Volume 8, Issue 9, page 17

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"I' II go along with you until the 'world disaster, takes Place.
I think you have the makings of a pretty, good
magazine, but why hesitate in giving us the works? it is later
than we think.# I take a dozen magazines along this
line, but who has time to plow thru all this reading matter? A
life member in 'TWO WORLDS' and 'THE

and a dozen others. Some oi them are going to lose out if they
don't streamline. Remember you're competing
against the monster T-V." --Charles A. Toepke, San Francisco,


"I have difficulty in overcoming the shock at the words of your
'Louis' on Subud. How can he possibly be like
that, The violence! I am 'in Subud'. How can people speak of
things they have only heard of? Oh, well. Subud needs
no special w?rds from me. It is a way of life and a return to the
way of spirit in action.'#--Mary Hyde, Alexandria,

0 0 0

"As to Hubbard's $1500 'Excalibur', one can read all that squirny
cell stuff for $1.50 in an excellent book of the
'science-made-simplel series, sold in mostbook stores: 'Biology
Made Simple'. Then there is a terrific book on
advanced genetics, 'Man and His Fate', by Hardin Garret, which
the publishers did find worth printing, in both cloth
and paperback.

"In one of my books, 'The Power and Gory of Sex', I deal with the
miracle of cell division. This strange power
of each individual cell accounts for all our past lives, present
lives, and future lives; it puts immortality on the
cellular level.

",As for any 'THE' books, if

a THE book is one that affects hundreds of millions of personal
destinies, then one would be forced to assign a high
place to Karl Marx's 'Das Kapital'--and, not far below it,
Korzybskils 'Science and Sanity'. Marx's book led to the
Russian revolution, while Korzybski's elaborately developed text
on break vAth the Past inspired the unknown
human engineers in China to smash Chinese ancestor worship,
resulting in another revolution. So, these two books
have drastically and directly altered the lives of a third of the
world's entire population, and indirectly are altering the
lives of all of us; we now consequently live in the midst of an
utterly fantastic situation.

"No review copy available
yet of my latest book, 'Space-
Age Self Hypnosis'; in fact, at
this writing final pages still
being set. Tho busy with prac-
tice. Recent examinees include
a major European industrialist
and members of hisfamily; also
the wife of a prominent psy-
chiatrist who uses her person-
alized tape secretly."--Volney
G. Mathison, Los Angeles, Cal.
G 0 0

"Re: Dec. 1961 ABERREE cover.'twas laugh or cry--I chose to
laugh... Enjoyed auditorial on Love. No ideal
love - just different. How true. But then, there is no ideal
anything-just isness. The human ideal and divine ideal are
not synonymous.

"Re: O'Connell's article on
visualization, while writing
to a client in Tarot. the fol-
lowing lines fell out by in-
spiration -One doesn't reach
for a flower one petal at a
time. To have the whole flower
is to have every petal of it.
To reach for a flower petal by
petal is to have many petals
but no flower . .. Have Louis's
predictions before me. There
were four subtle predictions
for those who have eyes to see
with. Enjoyed both articles on
water. Burks's bit on 'Excali-
bur'...leaves me yelling'Morel
more!' ... Got much value from
Dorothy Springfield's 'Hypnosis
Subject Finds Purse'. If you
could get John Springfield to
send you material you would
know where some of your former
material really came from. Took
me two years to solve the mys-
tery, which was much older."--
Randolph Ray, Hollywood, Calif.

"I suppose only a fool would comment on your editorial but how
many people would you put in a fallout
shelter? Would you make it a black hole of Calcutta for the want
of oxygen? Even if air filters are


used, the material can melt or burn that is in the opening so
very few people would be safe from death by
carbondioxide, in a shelter.

"What people do make shelters would be needed to keep life going
on the earth. V 11 just bet if the preacher had
taken the opposite view, you would have taken him apart for that,
too."--Anna 1night, Port leches, Texas.

(ED. NOTE--We read of several preachers who DID take a stand
similar to ours against killing neighbors who
might come to them for shelter-and publ icly,too. Frankly, the
type of persons who would seek to ,save their own
bodies by gunning down less fortunate relatives and friends
during such a holocaust would make pretty poor seed
with which to "keep life going on the earth


"I am in complete agreement with (Jacob) Apsel regarding the
schools, isms, healers, etc. (with the exception of
Harry Edwards and some real healers) and other Psychic fakes, as
set forth in his fine article-November issue of The

"This theory about those on the higher Planes being able to use
only mental contact to communicate with us of
earth, I believe to be just another chain forged by certain
interests to4keep the people bound to mediums. Please
don't get me wrong - there are many fine mediums, or sensitives,
but they usually refuse to take even a dime of
anybody's money for their services. They believe (and I am
convinced this is truel that just as sure as they do (take
money) they will no longer be working with the higher spirits.
Apsel is right about this ...

"However, it is true that the spirits of a higher order have
almost nothing to do with moving tables, tapping
messages, orcreating materializations (crude physical
manifestations of any kind). Some emergency might arise that
would require desperate measures( be taken by the spirits--but
this is an exception rather than the rule. However,
many hightype spirits do contact via automatic writing...

"When one realizes that the good spirits must do most of their
work in the lower regions --helping lesser-
advanced souls who call foraid--the situation is better
understood. The spirits do help those on their own level to a
certain extent-such as new arrival s- -but their main task
involves the lower planes, assisting those up to

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