Volume 8, Issue 9, page 11


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Nations Maneuver to Destroy World, but Fallout
Can Serve Good Purpose; Danger Is to Men's Minds


(Copyright 1961 by the Author.

HE TRUTH about radioactivity and
fallout is that man does not yet
know the purposes which will be
served for grood. The only releases
have been those of evil or destruc-
tive data, and while there is a need
to proceed with some caution, there
is no real need for panic. The pal-
try excuses which are being used
have no real part in why the events
of these days are occurring."Reasons" or
"excuses" or"alibis" are merely a poor
substitute for truth, but they are the
best that can be provided by the nations
that are engaging in these nuclear tests.
They do not know themselves what the
truth is.

When the mental field of the body is cleaned up, and does not
react fearfully to nuclear conditions, we will begin
to see, for the flrst time, what the benefits are. For it was
never planned for this planet to be destroyed. The plans
for destruction include the evil or counterforc-es. the warlords.
the promulgators of wars, and the lies taught under
the guise of religion. commerce, or politics, as tho they were
God's plan.

Fear is not a physical body thing. It is an emotion, and it is
the built-in nuclear reactor by which bodies respond
to fallout and radiation. With the fear removed, the physical
form will not be victimized. But, how to remove the
fear is the question. Many people hide behind a hopelessness, as
tho their demise was inevitable. so why bother to
worry or do anything for prevention? These attitudes are already
insurance of death and defeat. They are negations to
the greater plan, and therefore will not survive.

Those who do have fear, and know it, are those for whom some
hopes remain - for fear is an emotion-emotion is
motion, gr action - and as long as there is some ability to act,
there can be life. My aim is to bring the actions into
higher levels that man can begin to see the tomorrow which is all
planned by the Creator, and not the yesterday that
is gone.

The Soviet Union knows that when man is in apathy about his home
planet, he turns his eyes to the skies and
his thoughts to outer space, and his communication to unreal or
imagined beings. That is how man retains some
measure of sanity when under duress. But his attention is off the
planet - and the marauders have a free rein, and
every time the person or Nation puts their attention back on
their home-planet , it looks worse, and it is worse, for
the enemy works fast during his moments of freedom. And, man
cannot bear how it looks, so he looks to other
planets, other places, with hope of rescue or guidance. or judt
simply to leave here where things are so bad.

Excerpts Reprinted by Permission)

Need anyone think we would be permitted to take over or even live
on another planet when we have so mistreated
this one, and failed in our responsibility to this one? No, we
must learn our lessons here. This is our planet and it is
up to us to save it or sink with it.

Spacecraft from other universes, other systems may well be coming
into our atmosphere. I do not deny that, but
I do know that many of the claims have not been truthful, and
were originated under Soviet influence. So many of
our good citizens who have "believed" could not now take back
their claims or support of claims without appearing
to be a bit silly or misguided. So, the tacit agreements go on
and gain momentum, and no one knows what is truth
and what is not.

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the"Iron Curtain" ?
Behind that iron curtain work the schemers, the
hypnotists, the subliminal operators. the psychiatrists, the
strategists, the scientists, the would-be slave-masters of
this entire civilization. They have no barriers, no limits as to
what they can origi

nate, and they are deadly skillful in thei; work.

" Project D.O.E.". wbich is being readied by the Pentagon. means
"Death of Earth". It is known that Russia is
experimenting and developing"nerve gas" and a "death ray".

So. here we are in the ridiculous position of being scared by the
Russians, and their subtly introduced "boogie
men", which we quickly duplicate in our own minds in order to
scare ourselves. Russia is scared too. If they are not,
why are they building an emergency head

quarters 1300 feet underground, seven mile; from the Kremlin?

The present propaganda on" radioactive dust" or "fallout" is
being promoted beyond the wildest imaginings of the
Just. Materials are being sold and men are being put to work
building shelters. LArge contracts are being handled by
loan companies and banking houses. and the trend is widening
andgrowing. All of which is all right, but how
about those who cannot afford to build shelters? How about those
who cannot provide their
families with adequate and modern housing, let alone the luxury
of a shelter or the storage
of goods and supplies? Are these to perish?

It has been of great Interest to me that many of the impoverished
people of our nation
already live in the mountains and hills. The so-called simple
people of our land. the
"hillbilly" and the back-woodsman, havealways known how to
survive in the face of scarcity.
Have they been prepared in their lifetime for,the "holocaust
which is inevitable" (to quote a
Johns Hopkins psychiatrist)? Is this what is meant by"The meek
sball inherit the earth"?

Many noted autporities have appeared on television screens this
past month, and they offer
their apathetical opinions. Such as: "Must man return tothe
cave?" To thosepeople ,