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HE EIGHT Dynamics are an evident, real
expression of the total amount of A.R.C.
(Affinity, Reality, Communication) of
whic a being is capable. This is a point
which most, if not all, of us have been missing or upon which we have not been gaining
(For the benefit of ABERREE readers who
are not familiar with Scientology terms, the
Eight Dynamics are: 1. Survival for self; 2.
Survival through children and sex; 3. Survival
through groups -- from a few to a city, or even
a nation; 4. Survival for mankind as a whole;
5. Survival as a life form (animals, etc.); 6.
Survival through and as a part of the physical
universe; 7. Survival through thought, thought
forms; 8. Survival through the Supreme Being.)
Let us look at the Scientology axioms pertinent to the point expressed in the first
sentence of this article: Axiom 21 -- "Understanding is composed of Affinity, Reality, and
Communication". Axiom 23 -- "The Static (Life)
has the capability of total knowingness. Total
knowingness would consist of total A.R.C."
Axiom 24 -- "Total A.R.C. would bring about the
vanishment of all mechanical conditions of
existence". Axiom 25 -- "Affinity is a scale of
attitude which falls away from the co-existence of Static, through the interpositions of
distance and energy, to create identity, down
to close proximity but mystery". Axiom 26 --
"Reality is the agreed-upon apparency of existence". Axiom 27 -- "An actuality can exist for
one individually, but when it is agreed with
by others it can then be said to be a reality". Axiom 28 -- "Communication is the consideration and action of impelling an impulse or
particle from source-point across a distance
to receipt-point, with the intention of bringing into being at the receipt-point a duplication of that which emanated from the sourcepoint". Axiom 31 -- "Goodness and badness, beautifulness and ugliness are alike considerations and have no other basis than opinion".
Coupled with the fact that whatever you resist
you become, becomes solid, and persists, we
then have quite a background to work from.

Suppose we look at Axioms 23 and 24. These
axioms actually tell us all we need to know
and utilize to achieve the goals that we have
been looking for, and contain the basic solution to all of the problems we have in Scientology. This appears to be quite a statement,
but it is true. In the past in Scientology, we
have had remarkable techniques built around
two corners of the A.R.C. triangle. S.O.P. 8-C
(moving the pre-clear to various places and
objects in the room) worked on reality; shouting "Hello", "O.K.", etc., aided communication. The corner of the triangle that was
overlooked was Affinity. Yet look at Axiom 25.
This axiom is actually a complete description
of the whole material universe and our problem
in auditing. Whenever a Thetan is in complete
affinity with anything, he controls it completely. Our main problem in auditing is the
returning to our pre-clears and ourselves pandeterminism, or controls of ourselves and our

The main message of Dianetics and Scientology is: "Something can be done" about ourselves and the environment. In other words,
there is something better for and about us
than that which we have at present. We were
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all told, "Man is basically good". Why would
there be any reason for such a statement unless there was a confusion or doubt on this
score? The answer is obvious: There is a glaring lack of affinity on the first (self) and
third (groups) dynamics. Each of the people in
Scientology has a conviction that there is
something wrong (bad?) about themselves and
other people, and they want to improve all
this. In order to think and feel this way
there must be a lack of affinity first within
oneself and in others; thus the first and
third dynamics are quite inhibited.

Suppose that we consider the first dynamic
as the base of an expanding triangle of A.R.C.
If this base is very insecure and narrow, how
can any gains be made stable unless there is
an increase of affinity?
It would seem, then, that we should solve
the problem of affinity on the first dynamic.
We should examine the first dynamic and see
what we have to work with. Whenever we see a
body alive and intelligent, we are looking at
a composite. This composite consists of the
Thetan, Genetic Entity, body, and a memory
bank from the Thetan and one from the Genetic
Entity. With this many parts, then it is easy
to see how a lack of affinity could exist
within oneself.

The first steps to regain affinity, then,
would be the granting of beingness or affinity
between the Thetan and Genetic Entity and body.
Avery good process to start and also continuously intersperse during a session is "Mock
up (visualize) your body just as it is and
offer it to the body". Do this many times;
then switch to healthy bodies. The next step
is a gradient scale approach to increase of
affinity. The command is, "Locate a part of
your body that you could like. O.K., now tell
it, 'I like you,' and express affinity to it;
feel it as much as possible." If there is any
difficulty with finding a part that could be
liked, you simply use gradient scale again.
There is something you can like about anything, even if it is only looks, feel, smoothness, ability to do a small job or to help you
to do a job, or even just keeping the body
from looking ugly or odd. These processes can
be used by yourself, or by you as an auditor
to one pre-clear or on a group, and we have
found they bring good results immediately. It
is best to give an explanation of the first
dynamic and the goal of the process, and get
agreement on running it before any session, as
is now considered gged practice.

I have used this line-up on three preclears, a group of about 10 persons, and alone
on myself. Here are the results so far: One
pre-clear had arthritis in one leg and hip,
with about a 4- to 7-inch shortening .of this
leg, huge spots of psoriasis and constant fatigue, hearing trouble, low A.R.C. with her
family, and very little hope for the future.
Now, her leg is lengthening, the spots are
almost gone, she does much more work in less
time with less fatigue, is hearing better, has
had a terrific rise in A.R.C. with and within
her family, is planning for the future with
very much more certainty, has had a very
marked rise in internal body awareness, control, and affinity, has been putting on
weight, has relaxed most of her internal ten(Turn to Page 11, Please)
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