meaning of the cross, which the
Christians adopted from the astrologers. The solar
cross of astrology is

formed naturally by the four signs of the zodiac, mentioned in
the Bible as four beasts, consisting of lion, calf, man,
and eagle (Rev. 4:6, 71.

These four signs, represented by the Ineffable Name, are listed
as lion (Leo, fire), man (Aquarius, water-bearer),
eagle (Scorpio, air) I and calf (Taurus, earth). These four signs
form the solar cross, in the center of which is the sun,
the master unit of the universe, mentioned in the Bible as God
(who) is a consuming Fire (Heb. 12:29), and also the
"One (who) sat on the throne", round about which was the zodiac
circle, called "rainbow" in the Bible (Rev. 4:2, 3).

Biblical symbolism makes sound sense when lifted up above the low
level of religious superstition, and properly
applied and understood, as it was by the Initiates who had the
Clavicle of Solomon.

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In the now of his beingness. Man is the seed in which that which
he will become is immanent; he is the plant
which is growing the fruit of his becomingness; he is the fruit
of his own past growing, ripening the seed of his

One joyous use of God's bounty is more to God than a thousand
hymns of praise.

God does not judge Man. Man judges himself. Man is, and for God
this is enough. If it is
enough for Man also, God showers him with bounteous blessings. If
it is not enough for Man,
then Man must do what he feels he must to earn God's blessing.

Man may do as he wishes; for God it is enough and all there is to
be that Man does as he
does; but if Man chooses to believe it is not enough, then it is
Man's wish, and God is in

Man may be as he wishes; for God it is enough that Man is. if Man
chooses to specify the
ways of his beingness, this, too, is enough for God.

God is and Man is. God imposes no rules upon the beingness of
either Man or God, but Man
imposes rules of beingness upon himself and looks to God to
uphold them. God will accept but
will not uphold Man's rules.

Man prescribes the means of his worthiness of God; for God. Man's
beingness is perfect.
Man need only eat the well-baked bread of his beingness inGod.
But Man seeks to bake the