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(ED. NOTE - Don't take our word for it; I up these crimes against
humanity In any good en 10paedia. Thousands of
others never were recor -)

URING the ages of antiquity, religious tol -
erance prevailed in all civilized "heathen 11
nations. The Jews, however, believed in a
cruel personal God who would not tolerate
any other religion. The Jewish hierarchy
enforced their rituals by threats of ston-
ing, hanging, and burning. Even minor offenses
Were cruelly punished. In Deuteronomy 25:12,
the priests writes: "Thou shalt cut off her
hand ... and have no pity".

According to Matthew 26: 52. Jesus said

"Put your swo-rd in its Place, for all that take the sword shall
Perish by the sword." It is clear that Jesus rebelled
against the priesthood that wrote in Deuteronomy 3:6: "We
destroyed every inhabited city, including the women and
the little ones". The bloody bierarchy later perished during a
revolt against Rome; the sacrificial temple was
destroyed and the surviving Rabbis abolished the priestly offices.

About 300 years after the death of Jesus , the Christian religion
became highly intolerant . In 385, Priscillian,
bishop of Avila, was officially sentenced to death as a heretic
when other bishops accused him before Emperor
Maximus. Did not Jude say in his fifth verse: "The Lord destroyed
thex that believed not". The Lord had to be aided
in His work by the Government. The authorities were empowered by
the words of Paul (Romans 13:4): "Fe (the
Government) beareth not the swo-rd in vain, for he is a ainister
V God ... wherefore ye must be in subjection.'

The Bible in Levitucus 20:14 also approved of burning alive:
"They shall be burnt with

ire". To aid the Lord in the destruction of eretics, the Roman
hierarchy organized the Inquisition that wasresponsible
for the deaths of countless millions of persons. Only its most
famous victims are still remembered.

Marco Antonio de Dominis, archbishop of Spalato, died in 1624 in
a dungeon of the Inquisition. He was the first
man who publicly announced the true cause of the rainbow. Etienne
Dolet~ the famous printer, was executed in
1546. Father Urbain Grandier, an opponent of the celibate, was
burned as a sorcerer in 1634 . Millions of innocent
women were burned as witches. Entire nations were destroyed,
including the Waldenses, Albigenses, Cathari , and
Huguenots. our encyclopedias are full of names like Thomas
Cranmer, Jaques de Molay, John Rogers, Miles
Coverdale, Peter Abelard, John Stubbs, Wil I iam Thomas Alexander
Leighton .

The Dower of the Inquisition was finally broken at the end of the
18th Century. Napol

eon, Frederic the Great, and Joseph II abol:

ook c yc d.d

isbed torture and proclaimed religious toler-
ance thruout their empires. Today the Inquis-
ition still exists in Rome under the name of
"Holy Office". but its powers of punishment
are confined to the"spiritual realm".

sCIENTOLOGIST--A priest in a
"newt' used car.



13 such bands.

The chief reason why planets in our solar system do not have
Perfect circleorbits is because all magnetic bands
reaching from the sun to the satellites are being crowded for
space, so that some magnetic bands have to deviate a
bit. Kepler's formula has no more to do with the elliptical
orbits than I have w ith the cost of eggs in Scotland.

The axis of the planet Uranus is not up and down, as it normally
should do. There must be a planet far out in
space that has its magnetic bands p4aced within the bands of
Uranus that connect to thesun. This tanglement causes
Uranus to lie far over on its side. I look forward to Planetary
trouble in the near future if Nature decides to untangle
these planets. There is no centrifugal force controlling Uranus
This is one of the exceptions to such a rule:

if you will take a look at a global map you will see a swinging
yellow line. This line indicates the path of the
moon. By carefully noting this. you will see that the North
Magnetic Zone is the pivotal point of this yellow line,
or the moon's orbit.

If the poles change places, this line will change, too. When the
magnetic bands from the sun run parallel with
those of the moon, then we get high tides, because our
gravitational field either is reversed somewhat or weakened

This permits the watersof both oceans to bulge
out as if they wanted torun away, thus drawing
all beach waters away from the beaches. The
saying is, "The tide is out". The attractive
part of gravity does not cause the tides, but
the repulsive part. in the Arctic, the ice ha,,
a way of cracking up. No one seems to know why.
The tides do not seem to effect it. Yet it iE
the repulsions of gravity, or their compara-
tive weakening, that is responsible for the
lifting up of this ice and cracking it. In
February, when the conjunction takes place,
the tides may run greater than usual. But if
the planets that will be grouped close togeth-
er to form the conjunction opposewitb opposite
polarity, then the tides would be much weaker
than usual. It's hard to say just what is go-
ing to happeri. 4



of lives on February 4-5 due to cataclysms or the start of World
War III leave you unhappy if not jittery, you may
be willing to share this writer's beliefs about a beautiful,
beneficent New Aquarian Age dawning on this date.
Without Pretensions of being any sort of autbority and without
any attempt at validation, I believe that the greatest
of all teachers will be born on this date, as a male white child
of Catholic Belgian missionary parents living in a
village of India. This family will return to Belgium when the
child is one year old. Unlike past teachers. the boy
will be a prodigy in science. particularly in mathematics and

(EDITOR'S NOTE-We stick our neck out far enough to forecast that
this "master" will be born with 17 horns,
23 tails, and sp~ak in 783 languages - the only one of which will
be understood will be pig-latin. He will be
identified by his rainbow-hued toenails.)

Long range planning and controls by the divinities ruling Terra
have been preparing events and the attitudes of
peoples, for the ministry of this new leader. The extremely rapid
development of scientific knowledge in the last