Volume 8, Issue 9, page 5



N THE first place. what do we mean by "advanced perception"? Is
it telepathy? Is it clairaudience? Or is it
clairvoyance? Actually, it is a whole spectrum of abilities,
perhaps as many as a thousand of them, each slightly
different. It is receiving and giving out communication thru
these abilities, living with a depth of perception
indimensions immeasurably wide-living in a new world.

These lessons are intended to help you find that new world. They
may have meaning 'for you, and you may
develop fully intoan adult citizen of that world; again they may
seem meaningless because you are not ready for the
change. In any case, no matter how hard you are willing to work.
the abilities youseek will not arrive full blown.
No one will walk up and hand you suddenly all thegifts of the
spirit or all the abilities of the trained telepath. You
wonst become a Dunninger, or Edgar Cayce, or Eileen Garrett
overnight. You will grow. and it will take time. You
may even have to grow the body a little bit. We estimated
originally that the development took about two to two
and a half years-so even if you had the full data all at once.
you would have to expect to allow that long to develop
your body and mind to handle the abilities you are training.

Now, another thing: There are no free gifts in the universe. if
you gain something from these lessons. you will
earn it by persistence. You will work, and work hard-but whatever
you do, don't work grimly. There is no place in.
these studies for grim determination; you can never force
yourself to grow. The attitude to be used is more like
playing a game. Take it easy; have fun with it. Don't be too
serious about it. Go at it as a child of the pre-school
age learns language-not the way you learned in school, chore by
chore - not as you study a book or cram for a test -
but in the manner of playing a game.

Listen to a baby learning to talk as he sings and coos and
gurgles. Notice how he learns his -first words, and how
many times he has to use them and play with them before they make
real meaning and sense to him - before he
learns to handle them as a means of communication.

You need much the same attitude. If you learn from these lessons,
you will move into a new world where you'll
be more handicapped than a child just learning to talk, in some
ways; because the experiences will be in every way
as new and incomprehensible, and the chances are that you will
have no one around to speak the language you are
trying to learn. You may have to learn it all by your lonesome,
or at best with one or two others who are as





ilut -You, 7oo, Cdn I)o 91

WARNING - These lessons In "Advanced Perc 01

tion"a re not to be treated lightly - or dell.; I n by t h a
curious foe idle or questionable goals. As the Author
cautions, they're danger-, ous- and It Is suggested two persons
with simi

lar Intent work as a team. One of the risks In-
volved. Mr. Schroappel warns. Is that some who
successfully develop their advanced perception
.. are going to see some things they'd rather not
see". And don't mix with any other technique,
or you may find yourself working at cros7-pur-
poses. Which Is no place to find yourse I, or
for anyone also to find you-especially an In-
competent psychol-agist 6r psychiatrist. They
may got the Idea you're.as crazy as they are.

new to it as you are.

But don't let this worry,you. Don't drive yourself, don't check
yourself or try to prove that you can do it. Don't
set yourself any learning schedules with hard-and-fast goals. If
you should miss something, don It worry about it.

And don't try to prove to anybody else that you're a telepath. In
setting up these lessons I was asked to suggest a
simple effective trick, some demonstration of elementary
knowledge. I'm sorry; it won't work that way. The
knowledge will grow graduallv. More than likely, if you get what
you want, you will demonstrate it to your friends
unconsciously before you make any intentional demonstrations. In
any case, it doesn't pay to try to prove anything
until the abili~y is thoroly set, until you're absolutely surqof
it yourself. If someone insists on proof. stay away
from him. Avoid the skeptics while you're learning; don't discuss
or argue about your studies with them.

After you have a lot of practice and your abilities are well
fixed, you can play around and demonstrate them-if
you still want to. But in the beginning, while you're learning,
stick to people who are sympathetic with you and
who are playing the same game. Don't try to force your knowledge
on someone else; just take it easy and have fun
with it.

Again. no matter how much time and concentration you apply. no
sudden miracle will happen.
Rather, you will become aware of little things - a new
sensitivity, a gradual perception,
possibly. of what someone else is think

ing or feeling. By these methods, if you us; them properly and
well, you will begin by being
aware of tension within someone near you, or pain, or heavy
emotion; but this awareness will
be on a more accurate basis than communication by present
channels. It will develop up from
there, but it won It happen all at once. It will be a matter of

One important caution: Do not use uAatT= learn from these lessons
to hurt anyone. is is not for my
protection, it is for yours. You are moving. thru playing these
games, into a new universe.
There are forces in that universe, strong ones; iind they are
balanced after a manner which
you, the child just toddling in , do not and cannot understand.
Even before you formulate
aharmful thought or intention, these