Volume 8, Issue 9, page 7

A Realistic Look at the Alarmists' Conjunction

IN A'1'R'9'W! --SO


UBLICATIONS all over the world are heralding great events to
happen on February 4, 1962, because of an
eclipse of the sun, plus a conjunction of seven planets in the
zodiac house of Aquarius. Dire predictions of
astrologers furnish us with a wide assortment to chew on, if not
fret over. There are three types of these: Events
involving human relationships of a beneficent or good type

those of a malefic or "bad" type, an~ events involving natural

bummarizing these in reverse, the hell that is to be let loose in
nature consists at least of great storms, tidal
waves, and earthquakes, and at most the rise of the continent of
Mu in the Pacific ocean, causing either the flooding
of all Pacific coastal sbores inland to mountain ranges and
inundating whole islands. or causing the sinking of
whole continents. Those astrologers who work more in the field of
human relationships predict financial panics as
likely. and/or the betrayal of nations among themselves, or the
start of World War III.

You may well ask how valid any of these predictions may be-unless
you are a confirmed believer in astrology.
Perhaps you, like the writer, are on the fence, and want to get a
perspective on all this by looking at the record.
First, let's look. at the facts, the astronomical picture of the
heavens unbiased by beliefs.

On Feb. 4, 1962, there will be two conjunctions somewhat
separated from each other, but since both are in the
sign of Aquarius (that is, both are within one house of the
zodiac) , they are commonly spoken of as one. This
embraces seven planetary bodies, being the luminaries Sun and
Moon, and five planets. For convenience, one speaks
of a conjunction of seven planets. Two of these, Mars and Saturn,
are in e~act conjunction in 30 of Aquarius; the
other five are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter,
between the 15th and 16th degrees of Aquarius. Of great
importance to the astr6loger is the eclipse of the Sun in 150 of
Aquarius, using round figures thruout this.

Those being the facts, let's look at the ~ecord of previous more
or less massive conjunctions - and this looks
rather ominous! In 1861 (roughly around the beginning of theCivil
War), there was a somewhat more massive
conjunction of six planets because within 40 of each other altho
only six against the up-coming seven. This was in
the sign of Virgo and involved the Sun. Moon, Mercury, Mars,
Jupiter, and Saturn between the 8th and 12th

In 1899, around the time of the SpanishAmerican War, there war
another conjunction of six planets-
Sun, Moon. Mercury. Mars. Jupiter, and Saturn -more spread out.
being between the 8th and 24th degrees, in
Sagittarius. In January, 1914, not too far ahead of the start in
Europe of World War I. there was an


other heavy conjunction of six planets within 60 of each other in
Aquarius - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter,
Uranus. World War 11 was underway in Europe in April, 1941, when
there was a conjunction of six Planets in
TaurusSun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus.

However serious and somber a mood this record may impose upon us,
we should remember the countless times
when "master teachers" have predicted the end of the world, or at
least to get high into the mountains away from,
say, Southern California, or others whohave stocked provisions in
mountain lairs and sealed themselves and
followers in, or those who have had their people sell all their
belongings andgather together.

Omitted so far are the predictions of a beneficent nature. The
most nobly provocative of these is perhaps the one
quoted in the June 1961 issue of The ABERREE by the seer"Louis",
taken from the Jan. 22, 1961, issue of The
SUNDAY DESPATCH of London, saying in part:"An amazing and
prodigious happening is about to take place in
the heavens - it hasn't occurred in 25 ' 000 years. For the first
time in recorded histo ' ry of mankind, five major
planets... will enter the same 190 are of the zodiac -called
Aquari us- together with the sun andmoon. Twice before
there have been tPree - just three - in such a situation. The
first time was in 577574 B.C., when Buddha was born,
transforming the life of the eastern half of the world. The
second time three planets entered a new sign together was
in the period 10 B.C.-A.D. 30. Then Jesus was born. transforming
the western half of the world."

If this had been quoted at the beginning of this article, it
would have made more of a favorable impression. Now,
in the light of the previous list of massive conjunctions, we see
this quote as a nice I ittl e white lie -
for omission of facts can lie.

It is important to stress this fqct for a sensible, objective
look at the cpming conjunction:
lo massing of Planetary bodies can have any Physical effect on
the earth. One may think of the relatively
small moon exerting such a tremendous gravitational pull on the
earth that it raises whole
oceans of water by some six or eight feet, and wonder, naturally,
what force will be involved
in the gravitational pull of a number of planets lined up with
the earth. Such forces -can be
and are measured, and astronomers state positively that no
measurable force is exerted on the earth at
the time of such conjunctions. Thus, there will be no earthquakes
or other natural phenomena
caused by the conjunction of Feb. 4-5 .

Are there, however, other possible causations of "great events"
at the time of these
conjunctions? Why have we seen four wars at the times of
conjunctions? Again, how does it
happen that at the time of two conjunctions, two great teachers
were born and influenced the
world to such an amazing degree?

As far as the writer is concerned, this becomes a metaphysical
Question best answered by
the most profound and exciting and sensible