Volume 8, Issue 9, page 10

tricity. A comet disintegrates in time, due to the various
magnetic fields it crosses which create hysterisis. Once a
planet becomes a metal I ically-co ate d body, it will act as a
filament no matter how far out in space it is,
seemingly. No matter how distant a star is from any other, it
must be connected to another by a magnetic band,
Briefly, this is the action that causes satellites, be they
sub-electrons or moons, to sail in an orbit around the parent

our moon does not spin on its axis due to a freak condition that
both magnetic zones are on the same side of the
moon, causing a locked condition. I hope to see the moon freed
soon. If it is freed. it will spin on its axis and go
around theearth faster. If themoon spun on its axis as
astronomers claim, it would not exhibit any wobble. It
wobbles because it is trying to free itself of its locked

A freak condition of this sort comes about thru the usual outer-
space accidents. one planet, on crashing into
another or even discharging its magnetic life into the other,
will create a highly-magnetized spot that can serve as a
magnetic pole. Our earth has such a surplus magnetic spot or
spots in the Pacific. A ship traveling by compass that
finds itself in this zone may be traveling south while its
compass reading is north.

This magnetic spot has been there since the earth was flipped
opposite to what it is now. In the days of Moses,
Palestinians used to refer to Egypt as the country of the north.
In Egypt, too, Thebes was considered to be th e
northern one as compared to Memphis. Egyptian bistor_v is full of
such hints.

After about 731 B.C., when the earth was pushed into aboutthe 400-
or 500 -days- per-year orbit - giving us a 29-
hour day, north was toward Babylon. Read the Babylonian episode
and see. Jeremiah, Nehemiah, Ezekial, and Ezra
state the positions of these cities. If the Bible revisers had
known these things, they would have altered the readings.
After about 539 B.C., our earth was pushed into the
365%days-per-year orbit. where, it has been since. The sun rose
in the west for nearly 1550 years with a few exceptions during
the global calamity in thedays of Moses. Book Seven
of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey also mentions or hints by locating
the home of Odysseus, alias Homer. He claimed
that his home was furthest from sunrise. but his homeisland isthe
closest to the mainland. The sun was said to rise
over the gently-flowing ocean and not Mount Ida near the
Dardanelles. From these hints. I have been able to place
the Trojan war at about 1580 B. C. During the 1550-year period of
the sun rising in the west, it rose in the
northwest from 731 to 539 B.C. Babylonians state their city was
located from the equator a given distance at one
time and another distance another time.

This puzzles orthodox astronomers. When the earth flips, the
Northern Hemisphere trades places with the
Southern, but since the magnetic zones are not the same distance
from the geographical poles, the equator is obliged
to shift too. In the somersaulting. the magnetic lines are forced
to let go and grab new spots, since they will not
change their polarity. This Droves how fast the magnetic lines
bold on to us.

Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed in 2168 B.C. The earth flipped
over so that the sun rose in the west. I n
1670 B. C. , the earth flipped again, but was reversed in its
soinDing so that the sun was again, seemingly, rising
in the west. In Jacob's day, about 2000 B. C., he saw a vlanet
with its magnetic tail

weaving to and fro. This be called a ladder to heaven. The earth
was in the 275-days-per-year orbit then.

A hymn to the Nile was written in the days of Ramses IL A year
had only nine months to it , but the seasons
showed up as usual with every change of the orbital position. The
yearly flood of the Nile had to take place every
nine months. The Nile's year of nine months was called"The Holy
Nine". "Thou bringest good things in season,
such as fishes, new soil, and logs. "

There was an old calendar that the priests followed, but it was
not of nine months' duration. To change it to
correspond with the seasons was considered a sacrilege.
Nevertheless, with global visitations more frequent, the
people didn't know why the seasons weren't reliable. In 1578 B.
C. , the earth was crashed into and the homes.of the
Egyptians were smitten in a Minute. (This is when the Ramses
Colossi were toppled.) There was not a home in
which there was not one dead. Tutimaeus, the second pharaoh of
Israelite oppression, bad very little of his army left
but did try to reach his hideout on Mount Sinai when the comet
that had crashed still hung around, causing the Red
Sea waters to stand up like mountains of glass, because the
earth's gravitational field was reversed. The winds blew
like nothing you have ever seen. When the sea of passage was
flooded, and the bottoms of the rivers were exposed,
Tutimaeus was drowned. He was not the Pharaoh who was chasing the
Egyptions, alias the Israelites (the original
Israelites were mighty few at the time). The Pharaoh who did
chase after them met them at Rephidim.

The year of the Exodus, 1578 B.C., was the year that a planet
named Typhon crashed into our earth. It crashed
into Africa, and created the "Mountains of the Moon" and cracked
the back of the African continent, which is known
as"The Great African Rift". The old delta of the Congo river is
'way out in the South Atlantic, and there are cities
that drowned then and can be seen beneath the ocean from
airplanes. This comet-planet Typhon crashed into Jupiter
on its way to crash into our earth, so was ruptured. Its coal
fields were overheated by magnetic hysterisis that caused
the byproducts of the coal to spew out. The first thing that came
was an aniline dye known as congo red.,a
byproduct of coal tar. After high winds and rain came manna that
turned rivers into milk. This white powder was
saccharine5OO times sweeter than sugar, and turned the rivers
into honey. Another byproduct was artificial vanilla
that smelled aromatic. (Exodus 7:17, 18, 19, 20. 21, 24). This
manna can be found on bushes even today as a frost.
Outer space must have a lot of it. The falling of ice must be
some left over that theplanet Saturn failed to catch.
This crash pushed our earth into the asteroid orbit and a month
was three times longer in coming.

Another planet collided into us, pushing us
back to the 360-days-per-year orbit, but
knocked off so many rocks from mountain peaks
in Northern Canada that now we have the aster-
oids. No planet exploded here. During one of
thesecrashes, webadmaterial flyoff, which
was captured by Saturn's magnetic spheres
(ionospheres) so that now we can see how some
of Saturn's magnetic spheres behave, as well
as the extent they reach. One magnetic pole of
Saturn within its magnetic zone connects to
the sun via magnetic band. The other magnetic
bands connect to its satellites, while three
spheres constitute the rings. Jupiter has about