Volume 8, Issue 9, page 18

a higher vibration. This lowering of natural vibrations does make
a spirit uncomfortable to some degree, and they
feel better at their own level of advancement --always reaching
up. Strangely, this very work on the lower planes
serves to advance these souls.

The very highest ones are ab;e, to come down to the lowest (or at
least the lower) planes, including the
earthplane. That is why it is possible to contact and to
communicate with such ones as St. Peter-or even Jesus--or
any of the Masters, via the ouija or other such means. I s a i d
possible, not probable. These great personalities
might be occupied with urgent matters elsewhere and could not
drop everything. If you want to find out, try to
communicate with them; just be sure you have~ something important
to discuss --not merely curious questions.
They are quite above earth ' lings, but can come if the need is

es An example of this: My daughter Janng, when she was only four
years old, wished with all her heart to see
Jesus ... One night, she saw the whole room flooded with light

when she awoke quite suddenly: and Jesus walked in with his
mother -- seeming to be the source of the I~gbt. Then
he sat down on Janne's little bed and talked with her, while his
mother stood, smiling, nearby. Janng was
overwhelmed withhappiness, Do you think he spoke to her of
religion and how she should save her little soul! Ob,
nol He kidded her about having her hair up in pincurls, and just
made conversation, like you would talk to any little
girl, aged four. Then be bade her goodbye and he and his mother
left, taking the light with them. incidentally, Janne'
said Jesus wore a white robe and sandals; his hair was a
reddish-brown and long, and his eyes were brown. She said
he wore no beard. His mother was young and beautiful --long dark
hair and she wore a beautiful, light blue robe ' ...
My daughter is very psychic, and tho she may have seen a
materialization of Jesus and his mother. I do not believe
this is the explanation. Rather, I think it more possible that
she, herself, projected, or partly so, and that what she
saw occurred on the psychic plane-- in the psychic counterpart of
herphysical room. . .

Commenting on Apsel 's disbelief regarding Little one's
adventures into fantastic realms, I believe L.O. saw

she seemed to see. I am informed by spirit guides that we can go
back in time. and visit any place that ever existed
on earth, visit the planets, the spirit world, or any place that
is, or has been. I have been taken back, in memory, as
my spirits call it. to the old home where I lived as a child. a 1
t h o this house burned down many years ago. I am
told that this house actually still exists -- or the psychic
counterpart--in its own dimension in time and space....

"L.Ms Templetown in the bowels of the earth sounds like something
out of the Shaver mysteries -- t he
underground dwellers... It is Possible thi.Q could be a
spirit-city, or that it existed thousands of year., ago on earth,
or in the earth rather. You see, people mai have been driven
underground by the discovery of atomic energy and
resulting bomb explosions (just as they will be today if they
follow the insane program of testing bombs). People
may have had to live in the depths of the earth for years,
waiting for the fallout to evaporate on the surface. Why
doesn 't Apsel ask his H. W. contactees and do some research in-,
stead of putting himself on L. O.'s 'bad boy' list?

"I don't exactly agree with Apsel about a person's wrong thinking
causing all his ills. What about babies born
with brain damage, deformities, and disease? Have they been doing
a lot of bad thinking before birth? Or was it
karma? Apsel was. no doubt, just speaking of the mess we do bring
upon ourselves from wrongliving and from the
trash we cram into the physical body and the mind. Anyway, I
enjoyed the entire article very much." --Rosalind
John, Norco, Calif.


"Tish, tosh, and what not, I'd like to quote Raymond Reid of
Trenton, N.J.: 'God is now busily engaged in
creating a new heaven and a new earth.# How does he know God is
doing this? There is nothing static

-in the world or otherwise. On man-made laws and creeds, I 'II
agree to that --that some of these man-made laws are
for the birds--but don't lose your head, buster, Golden Age or no
Golden Age. There will always be one who will
think they can do better and humanity is off on the mad race
again.. Also

I quote, fWhen marryin; sinks' to the level of a business deal,
it has no recognition in heaven'. How doeshe know')
It's possible that marriage~ like this bring forth some fine


issues. I always understood God looks on the heart, not the act

"By the way, I have built me a fallout shelter in our large
block-wall enclosed yard. All I needed was a shovel and
my two arms and hands and some toomph'. It's very comfortable and
roomy. All you do, as I did: Dig a hole the
shape of a chair--inclined back. Room for your legs and feet to
be comfortable. The inclined back with headrest gives
a person comfort to lean back and look up. This way. you see
those nice fleecy clouds, and at night the stars, moon,
etc., and above all. you see the fireworks when and if they
begin." -- Dorothy Springfield, Canoga Park, Calif.


"Spent the weekend (Thanksgiving) at Lakemont, a guest at The
Retreat. It is wonderful to see this small lake-
town growing into a spiritual. intellectual center. The two
groups now operating, Marcap and Love's Retreat, are
fine foils for each other, or terminals, as we would express it
in Scientology.

"It is amazing how in six months such varied people are now
calling Lakemont, Ga., their home. The building,
planning, remodeling that is going on is wonderful to behold.
Both groups are doers, and have faith in their

"At the Marcap party it was heartwarming for some of us to
observe the blooming of individuals that we had
known. The mutual respect of the group, working at whatever job
needs doing, is a fine example of their being 'of
one mind'. Their certainty is unlimited, and they are agreed upon
their goal.

"Mabdah Love's goal is toward further spiritual development. She
invites leaders in their field to address her
guests and consequently many of us meet people in an intimate
fashion that we had previously only heard about.

"The Stable Roundtable in the converted stable reminds me of the
Algonquin Roundtable of New York which
was so famous when I lived in New York. Only celebrities, of
course, were invited to sit at the table , but in the
Stable, everyone who participates is an especial guest, and
two-way communication sparkles and sometimes
explodes, but no matter, every one gets his turn. Programs are
established, but no one need attend if he doesn't
choose. Mabdah is an excellent hostess, having entertained