Volume 8, Issue 9, page 9

Admitted "Doom Merchant" Makes a Prediction

441'to Happen; Scieflce



PLE scoff at"Sadistic Doom Merchants"-as you did in Your
September issue. Permit me to be
such a merchant. Scoff at me. Hate me. I don't care. Mount Pelee
on the island of Martinique
erupted, killing 40,000 persons. All the birds, snakes bugs, and
insects escaped to safety
but the chicken-brained fools ran in circles waiting for their
guardian angels to tell them
what to do. The authorities called out the army and prevented the
people from leaving. They
were far more worried about the panicky than their eventual death.

I know that many people in the past have yelled "Doomsday!", and
it did not come. These people only imagined
this because such things were possible. There mayhave been
professional parrots, too, who have orders from timeto
time to wear out the subject ahead of time so that when a real
crisis comes, every one will just wait for the
lightning to strike.

Astrologers-Tibetan, Hindu, and Americanagree that something
awful will happen in February, 1962. Even
Nostradamus predicted dire things for the U. S. The conjunction
of seven planets will cause much energy to flow
into the earth as well as the sun and this bodes ill for someone,
including me.

Actually, I don't know what will happen, but if you follow my new
school of thought on astronomy, you might
understand what might happen from what the ancient eye-witnesses
have recorded.

This earth is adangerous place to live. The least that can happen
is a tidal wave coming up from the South Polar
region and travelingto Alaska. All islands in its path are in
danger. The islands in the Atlantic with cities by the
seashore and Florida ought to study this and be prepared. I would
advise those who can afford it to go inland to
higher mountains, and make it a sort of winter vacation. if
something happens, they maybe ina safe place, and if
nothing happens, they will be out only some cash and will have
experienced a little practice in self-preservation.

The basic theory of "orthodox" astronomers is all wrong. They
make a guess about the cosmos, and the others
debate it foryears on end. They punch away in the dark because
they do not know. A science that is mature and
complete leaves no room for debate. They say that the sun was
formed from a gas solidifying. Gaswill not solidify.
That the moon pivots on its axis. I say no. That gravity and
centrifugal forces balance each other to keep the planets
in their places. I say no. That the moon Is gravitational


attraction on our earth is the cause of tides. Again I say no.
Their whole science is based on exceptions and bad
guesses. It isthe oldest would-be science but is not a science -
not as far as basic theories go.

People are not allowed to know the truth of these things for the
same reason they are not

JANUARY-FEBRUARY, 1962- - - ----The AB

allowed to know of impending catastrophes.

My school of thought on astronomy is based on the deductions of
the planets' and comets' behavior, according to
the ancient Egyptian eyewitnesses and the fact that such
phenomena correspond to what physicists have found in
regards to electrons and atoms.

This is an electronic universe. If it was not electronic, then it
wouldn't exist. Our universe, one of countless
universes, is an electron. Our Milky Way is an atom, as is our
solar system. The orthodox cannot see the forest for
the trees.

Our sun, moon, earth and other planets a r e basically,
electrons. The electronic pressure in the universe permits
everything to float in outer space. This Pressure is responsible
for the tensile strength of materials as well as
molecules. atoms, and the phenomena of electricity, magnetism,
and gravity. Gravity is electronic. It has polarity.
Our earth is a typical electron. It is hollow to the extent of
4,000 miles. Gravity is a phenomena, a sort of by-
product of magnetism. It attracts only those things within its
reach. The earth Is gravity extends about 400 miles out
in space. and the points are repulsive to each other at the outer
tips as well as being repulsive on the inner side of
the earth, preventing solid matter from forming there.

The sun's gravitational field, the chromosphere, is 6,000 miles
deep. It i s easily photographed. This outer-space
repulsion is what keeps planets from crashing into each other-at
least while they are connected to one another by
magnetic linesthat usually come in very thickbundles. When a
planet is knocked out of its orbit by accident, it takes
off due to this gravitational repulsion; sometimes it crashes
into another celestial body by virtue of its momentum
being greater than the repulsive effort of both bodies. Our earth
has been crashed into about 10 times.

Orthodox astronomers say that if a comet came close to our earth,
we would be torn apart. No! But we could be
captured or crash into another heavenly body and come into a new
position. We could land in the center of a
constellation like our Milky Way and be in a position to get too
much magnetic flux from the other bodies, which
in short order would turn usinto a sun.

The moon has too much of this magnetic feed but not quite enough
toacquire a metallic surface requisite
forahotsun. The planet Mercury was a hot sun, but due to a crash
lost its metallic surface and was captured by the
sun's magnetic sphere. Mercury is a-heap of cinders.

Our sun's surface is molten metallic and acts like a filament in
an electric light bulb. This is due to the
phenomena of magnetism and electricity traveling on the outside
of a conductor. The resistance of a filament is not
the main cause of its being incandescent.

Biela's comet was seen to split into three heads. It had that
manyplanets stuck together, due to such a freak
collision. In time, a planet that escapes collision becomes a
long-tailed comet. This tail isnot gas, but static elec